1980 Raiders vs Cowboys

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    Picture quality isn't the best here. But it's watchable.

    There were sound issues the first 4 minutes so you hear elevator type music for that period. But after that it is fine.

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    Springs sure could plow his way. awesome thanks.
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    Dave Dalby of the Raiders met with my class not long after this game for a motivational speech(sad, from what happened, I know). One student asked about this game, and he gave a quick blurb that he, and the rest of the Raiders would rather not talk about it. I had a grin on my face, even though I was beat to the question. I was Cowboys through and through, but my Mom and Uncle were die hard Raiders fans since they grew up with Plunkett(she had pictures of him from his junior high and high school days, and probably still does). It was nice to get that one in on them, and the one in 83 as well.

    /Life long Cowboys fan from the Bay Area
    //I don't hate the Raiders.
    ///I loathe the Whiners.

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