14 NFL Draft: Defensive Line Rankings

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Dec 16, 2013.

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    I read that Sutton's playing weight last year was right around 270 by mid season last year. He then added 30+ lbs in the offseason and he's looked much worse. The weight doesn't even look good on him, looks sloppy. If he can get to a healthy 285 he could do just fine in the NFL I think. Maybe not an every down type of guy, but could be a problem quickness wise for a lot of interior o lineman.
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    Being a UVA guy, I watch a ton of ACC football, and Donald is one player that impresses me. He seems a little small, though. I agree with everyone who thinks Jernigan is overrated; he always seems a step slow and looks lost at times. But gimme any of the starting DBs off that defense! A guy to keep an eye on is Brent Urban. I really hope our coaches don't get hung up on prototypes and ignore a guy who's long, athletic, productive, has great upside and the frame to get bigger. He reminds me of Leon Lett, but with teeth and a huge motor. He camped in the offensive backfield this season. Hopkins and Maddy of VPI are both disruptive players who will probably go in the mid-late rounds and who I think may end up being huge steals. Kareem Martin is a DE, but I think he's vastly underrated by fans and media. I think Martin will rise and maybe end up at the end of round one when all is said and done. A couple SEC players I really like are Kelcy Quarles and Kony Ealy. Quarles looks like a prototypical 3-tech to me; Ealy is just the total package: size, speed, power. Ealy has the potential to be a special player, IMHO.

    Not a DL, or even a defensive player, but my pet 2014 prospect is Andre Williams, RB, Boston College.
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    Good post.

    Donald's quickness appears to be on another level from the other DTs, but his size is a big concern. A lot of undersized but really quick college DTs seem to struggle in the NFL (see Drake Nevis).

    Brent Urban looks like a JJ Watt starter kit. I think he could play in a 4-3, but 3-4 teams will probably have him rated higher.

    Kareem Martin is productive in college, but appears to lack quickness.

    Quarles and Ealy both look terrific to me. How high do they get drafted?

    I wouldn't be completely opposed to drafting a RB fairly early. Looking back at the 2013 draft, Eddie Lacy would have been a great pick.
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    NCAAF: Will Tuitt's surprising draft grade lead him back?
    07:44 AM ET 12.25 | Brian Kelly said Tuesday that his star junior defensive end, Stephon Tuitt, received a second-round grade from the NFL's Draft Advisory Board. Kelly made the comments to Irish Illustrated's Tim Prister, the only media member present after the team's practice Tuesday at the New York Giants' practice facility in East Rutherford, N.J. ... The 6-foot-6, 322-pound Tuitt has been almost universally projected as a first-round draft pick, and a high one at that, by most draft analysts. "Stephon has all that information," Kelly told Irish Illustrated. "He'll have to make that decision in the next week or so. We sat down and had a nice conversation where I think that leads him. I gave him the facts of his academics. My job is to provide him with all the information whether he wants to hear it or not."

    South Bend Tribune

    > Comment

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    Ra'Shede Hageman | Defensive Tackle
    Team: Minnesota Golden Gophers
    Age / DOB: (23) / 8/8/1990
    Ht / Wt: 6'6' / 302

    NFL.com's Bucky Brooks wrote that Minnesota DT Ra'Shede Hageman is "one of the most explosive athletes in college football" but "he hasn't put it together on the field."
    "Hageman has recorded a 36-inch vertical jump and clocked an astonishing 1.57-second 10-yard split in the 40-yard dash. Factor in his reported 465-pound bench press, and Hageman will be expected to rank among the top performers at the NFL Scouting Combine in a few months," Brooks wrote. Still, Brooks doesn't believe the 6-foot-6, 311-pound senior was productive enough on the college gridiron (18.5 TFL, eight sacks and 11 pass breakups over the past two seasons). "Hageman could be the kind of difference-maker that transforms a good defense into a great one," Brooks wrote. "However, there is no guarantee that he will ever reach his potential despite his remarkable talent, which is why he could fall into the 'boom-or-bust' category by draft day." Dec 27 - 5:43 PM
    Source: NFL.com
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    DE Kony Ealy, Missouri


    Big, long, strong and fast. That's Kony Ealy. The Missouri defensive end is a listed 6'5" and 275 pounds of lean muscle. He uses that to terrorize the edge for the Tigers but shows off his length and strength when kicked inside as a 3-technique defensive tackle at times. Versatile, agile and downright scary.


    Jamie Squire/Getty Images

    As a pass-rusher, Ealy is able to set up blockers with his long arms and then make a countermove thanks to his speed and strength combination. He has the ability to fire off the line with speed but then convert that to power if engaged by a blocker. And with good hand and arm use, Ealy is able to get through traffic and still impact the backfield.


    Ealy has been productive at Missouri, but will his strength translate to the NFL? Ealy doesn't have quality film of him showing up as a run defender or as an edge-setter. He has one gear—and that's to get into the backfield and go after the ball-carrier. If asked to play gap responsibilities or be an anchor on the edge, Ealy would be washed-up by NFL blockers.

    He's raw against the run, but so were Aldon Smith and Ezekiel Ansah coming out of college. Ealy has clear-cut first-round tools and athleticism. He's a top-10 player on my big board and a player I'd want on my team.

    Pro Player Comparison: Ezekiel Ansah, Detroit Lions
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    If the Cowboys keep the scheme, I bet you see Carter moved to the Saints for something like a fifth rd pick.
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    I would bet against that happening. The Cowboys probably value him more than a 5th round pick. The Saints would watch film of him this year and probably conclude that his issue more than just a scheme change.

