1981 NFC Championship - The Catch - 1st/2nd half highlights - Original Broadcast

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    When Danny White fumbled that ball a nine year old kid in New York began crying and didn't stop for about three hours.


    But NFL history is awesome even if your team was on the losing end.

    The moments you get to see Landry roaming the sidelines in here and also calling one of the 49ers plays prior to the play being run was great.

    Landry was king!
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    What could've been. When I think of how close those 70s/80s teams came to winning more championships, then I consider what happened between Jerry and Jimmy in the 90s, it's kind of depressing. We could've won any or all of the Super Bowls against Baltimore and Pittsburgh in the 70s. The 80s team lost 3 NFCCG in a row. Who knows how many SBs we would've won those seasons? And the 90s team could've won at least 4 in a row (maybe 5), if egos hadn't gotten in the way. In any event, I hope the drought ends soon.
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    I still say it was a throw away but he caught it so it doesn't matter.
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    Thanks. Now I don't have to download the whole torrent. :)

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