1983 Boys vs Skins

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by NickZepp, Jul 11, 2012.

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    First game of the 83 season for both teams.

    Washington lost 2 regular season games that year by a combined 2 points.

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    you are the man...

    thanks so much nick.
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    great game to rewatch again. i remember staying up late before school that monday to watch the game and was so excited about the win i could not sleep after the game was over. also this team remined me about the 2007 cowboy team. different players but the seaon was the almost the same. had a great regular season in the first twelve games and then the team fell apart. 12-2 and then lost the last three games including the rams game which the cowboys were the much better team but the rams dominated the cowboys at home in the playoff game. then the rams get blown out by the redskins the following week which made me mad the whole time i was watching that game. i could not believe the cowboys let the rams on there home field beat them like that. the score was 24-17 but it seemed more then that in the end. weird how the rams beat the cowboys in landrys last two playoff games.
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    Some of you may remember 1983 as the season the Redskins went back to the straight-feathered helmet logo. In 1982, some players wore the tucked-around feathers logo on their helmet while others opted for the straight-feathered version.

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