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#171 - 5th Round - Carolina, Ben Emanuel Ii, S, UCLA

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Compensatroy selection

    Panthers select...Ben Emanuel Ii
    S | (6'2", 213, 4.56) | UCLA
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    Strengths: Has a very good combination of size and speed. Is well built and holds up well at the POA as a tackler or when forced to take on blockers. He is a smooth athlete. Flows to the ball, has fluid hips and shows the ability to turn and run well for a taller DB. He has a wide wingspan, long arms, good leaping ability and does a very good job of defending the fade/jump ball.

    Weaknesses: An underachiever. Is not as productive as he should be and doesn't make enough big plays. Seems to lack a nose for the ball and some football instincts. Does not play as big as his size indicates. Lacks aggressiveness and toughness. Does not show explosive power as a tackler for a DS with great size. Also lacks quick-twitch athleticism. Is smooth, but doesn't have great burst.

    Overall: Emanuel redshirted in 2000 and has started 27 of 30 games since. He has played both free and strong safety but has settled in as a free safety and seems to be a much better fit in that role. He missed one game because of a suspension (violating team rules) as a junior in '03 and finished with 80 total tackles, including one TFL, one INT, one forced fumble and two fumbles recovered. As a senior in 2004, Emanuel finished with 76 total tackles, one INT and two PBU. Emanuel was an underachiever who never reached his full potential at the collegiate level. He has a very good combination of size and speed, and he's an impressive natural athlete for his size. However, while his measurables and experience give him upside, you get the feeling that he's never going to get much better. His instincts, awareness, recognition and playmaking skills are poor. He also lacks toughness and aggressiveness, especially for such a well-built and strong prospect. While he might be tempting to take a chance on earlier, Emanuel is not worth gambling on any higher than the sixth round.

    * Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc.

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