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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Here is audio link;

    jenn; with talk about team meeting, let me quote sensabaugh, ive been on winnning teams and losing teams, makes no difference, this team is on a train wreck jenn says

    yeh i know some of you dont like jenn, but posted it anyway,

    wade blames its on me, ive got to be better, get mad at your players one time, they need aleader

    best part was with newman, wade talked about fridays practice, where anyone could play 27.50 and your going to gameplan stuff so anyone can see you game plan stuff, does jerry really need money, this is a train wreck

    (i have saiid this all goes back to jerry jones)

    jenn; that pooch kick says you have no faith in your defense or your kicker,

    no, their going to slug through with beuhler, and if your making change game plays on your lack of faith in your kicker, your in trouble paraphrasing

    absouletly got to taken to woodshed by mike martz

    mark my words, dallas will win this game, just like new orleans last year, this is what this team does and is so frustrating, their problem whatever is correctable, they cant handle, but if you had a good coach and reliable team leaders, because you have no idea week to week which team shows up

    jenn again like above, well, thats other big problem, this train wreck with phillips, the good ones arent wanting to go here, but you have open practices with 2 days before the game, you arent gonig to want to go here, and sometime jerry jones has to look at himself but cowboys think they are smarter then others,

    like some coaches are going to say,if parcells cant win with this guy, im not going to dallas, like cowher

    again folks this all points back to jerry jones, get mad, get this back to jerry jones

    jenn talked about jerry having open practice 2 days before the game again

    baylor you have players accountable, but with cowboys you have 5 guys or so accountable, but other players hiding,

    i dont want ot go after spears,but there was alot of tony romo rumbling, but when he started screaming at choice, players were upset about that, when romo made the mistake not choice, and when is romo going to get some heat, players were talking about in locker room

    again, accountability, and it all starts with jerry jones, like his having open practice (now we all know wade couldnt hardly show anything that day, and we all heard how bear fans were taking notes) but it starts there zoners, get mad at jerry for having no accountability on this team, with way head coaching is set up,

    get mad, get this and stuff like it to espn, fox news, blow it up so comes back to rest on jerry jones and he has to be accountable for his actions

    finally, did any other team have open practice for anyone that paid 27.50 2 days before the game?

    now, what are you going to do about it zoners, the cowboys should have been working on stuff that day behind closed doors, but oh no, jerry jones wanted to make money, while bears fans and whoever else, maybe even scouts were watching our practice

    jerry jones must be made accountable for this so it never happens again
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    Is Engel brain dead?

    The pooch kick means you have no faith in your defense?

    It was the 1st quarter and the defense was dominating after dominating the Skins the previous week. The pooch kick was dumb, but not due to a lack of confidence in the defense.

    I also like how she hedges her bets claiming Dallas will win this game. That way she can say 'well, that's why they are frustrating' or if they lose 'this team is awful, etc.'

    Randy Galloway Guide to Hack Journalism 101.

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    Agreed. The no faith in the defense thing is garbage. I thought initially it was a brass move, the pooch kick. The D was killing their O line and Cutler, just manhandling them every series up to that kick. They took a chance and it didn't work, then Chicago scored. He makes that call on the pooch kick because he HAD faith in the D up to that point. They were killing them.
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    Yet according to Werder that is normal for a Monday. I can't find the link to the video on ESPN but it was on one of their Sportscenter Dallas updated I think.


    If you listen, she talks about it like there was like half the team saying that, yet she just previously said there was only 5-6 players.
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    Obviously the players don't read this forum or watch ESPN or they wouldn't be asking when Romo was going to take some heat. Otherwise, they would know he is the sole reason we haven't won the Super Bowl the last 4 years.
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    The best way any upset fan can show Jerry their displeasure..Let Jerry enjoy Jerrys World alone..Don't help his pockets..Thats all he wants is to sell tickets..Cowboys fans send Jerry a message! He does not want a Coach to help this team..He only wants money..Don't show up at the stadium and see how he likes it..
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    On one of her little videos with Galloway on FWST, she was saying that she was picking the Cowboys to make the Superbowl, and if they didn't make it, Wade should be fired. In her words, "Either way, I win!" :rolleyes:

    She goes way beyond Galloway, who at least has kind of a playful tone most of the time. With her, it's serious. It's like it's something personal with her against Wade. Very weird.
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    I agree with this whole post, but too bad that would never happen. I'm not sure what could be done to get people to boycott games.
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    She actually said that it was either A. no-confidence in defense, of B. No confidence in kicker and indicated that it was the latter.

    Neither really makes sense. The true answer should be C No confidence in your kick coverage teams. Given that the previous KO was run back 42 yards and that Buehler had to make his 3 coverage tackle of the season (equaling his entire 2009 total).
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    So she's wrong about everything? But the team is 0-2 right? Why?
  11. Seven

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    Romo should of hollered at Choice. He didn't run the flat route. He slanted it out right towards the LB. Romo had to throw it behind him.
    I'm not making excuses here cause I think romo had an off day somewhat, but Choice was wrong on the out pattern......again. Too bad to. There was one guy to beat but Choice ran right at him. Minus the ball.
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    So because the team is 0-2 every stupid thing written about them is true?

    Or in your case every post?
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  14. bbailey423

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    Romo was wrong on this play. Much like most of his bad throws he has hurried them. I am not going to kick a guy who was asked to throw the ball 51 times...but that was a hurried bad throw!
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    there are not many that get this concept ;) what Mr. Jones is counting on are people to fill his pockets I no longer believe he is concerned with anything else
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    In the case of nitwit Engel...yes. She does seem to be wrong about everything. She's got quite the faculty for that.

    Which makes it funny that a reporter can actually still be wrong all of the time when a team is 0-2.

    She's a loser.

  17. Seven

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    Wrong. BAD route. He runs right at the LB who's sniffs out the play. He runs the route parallel, he makes the catch AND possibly makes a move. Touchdown.

    There's a reason Choice isn't on the field more. He's a liability. I love the kid to death but he's football irresponsible.

    BTW - It was supposed to be a quick throw. Designed play. Big difference between that and a hurried throw.
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    Because you are watching all those videos.
  19. kramskoi

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    1,019 Likes Received is it ever Romo's fault for anything?...Aikman thought he was rushing throws and inaccurate as well...this guy is still smarting from that beating he took in Minnesota last season...Romo makes mistakes period...he's not above reproach...
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    how long has she been gone from espn radio in dallas? i swear I didn't realize she was gone.

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