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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by funkytown, Jan 28, 2013.

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    Free Agency:

    1) Re-sign Anthony Spencer.
    2) Keep Ratliff
    I think the Cowboys find a way to resign Spencer, but will make no other major free agency adds.

    This will leave us with needs at OL, DL, S, LB, RB. Need to find a starter at Guard, Safety, and SLB, and possible RT. Need serious depth for the defensive line and offensive line.

    Mock Draft:

    RD1- #18- Jonathan Cooper/ Guard / North Carolina

    RD2- #47 - Kawaan Short / Defensive Tackle/ Purdue

    RD3- #80- Chris Faulk / Offensive Tackle/ LSU

    RD4- #111- T.J. McDonald / Safety/ USC

    RD5- # 144- Mike Gillislee / Running Back / Florida

    RD6- #175 - Stansly Maponga / Defensive End / TCU

    The 1st round will really set the tone for the draft. This team needs help in the trenches, and with this mock they beef up in the middle on both sides of the line with the first 2 picks. I would not be opposed to trading down in the first and picking up an extra 2nd or 3rd.

    Picking an injured Faulk could really be a bonus for this team. He could compete with Free and Parnell this year or get healthy and start next year.

    I can see McDonald slipping some, and would be worth the risk in the 4th round. Of course he knows Kiffin's system and has to be better than Danny McCray. Will compete with Church returning from injury and the injury prone Matt Johnson.

    This team needs to take a Running back with Felix being a free agent and Demarco having injury concerns. I like Gillislee from Florida alot. No need to draft a guy early. Rounds 3-5 could really provide good depth in this area. If not Gillislee then someone like Franklin, Barner, or Michael would be good .

    Round 6 is a wild card. Maponga would provide good depth for the defensive line.

    I would love for this team to add some dynamic speed and playmakers to this team. Someone Denard Robinson, Tavon Austin, Marquise Goodwin, and even the Honey Badger. But this team has to many needs to take what I would call a luxury pick. If they can somehow trade down in the 1st and pick up an extra pick, then they should look at a player of this caliber.
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    Kawaan Short is not sliding to #47. He might even go in the 1st round after his dominating performance in the Senior Bowl. Wouldn't be surprised at all if he did.

    And, I really hope we don't draft TJ McDonald. He really struggles in coverage and is a bit stiff. We need playmaking safeties, not a box safety who can't really cover.

    I like the Cooper and Faulk picks though.
  3. funkytown

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    I tend to agree with you. I like Short alot, and he could go late 1st.

    But i'm just using the current CBS rankings, which they updated yesterday, and they have him at #49 overall. But I think he does go higher
  4. funkytown

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    If Short does rise up draft boards I'd probably change my mock to drafting Sharrif Floyd in the 1st and Larry Warford in the 2nd . This team needs to come away with a starter at Defensive Tackle and Guard in this draft. I think the first 2 rounds are the way to go.
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    I personally think Warford moved up into the early second rd(Senior Bowl performance) before our pick at 47. Just my opinion and it has not served me well in past drafts. I do like your picks of Faulk and Floyd. Need to somehow end up with the linebacker Arthur Brown from Kansas, not sure where to draft him.
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    Like the first two picks. Also like the Mcdonald pick.
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    I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want TJ McDonald? Did you guys not see SC games this year? TJ McDonald was asked to do the same things that Eric Berry was asked to do by Monte and TJ McDonald is no Eric Berry.

    I don't believe for a second that Monte would choose to bring TJ here. At USC Monte inherited TJ. TJ may be a fine safety in the NFL but he is not the safety that can run Monte's scheme.

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