    Carter was good in the Redskins game. He had the helmet with a speaker and was responsible for relaying the plays to the defense. I think this might have helped him stay focused.
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    Senior DT Ra’Shede Hageman

    - Hageman is going to tear up the Combine, but could start the draft process by bullying the Orange up front. The defensive lineman projects as a three or five technique at the next level and could really develop into an impact player if the landing spot is right. Hageman also frequently saw time as a one technique. Hand use could be the tipping point for Hageman, as he seems to play over his pads with a forward lean rather than use strength and length to control his opposition. The senior seems to prefer playing close to his frame, using a quick swat and hip turn to find gaps in the offensive line. There are some real flashes of dominance with instant hand use and press to keep the interior linemen off balance.

    Senior DT Jay Bromley

    - I do not think Bromley’s game matches his great production. He tends to clean up plays rather than produce them, but that is not the worst backhanded compliment. The big difference between Bromley and another ultra-productive interior defensive lineman, Aaron Donald, is hand use, leverage, pop, and momentum. Bromley frequently lines up as a three technique but tends to work around blockers rather than through them. This leads to the senior creating an arc in the pocket rather than forcing his way with the shortest possible distance. I like the flashes, but consistency in a straight-line would be nice.

    Senior OLB Kyle Van Noy

    - I like Andrew Parsons’ comparison of Kroy Biermann for Van Noy. Biermann might not be the biggest name, but he allows the Falcons to utilize a variety of defensive alignments. Van noy does not really specialize in anything, but he could allow a defense to switch from a three man line with two stand up rushers to a 4-3 under set. I don’t see Van Noy as the top 32 pick some are projecting, but a top two-round selection is more likely.

    unior NT Louis Nix III (will not play)

    - Lines up as a nose tackle or shade in a three man front. Can work over top of a block and create penetration at the same time. Stops momentum very quickly and changes direction well for a big man. Has the leg drive to penetrate face up and strength to shed it close spaces. Can disrupt the run upfield or hold his spot with anchor versus the run. Has some Vince Wilfork to him. Likely a one or zero shade in a three man front, but don’t rule him out of four man fronts.

    Junior DE Stephon Tuitt

    - I like but don’t love Tuitt’s game. There are some differences between this year’s tape and last, and some of the could be credited to a weight gain following offseason surgery. He seems a bit more stiff in 2013 and lacking closing speed. He finished plenty of plays the previous two years. Many will project Tuitt as a three for five technique in a three man line, and he also produced some tape at nose tackle against the Service Academies.
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    Demarcus Lawrence | Defensive End
    Team: Boise State Broncos
    Ht / Wt: 6'3' / 242

    Boise State redshirt junior DE Demarcus Lawrence has declared for the NFL draft.
    Lawrence absolutely looks like an NFL prospect, boasting great length and flashes of excellent athleticism. We would like to see him produce positive plays on a more consistent basis, meaning using his length to keep his opposition off balance or disrupt the offense's side of the line of scrimmage, but he is definitely intriguing. Teams will have questions regarding his suspension prior to last year's bowl game. Dec 28 - 10:48 AM
    Source: Joe Schad on Twitter
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    Any list without Donald on it is bogus to me... This kid is a force.
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    sutton is not an elite prospect.
    watched him do nothing all game versus texas tech.
    i mean nothing.
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    aaron donald is a ratliff clone. explosive and strong, small stature for a DT though. interesting prospect. not elite, top 25 pick guy.
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    Oregon State redshirt junior DE Scott Crichton declared for the NFL draft.

    Scouts Inc.'s Kevin Weidl calls Cricthon "an animal" because of his "non-stop motor." Crichton has improved the punching power in his hands this season, knocking big uglies backwards and shedding with depth. The 6-foot-3, 265-pound junior could earn Charles Johnson comps from evaluators. Crichton, who joined All-American teammate WR Brandin Cooks in turning pro, collected 7.5 sacks in 2013.
    Source: Lindsay Rae on Twitter
    Jan 3 - 10:17 PM
    LSU DT Ferguson declares for 2014 NFL Draft
    LSU redshirt junior DT Ego Ferguson declared for the 2014 NFL Draft.

    "After talking to my parents and praying about this decision I decided to enter the 2014 NFL draft," he said in an Instagram post. Ferguson (6-foot-3, 309 pounds) missed the Outback bowl on Jan. 1. against Iowa because of an illness. Ferguson doesn't have the physical tools of fellow draft declaree Anthony Johnson, but he was a more consistent player this season. We think Ferguson will go on the draft's second day.
    Source: Rand Getlin on Twitter
    Jan 3 - 9:18 PM
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    Tigers DT Johnson declares for the NFL draft
    LSU junior DT Anthony Johnson will declare for the NFL draft.

    Johnson made the announcement on twitter. He is one of six LSU non-seniors expected to declare for the draft, which also includes Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., Jeremy Hill, Ego Ferguson, and La'El Collins.
    Source: The Advocate
    Jan 3 - 10:19 AM
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    I like this guy but I read where Greg Robinson owned him in the SEC title game. I didn't see the game so I don't know if that is true. I thought I also read where he got 2 sacks in that game so I don't know if that was against Robinson or not.
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    I don't think Bennett is an option. When Martellus was on his way out, Michael had some choice words about the Cowboys that probably burned that bridge.
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    Im with you, I'm very intrigued by this guy.

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