1971 Cowboys

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by aikemirv, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Don't know if this has been discussed but I watched that special last week and it was really good.

    I was only 4 then so I don't remember it at all but it was a great piece on those Cowboys.

    Never knew Duane Thomas was such a piece of work. But, no matter what he did or did not say to his teammates he came to play on Sundays.

    Our whole current team needs to watch this show at the beginning of the season on the attitude it takes to come back from dissapointment and what the Cowboy legacy is all about and who they are representing.

    Did not know how shrewd Shramm was. It is amazing that there were not more hard feelings. I guess most just played back then for the love of the game and really had no options anyway. As much as I dislike FA, that type of system was prettyy bad for the players if stuck with a tightwad owner.
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    Duane Thomas was a nutty as he was talented. I can't imagine that he doesn't have some regrets for not playing to the level of his talent.
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    I watched that NFL special, at least the 1st half of it yesterday. My first impression was, MAN it sure must of been a struggle for Thomas not speak to his teammates or the press during that one season, 'cus on that special, the SOB would hardly SHUT UP!!!

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    that was a very talented Dallas team. Remember, they SHOULD have been back to back champs as Baltimore squeaked by them in 1970. O'brien hit the winning field goal, but Dallas outplayed the Colts for much of that game. A tipped TD pass went Baltimore's way and Meredith didn't help at QB. He had a pretty bad day as well.:rolleyes:
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    I'm sure you meant Morton, as Meredith retired after the '68 season. But your comment is noted -- Dallas could have won the "Blunder Bowl", but losing it simply motivated them to come back in '71 and destroy the Dolphins!

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