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    i keep seeing alot of posts talking about drafting a OT in round 1. i understand OLine is a glaring need, but look at history the Dallas Cowboys have not drafted a OLineman in the first round since 1981, Bill parcells has only drafted a 1st round OLineman twice in his career and the last one was 17 years ago.

    Best value to get OLineman in in 2nd-3rd round I would be PO'ed if we spent a 1st on OLine.

    Laron Landry for 2006!!!
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    Parcells also said, he is seriously thinking about doing so in a press conference near end of the season.

    Marcus McNeill for 2006!!

    I would be seriously pissed to see us get another secondary guy in the first rd, I am seriously sick and tired of that. I like Roy and Newman, but we have had enough of those. All we need is a guy in the 2nd or 3rd or later, who is smart enough to be in the right position (unlike Davis, master of being out of place because he bit on the playfake for the 30th time that game), and is fast enough to help cover a deep man. We really don't need to pack even more money into our secondary, and we have much bigger needs.

    Plus compare the age of our secondary to our OLine. Oline is mostly old people, we have very little youth. Henry, Newman, Roy, will be around for many years. A lot of guys on the OL could be gone this year or very soon. I think the choice is obvious, I really cannot understand why people are still insisting that we take yet another DB in the first. :banghead:
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    all of the top ranked OT's will likely be gone by the time we pick, so you are way off here.
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    Have you notived our O-Line has sucked for a very, very long time?
    and we haven't drafted one high in a very, very long time...
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    and how have those 2nd rd lineman done? :D
  6. BigDFan5

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    Historically? very very well.
  7. BigDFan5

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    Who said anything about landry in the first? Its possible he drops now because Simpson entered. The landry thing is just my new tag line instead of book it :)

    no Oline in 1st round just not gonna happen
  8. BigDFan5

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    I dont understand what you are saying? I am against picking OT in 1st round
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    I'm for drafting an offensive tackle given our needs and current age along the offensive line. Odds are, if we sign a free agent right tackle, he may be an older (or, at the very least, and old"ish") player. I could be in left field here, but I haven't really seen too many young, talented tackles expected to hit the market. Again, that may not be the reality and I could be wrong.

    But if that is the case, I'd rather bring in some young blood if need meets opportunity in April. I'm not sold on Parcells' judgment of second and third-round linemen since coming here, so I'm a little gunshy to rely on some second round pick to hold the fort. Now, I don't want us to reach in the first round because that won't help. But with some of these guys declaring -- like Young and White -- perhaps, just maybe, a top-notch tackle will slide to 18. Who knows. If so, I'd be very happy to snag a young lineman that could potentially be a bookend player for years.

    Depending on McNeil's back, I like the idea of taking him. But if his back is a legitimate concern, I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole. Not with the Cowboys' recent history with back injuries.
  10. Maikeru-sama

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    Yeah but....

    When you look at things in that context....1981 and the last a OT was chosen in the 1st round, you are looking at that situation in a vaccuum.

    Who were the coaches back and were they any good?

    What was the trend in those days as far as getting value?

    What offenses excelled in the 80s?

    You cannot compare 1981 and 2006 unless you are willing to look at whoe lot of other variables.

    This team needs a high predigreed Offensive Tackle....and they needed it yesterday.

    If for some odd reason we pass up all those good OTs, I would rather draft a Linebacker then Landry....

    - Mike G.
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    History, Schmistory... anything can happen when three hundred plus pound bodies crash into each other eighty to ninety times a game... We need to draft O-linemen ASAP and often... remember how well the defensive line needed an upgrade for pressure's sake this year... remember how well our brand new D-line played, the youth, the talent, the depth... Same goes for O-line this year... I'll be pizzed if we don't draft an O-lineman first... Seventeen years ago was seventeen years ago, this is the twenty first century. Think Big and athletic in 2006.

    :star: :starspin :star: :starspin :star: :starspin
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    2 of them are Pro Bowlers...Allen and Adams. When Adams went down, our offense kind of fell apart. We gave up alot of sacks, and had to do alot more max protect. Gurode and Johnson, well thsoe guys, eh.
  13. TwoSteppinJJ

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    Were drafting defense in the first round again...
  14. gbrittain

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    I am generally not in favor of drafting OL in the first round. Sure every situation is different. Some teams are a player away from a Superbowl or already Superbowl material and you dont turn down a the Best Player Available.

    I think a team in Dallas situation needs play makers. Yes, their OL has to be addressed but I dont think the first round is the one you do it in, unless it is a slam dunk. From what I can tell without doing serious research on as of yet, Tackles are almost as hit and miss in the first round as QBs are.
  15. BigDFan5

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    History stretches back further than the last couple years
  16. neosapien23

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    If McNeil or Winston are there, BP better pull the trigger. In the second we are going to need a guard who can play immediately. LA will not be here next year. We need either Lutui or Spencer. If we trade down a liitle in the first then we should take Guilles and then an OT in the 2nd. Linebackers can be picked up in FA. Dallas can ill afford to get younger at LB. We need young experienced guys like Adoyele, Edwards, etc...
  17. BigDFan5

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    So just throw some rookies on the OLine will make it better next season in their rookie year? I think not
  18. neosapien23

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    Larry Allen, Khalif Barnes, Tony Bosselli, Orlando Pace, Jonathan Ogde, etc.. If a player is talented, they can make an impact as a rookie. Tony Bosselli took Bruce Smith's man hood away from him in the AFC playoffs as a rookie. Smith was still a well feared pass rusher and Bosselli held him to 0 sacks as a rookie. Ogden was special even as a rookie.
  19. DezBRomo9

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    Very true. Barnes allowed less sacks than Flo over the course of the season. Olineman can make impacts, just ask the Patriots this year. Rookie WR's are usually the ones who don't come in and make a impact.

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