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1996 Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Jan 30, 2007.

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    I will go by that draft and let yall know what we could have had

    2 - WR Muhsin Muhammad or WR Bobby Engram
    2 - LB Randall Godfrey or FS Brian Dawkins
    3 - LB Tedy Bruschi or WR Terrell Owens or CB Donny Abraham
    3 - LB Donnie Edwards
    3 - T Jon Runyan or RB Stephen Davis
    5 - DT La'Roi Glover
    5 - DE Orpheus Roye
    6 - G Marco Rivera
    7 - TE Jay Riemersma

    Our actual draft
    2 Kavika Pittman DE McNeese State
    2 Randall Godfrey ILB Georgia
    3 Clay Shiver C Florida State
    3 Stepfret Williams WR Louisiana-Monroe
    3 Mike Ulufale DT Brigham Young
    5 Kenneth McDaniel T Norfolk State
    5 Alan Campos LB Louisville
    6 Wendell Davis CB Oklahoma
    7 Ryan Wood RB Arizona State

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