1994 Cowboys

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Teague31, Jun 18, 2005.

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    Yeah, but he's good with a pistol.
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    I always felt he was one of the more colorful guys to ever coach a team....I read his book "Bootleggers Boy" and it was actually pretty good.

    If memory serves me, when he was coaching Oklahoma, they were having a sloppy practice, particularly the offensive line.

    Swizter walked into the huddle, pulled his gun and said "The next SOB who jumps before the snap is gonna get shot"

    If memory serves me...
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    Yeah, they were really without Emmitt for the most part. He tried to go early, but couldn't go too long because of a bad hammy.

    No EWI that day either. Lost three months earlier after mistaking the tollway for Darlington after over-celebrating a win over the Cardinals. The new starting right tackle, rookie Larry Allen start - playing with badly sprained ankle.

    So they're basically without the best running back and right tackle in football. They go into the house of the top NFC team that season. The Niners had won 13 straight going into that title game. And Dallas had beaten them in the two previous NFCCG.

    Also, remember how terrible Candlestick's turf was that day? It was a friggin swamp. Anyone recall that entire week leading up to the big game? They had George Toma out there every day, all day painting mud green. It was ridiculous.

    The game itself. We all remember vividly how that one began 21-0. But I most admire how our guys battled back. Aikman was utterly heroic. Gave up the early pick to Davis, but after that Troy played perhaps the best and most courageous game I've seen him ever play.

    Michael Irvin ripped Deion a new one that day. And yeah, that was clearly a PI late in the game. If the flag is thrown, as it should have been, Dallas pulls to within three with about seven minutes to go.

    That game still makes me sick to my stomach.
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    Larry Brown had very good coverage on that play to Rice. It's ironic the thread I started the other day about Kevin Smith if you remember Rice stayed on Brown's side because of Kevin. Traditionally we don't switch sides Kevin stayed on the left and LB the right and they exploited it.
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    LOL Juke, I remember that story. It was mentioned in one of Skip Bayless's books about the Cowboys as well. He actually borrowed the gun from an off-duty police officer that was at practice, and I think he actually shot it up in the air if I'm not mistaken.
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    Don't forget about SF cheating the salary cap. In my mind, that SB "champion" 49ers football team will always have an asterisk next to it.
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    Speaking of the regular season in '94, I think the most frustrating contest there was the loss to the Lions on MNF. We had so many chances to close it out and just couldn't get it done. I was so wound up after that game I literally could not sleep all night.
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    Think how bad that loss hurt. We we're one game away from the super bowl and we lost. Like someone else said... this loss ranks right behind "the catch" in San Francisco in stinging losses, which was another championship game.

    Now, think about the Eagles, tee hee. They had 3 losses in the championship game and then one loss in the Super Bowl... all in a row. At least Buffalo made it to the superbowl during their run of 4 crushing defeats. The Philly fans will have crushing loss after crushing loss to contemplate what could've been.

    Couldn't happen to a better fan base.
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    Yep...from what I recall, he fired it.

    Great stuff.
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    Oh man...that game hurt for a long time! :( Jimmy would have had that team Much better Prepared & focused IMO too!
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    whats sad about that game and the catch was we still had a chance to win, but some how when it came to SF,(excluding a couple of games) we always fail, do i hate the 49ers
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    Yep, bad decisions all around by that old curd of a coach... He wasn't used to managing a game at the pro level... He was way in over his head... Are you sure LA was a RT back then... His rookie year I thought he was a guard. We are talking about 94 right... I thought it was around 97 when he was a RT for the full year. Wait!!!?? Erik W. was injured after the AZ game this same year in his infamous Mercedez vs. the concrete highway barrier wreck... was the switch made then for LA... ??
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    Yep, in my book SanFran definately should have a big asterisk, since they couldn't beat Dallas to get to the big one. They went out and literally leased a defense just to beat Dallas, which included Ricky Jackson, Gary Plummer, our own Ken Norton Jr. (one of Jerry's first biggest mistakes was letting this guy go) and of course Deion Sanders... It helped that SF had some really good drafts that brought DT Dana Stubblefield and DT Bryant Young.
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    For me, no game sums up the Greek Tragedy that was the mid-90's Cowboys as succinctly as this loss to the 49ers. For all our greatness (3 SuperBowl rings,) I really believe we could and should have won so much more.

    The 49ers had destiny, Deion at his best and a massive free agent haul on their side in 1994, we had Erik Williams' car crash, Shante Carver and Barry Switzer on ours. Yet Aikman put in arguably his best performance ever in that Championship match, as did Irvin. I remember Emmitt limping off and Larry Allen struggling valiantly to play through his injury. Nevertheless, we almost pulled off an incredible comeback, only to fall agonizingly short.

    Granted we won the Superbowl the following season, but even that was tinged with sadness, knowing that the salary cap noose would continue to tighten and more players developed through our system would leave. Then Irvin got busted and it all started to nose dive. But yet again, which team beat both Superbowl finalists without having to score a touchdown (Green Bay and New England) and thoroughly humiliated the Vikings in the 1st round? Of course, the star-crossed nature of the team would surface all too soon the following week with the false charges against Irvin and Big E and then Irvin getting knocked out of the game against the Panthers.

    Is it any wonder that the bottom completely fell out in 1997?
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    Big E car crash + Switzer personal foul = breakdown in team discipline. Troy was right.
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    Allen was playing RT that season after Williams suffered the car accident. You're thinking of 1998, when Gailey switched Allen to LT and he made the Pro Bowl. 2002 was actually the only other season that he saw time at RT, and he was besieged by injury that year as well.
  17. bbgun

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    BTW, that pic was taken late in the 4th quarter. Notice how clean Deion's uni is?

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