121 pnd Catfish!

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    This is a picture of a catfish that a guy recently caught at Lake Texoma. According to the news, he was fishing from the shore with a 20 pound test line. When he realized what a huge fish he had caught, he stayed in the water with it and kept it close to shore with his hands. He used his cell phone to call a friend and tell him to bring a scale. The friend got there and the scale topped out at 100 pounds. They took it to the nearby Bait shop and weighed it there. It weighed 121 pounds!
    Luckily a Game Warden was there and called the Athens Freshwater Fisheries Center and asked them if they wanted the fish. They sent a 'live truck' to the site and brought the fish safely to Athens.

    They are getting it ready for the public to view. The paper said that it would be two to three weeks before they'd release into the public tank.. They estimated that the 121 pound catfish was about 27 years old!
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    OMG!!! Dude that thing is frickin huge.....that's almost scary. :eek:
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    I once caught a 21 pound catfish, and that things left fin weighs more than that.....WOW :eek:
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    That catfish is on display in Athens at the hatchery... still alive...

    What's funny is the the chubby guy got the heavy end (and is struggling) while the stout guy is posing on the light end... lol
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    That is one big #$*# catfish! :eek:
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    Is there somewhere I can read about this?
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    Giant local fish still making waves


    ATHENS -- Splash, the state record catfish caught at Lake Texoma by Cody Mullennix of Howe last month, made a big splash with children, the public and media over the weekend at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.

    Throughout the day Saturday and Sunday, before and between shows, children pressed their hands and faces against the glass of the Dive Theater Aquarium for a close look at the unusual sight, a 121.5 pound blue catfish landed by Mullennix on Jan. 16.

    Every few minutes, a man would step up to the glass and say, "Kids, please don't put your face or hands on the glass." It was reminiscent of Mr. Whipple saying, "Please don't squeeze the Charmin," because the temptation was too great.

    Splash, the name given to the fish by Mullennix because she caused such a big splash when she was reeled in, almost appeared to be performing for the excited crowd. She would swim around, obviously enjoying being out of the smaller tank she had been in for about the past three weeks. She would sometimes swim right up to the glass where the children were on the other side, then go back among the other fish and items in the tank.

    Sometimes, she would do a figure eight, almost appearing to be showing out. She appeared much more lively than she was while in the small tank awaiting to be placed in the dive tank to be before audiences.

    One little girl yelled, "They're taking too many pictures!" as several people were there with their cameras flashing from different angles.

    In addition to being a record herself, Splash is also the reason that the Center is setting records in attendance. A total of 900 people of all ages visited the Center last weekend, and Barry St. Clair, public relations director for the Center, said Splash is the reason.

    "We've had the largest number of people ever to visit the Center during the months of January and February since it opened in November 1996, and it's because of the big fish," St. Clair said.

    A large sign at the ticket counter shows a picture of Mullennix holding the fish, with a big headline over a story stating, "See the New World Record."

    Inland Fisheries Chief Phil Durocher presented Mullennix with a state rod and reel record certificate for blue catfish at a press conference Friday. Mullennix also received a recognition award from the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Certification as a world record for the species by the international Game Fish Association is pending.

    As the one who made the record catch, Mullennix was given the right to name his fish. He said he and his family thought long and hard before deciding on a name.

    "We named her Splash because she came to the top of the water with a mighty splash," Mullennix told a crowd of about 60 attending Friday's press conference when the certificates were presented.​
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    SCREW THAT...!!!

    Get the [​IMG] out mother and call the neighbors, we be doin' sum EATIN' tonight!!!
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    That is too funny. I doubt that catfish would taste very good though as old as it is and as much yucky stuff it's cleaned off the lake bottom for around 2 decades...
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    Yea, I know. My uncle caught a 65-pounder in my Granddaddy’s stock-tank when I was like 11, G-daddy told him it would taste like "S," but ol' unc was dead set on fryin' 'er up... long-story-short... Granddaddy’s know best!!

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    I'll make the hush puppies :D
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    When I click that thread, there are never ending possibilities.

    It's like looking in a mirror that has another mirror facing it.

    It just goes on and on forever.

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