1960 Cowboys team photo

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    I've been asked to help identify the guys in this 1960 Dallas Cowboys Team photo:


    Some are obvious: 43-Don Perkins, 14-Eddie LeBaron, 82-Frank Clarke, 17-Don Meredith, 50-Jerry Tubbs. Some I don't have a clue like 32, 70. If you have suggestions for the others, please post.

    Here is the "official" 1960 team photo for comparison:


    The first photo appears to have been shot before the color "official" photo; several of the players are the same, but several are different.
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    This is similar to the old Navy addage, wooden ships, iron men. 1960 was the year when football began to take hold in the American psyche, and establish itself as a national pasttime (Michael MacCambridge has a great book out on this). As many of the old NFL veterans will state, this was back when pay was low, training was tough and there was no internet. Per Landry, "There was no hot dogging", the ridiculous endzone dances, drug-addled players or cocaine-fueled parties - players played with their hearts and played to win for their team since football was still, decidedly so, a team sport.

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