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13 penalties a game = 3-1 record.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Coy, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    2,629 Messages
    1,160 Likes Received
    Cowboys have committed exactly 13 penalties four times this year . They're 3-1 in those games- WOW.

    I guess we should do it more often. :rolleyes:
  2. xvendettax914

    xvendettax914 Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

    1,206 Messages
    1,794 Likes Received
    Kinda defines the season doesnt it? Defying logic week in and out.
  3. ROUSH8692

    ROUSH8692 Well-Known Member

    1,475 Messages
    207 Likes Received
    Everytime 4 planes fly across a mcdonalds at the same time that someone dips a chicken nugget twice into a sweet and sour sauce, the Cowboys are 14-1.

    God this is getting old....
  4. Kangaroo

    Kangaroo Active Member

    9,893 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Look at the Turn Over margin that is the main reason we have lost what is the record of games where we are + in TO vs games we are - on TO
  5. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    2,629 Messages
    1,160 Likes Received
    Yes there is, two of them actually:

    1- We are lucky to be 3-1 in those games.
    2- If we don’t clean that up there is no way that trend continues.
  6. Cowboyz88

    Cowboyz88 Well-Known Member

    6,094 Messages
    2,361 Likes Received
    Spin the chamber too many times and eventually you've redecorated the wall.

    They need to get it fixed.
  7. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    2,629 Messages
    1,160 Likes Received
    So penalties in an NFL game have the same degree of importance for winning and losing as someone dipping chiken nuggets into a sweet and sour sauce. Interesting observation, not a good one, but indeed interesting.
  8. windward

    windward NFL Historian

    16,476 Messages
    1,861 Likes Received
    It probably supports studies that have been done that show penalties have little correlation to winning games.

    Now turnovers, as kangaroo pointed out, is another story.
  9. Joe Rod

    Joe Rod When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong Zone Supporter

    10,033 Messages
    1,925 Likes Received
    That is a truly bizarre stat. I've honestly forgotten what it is like to be amongst the least penalized teams in the league. I would assume the last time we've been among the top ten fewest would be around 2005?
  10. ROUSH8692

    ROUSH8692 Well-Known Member

    1,475 Messages
    207 Likes Received
    No, SIR, having exactly "13" penalties in an NFL game has the same degree of importance for winning and losing as someone dipping CHICKEN nuggets into a sweet and sour sauce......

    Come on sir, keep up....
  11. ChldsPlay

    ChldsPlay Well-Known Member

    9,854 Messages
    2,787 Likes Received
    But are those nuggets made with Rib Meat?
  12. ROUSH8692

    ROUSH8692 Well-Known Member

    1,475 Messages
    207 Likes Received
    Yes, but nowadays, who knows?
  13. Coy

    Coy Well-Known Member

    2,629 Messages
    1,160 Likes Received
    SMH, if by now you don’t get the point that having around 13 penalties a game (and not the actual number 13) is not good enough and will probably end up costing the team then it’s not even worth discussing.
    Have a good one my friend, cheers.
  14. M'Kevon

    M'Kevon A Love Supreme

    3,657 Messages
    545 Likes Received
    It's McDonalds. Even their McRibb doesn't have rib meat . . .
  15. Dodger

    Dodger Indomitable

    4,216 Messages
    43 Likes Received
    We're -9 in TO differential. Only 3 teams are worse...Buffalo, Philly, and Kansas City. Combine that with being 2nd in the league in penalties...how did we win 4 games?
  16. TwoDeep3

    TwoDeep3 Well-Known Member

    8,297 Messages
    4,958 Likes Received

    This is why stats are meaningless
  17. Jarv

    Jarv Loud pipes saves lives. Zone Supporter

    8,389 Messages
    1,333 Likes Received
    Don't forget a penalty lost us a turnover yesterday. Deep in Philly territory also.
  18. jlust22

    jlust22 Member

    530 Messages
    23 Likes Received
    We also seem to lose the games where we commit the fewest penalties.

    Seattle: 5-47 L
    Chicago: 2-10 L
    Carolina: 6-43 W
    NY Giants: 2-10 L
    Atlanta: 7-50 L

    So at least for this season, there has been no correlation between the number of penalties committed and winning and losing. I don't know what the correlation is historically but penalties probably aren't as big a factor as we all think. Regardless, the Cowboys would be wise to cut down on the ridiculous number of penalties they commit. Probably won't happen though based on what we've seen. The most important thing is to cut down on the TO's which they have the last 2 weeks. Hopefully, that trend continues the rest of the season.
  19. newlander

    newlander Well-Known Member

    8,205 Messages
    123 Likes Received
    than to think that the penalty problem will go away or get better: it won't. This offensive staff: namely Garrett and Callahan haven't gotten it done yet and I see no reason they will turn this around. SUre we've beaten some crappy teams while committing 13 penalties, but it won't continue vs good teams.

    It's bad precedent, bad football and it's gonna be our down fall. Darn frustrating to watch too: it extends to the defense too, especially Clabourne yesterday: sloppy, lazy and poorly coached on most of his penalties: shame because he's a great talent that won't do much here if he continues to be that stupid. I'd say that wonderlic was pretty revealing after all.
  20. percyhoward

    percyhoward Research Tool Staff Member

    12,743 Messages
    12,072 Likes Received
    No, but it's why this particular stat is meaningless.

    If all stats were meaningless, then no stat would correlate with winning.

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