1993 last game of the regualr season

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dargonking999, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. dargonking999

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    Emmitt ran all over the giants and did it with one arm.

    fast foward 6 gameof the 2005 season 12 years later, do you think if JJ plays, that he could emulate Smith and run all over the giants while beign injured?
  2. lurkercowboy

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    No, I don't think that will happen. Not taking anything away from JJ, but that was a different player and a different situation.
  3. dal0789

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    I dont see why he couldnt, but Julius ankle is injured not his arm so it would be harder on him to run.
  4. JDSmith

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    I expect Julius to play and play well. I think Parcells knows what Julius can give him and is playing games by saying he'll decide at the last minute. Parcells never decides anything at the last minute.
  5. Mansta54

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    I don't think JJ is playing this week. A "high ankle sprain" is tough to overcome in just a week. BP knows that TT is his starter this week but he has to keep the Giants guessing. I bet TT does really well too, wouldn't be suprised if he ran for 100yrds..
  6. jem88

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    Silly thread. Nobody will ever emulate that performance.
  7. EndGame

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    Well, given that you can run without one of your arms, but it's tough to do without one of your legs .. I'd say "no."

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