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    appreciate your caring about my loss

    on players only meeting i think it helped, because we werent playing with sense of urgency, we put everything on the table, and it paid off against texans, and now have a place to start and build on

    yeah thats the point, we tried to make texans one dimensional, were going to tighten up on the road, wiht have a real test with chris johnson from texans

    number 1 make sure were all fit, and disciplined, cant make mistake, because this rb can make you pay for it

    for vince, guy can beat you with his arm and run, he is a big qb, and conscious of our rush lanes and be disciplined and worked on that today, (tuesday),

    we only have one 1 and its a bye week, keep that rolling and we get an extra week to prepare for them with bye week

    its really practice as usual, use that time to prepare, onour techniques and schemes

    yeah, we did, goal line was turning point of game and everyone ws motivated by that, with us holding them to just 3 points out of htat, we didnt do everything right, but its fixable

    uh man, no matter where you go you have fans, and our hats to our supporters the fans

    keith is our defensive captain, he doesnt have to do anything to earn that position, we see his craft and when brook talks he tells it like it is, he wants to win and we all feed off of that,and provided great leaderhship for us last week,

    try to go down there and watch a game, auburn i think

    they lost the feed phone call

    got jay back;

    thats going to be a huge game, against alabama,

    on bye week, i try to rest and relax, and this is first time weve had off since training camp, and work on your cardivacular, etc... thats it zoners;

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