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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Sep 28, 2011.

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    I see the point he was trying to make but to define dez as unreliable?
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    Joe, I'm at work.. Can you recap?
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    I will make it brief buddy, im moving, so time is sparse till hopefully about next monday.

    Tim:Some good defensive performances,but was a sloppy game and lots of things to work on. You have an undrafted rookie at C behind him in Kolwaski and bowen was mocking cadance, and wont be last time wont happen, other teams do it.

    Tim: Romo missed austin, dez was a bright spot, but not reliable. Ogletree is in his 3rd season, so he gets to his head out of his you know what i mean and into his playbook. I said dez has never been reliable, has made progress, but has never been a reliable wr for cowboys. Was a kindengarder last yr, have to simplify routes for him, making progress, but very raw. You have to have 1,000 yards to be an elite wr and miles has back to back seasons of 1,000 yards, dez doesnt have that yet.

    Tim:Robinson-wouldnt surprise me robinson jumping ogletree, because jerry singled out robinson, while ogletree has been here 3 yrs, but hasnt done much, paraphrasing, while robinson has been here just 2 weeks. In red zone power of running game, they dont have that grind it out back, with felix nursing shoulder and they miss austin being out and witten there in redzone too. NOt pointing to barber not being here pound it out, but.

    Tim:I think they are a team that has toughness and guts, and should be later in yr, then right now, if they can fight their way through and they have to scrap, till get better. How does tony perform with game on line and how can romo come through in 4th qtr.

    Tim: I think romo has gronw into leadership role, and romo admitted he didnt feel, that rah rah stuff, but qb has to be in command of team with offseason workouts where romo ran the team being in charge. Rib injury, guys see his guts nad toughness you get that respect in the lockerooom, and romo realizes he is 31, and knows how important it isnow and not let stupidty of teammates to get in way.
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    Thanks for taking the time Joe. Have a smooth move.
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    If someone asked me to describe Bryant up to this point in one word, unreliable would be the only word that would come to mind. He has all the potential in the world to be the best WR in the league but he doesn't appear to be able to go any length ot time without getting injured, doesn't seem to have Romo's full trust, and has not broken out like I thought he would have by now.
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    Romo to Miles is one of the VERY best in the NFL. When Miles is back he'll get over 1,000 receiving again this year which will be very impressive.

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