Featured 1st Quarter Review - 4 Games Down, 12 Left. How do you feel?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Proximo, Sep 30, 2013.

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    Alright fellow Cowboys fans, here we sit, exactly 25% of the way into the 2013 regular season. I admit, prior to the start of the season I thought there was a good chance we could be 3-1, or dare I say, even 4-0 at this point. Yet here we are at .500, just like we finished last year, and the year before that. Now, I know the sting of yesterday's game is still fresh within a lot of the fanbase, but if we can take an objective look at the first quarter of this year as a whole, we can find some good to go along with the bad, and I don't think there's any reason to go into full on panic mode and throw in the towel on our squad after just 4 games.

    Here are my overall, general thoughts on the 1st quarter of the season:

    The Bad:

    1) Consistently inconsistent. This team has proven it can do one thing well, and that's be inconsistent. Wether it's through the course of a game or an entire season. And this is something that can't be blamed on one person. Every member of the team is at fault on this one. And it's mind boggling. The talent is there at the skill positions, and there's no doubt the O line has improved from last year, yet we're still waiting for back to back wins. Unless they that they can play good ball consistently, there's no reason to believe this team will be able to do any damage in the post season if they even make it that far.

    2) Giving up too many pass yards on defense. Now, in all honesty, I love this new defense overall and I think as the season goes on we'll see improvement as players gain experience within the scheme. However, with that being said we cannot continue to give up as many yards as we have these first 4 games. And I have absolutely no problem with giving up some yards as long as we're keeping points off the board, but they've got to tighten up back there.

    3) Where's the deep ball? I can't believe we're not taking any deep shots down the field with our group of receivers. I haven't looked at the exact numbers but the amount of passes Romo has thrown that travel 30+ yards in the air must be minimal so far. I'd think Dez should be getting a couple of these every game at least.

    The Good:

    1) Romo's efficiency (I know this one won't be popular). 8 TD's. 1 INT. Completing over 72% of his passes. This man's play is NOT part of this year's problems so far. Yes, I know I just stated above that I'd like to see him take more shots downfield, but I think he can (and hopefully will) do that without sacrificing his current level of efficiency. If he keeps playing at this level it will translate into W's. Believe it.

    2) Defense getting after it. Through 4 games they've already racked up 14 sacks, 4 interceptions, 3 fumble recoveries, and 3 defensive TD's. The importance of takeaways cannot be understated. If we can continue to protect the ball on offense and get these types of takeaways it could really be the difference for us and get us over that hump by year's end.

    3) Improved O line. Lots of debate about this in the offseason, but through 4 games I don't think anyone can argue that this year's offensive line is much improved over last year's. Free has stepped his game up big time so far and has basically made a complete turn around. Smith continues to improve, and we've got 3 completely different starters on the interior that are ALL better than last year's. And considering how young some of these guys are, it's safe to say they should continue to improve as the season progresses. Romo is getting more time and seeing less pressure, and believe it or not Murray is actually 3rd in the league in rush yards, averaging 89 yards per game and just under 5 yards per carry. O line deserves some credit here.

    Now, prior to week 1 I predicted we'd go 11-5 this year. For now, I'm going to stand by that. I think the good outweighs the bad so far and I think we're going to surprise some people over the next couple of months. Even if I'm wrong in my overall record prediction, I still think we'll win the division convincingly and make the post season.

    And I know it's cliche to say this, but a lot of people forget that this is truly a league of parity at this point. Aside from the Broncos, NO team has looked legitimately dominant over the 1st quarter of the season. And with that in mind, think of how much better off we are than the teams that have been COMPLETELY outclassed and embarrassed in their losses (the Giants, 'Skins, Jags, Eagles, Steelers, Rams, plus others). These Cowboys are a very capable team and shouldn't be counted out. The problems that they've shown in the first 4 games are all fixable. I think the next 3 quarters of this season will be very interesting.
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    Dwayne Harris is 3rd in Punt Return Average and 5th in Kickoff Return Average.

    So far so good with him; except he did muff one.
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    I feel like 8-8.
  4. Dash28

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    That's how the process operates.
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    Good topic. Before the season, I always try to figure out their wins/losses in sets of 4 games. This year, as it turns out, I had them 2-2 in each set of 4 games.

    So, its about what I expected I guess. The bright spot of this 2-2 record is that the 2 losses are AFC losses. This is a very average football team that lacks the leadership and knowledge at the top to somehow squeeze out a few extra wins. I am further disgusted though after seeing New England move to 4-0. They have Belichick and Brady, journeymen RBs, no pass catching TEs, Edelman and rookie free agents at WR....yet they are unbeaten. Oh, and their defense isnt exactly the 85 Bears. Thats what depresses me about Dallas and its 2-2 record.
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    I got to hand it to JG... he's consistent.
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    keywords there, Belichcik and Brady. enough said.
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    to answer the OP's question though, if I had to choose a word that most accurately describes my emotion 4 games into the season I would say it is indifference.

    I feel indifferent for a multitude of reasons:

    1. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. Same old anemic offense, same old bend and break heavily defense. I have seen nothing thus far this season that indicates we will be anything other than 8-8 again.
    2. I had a sinking feeling the Rams game was an anomaly and on Sunday those feelings were validated. We are consistent at being inconsistent and I don't think we have the coaching or player intagibles to beat good teams, and definitely not good teams on the road.
    3. It's still early in the season to feel way up or way down on the team imo, a lot of football left to be played.
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    If we can take of business in the east, we'll be fine. We are still a flawed team with some tough tests ahead. Manning, Brees, Rodgers , stafford.... We may set some records in pass yds allowed
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    Good post but for the life of me why would Romo's efficiency not be popular? Please don't let the negativity of some force you to use caveats in your opinions of the team.
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    I feel like a felt before the season. I expect to win 8 games and the talent was over rated by the fan base like usual. So far just what I expected.
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    Like I have for seventeen years. When does Jerry go away.
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    I feel like 6-10 or 8-8. this team will be 3-5 after eight games then make a push in November to win three of four or 2-2 and with four potential playoff teams in a row in December this team will fold like all of Jason garretts teams have and be 1-3 in the final four games to finish out of the playoffs again.
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    10-6. Gets the East. After that who knows?
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    9-7 may do .

    3-1 would nice right now, so that's disappointing

    But it's only 1/4 of the way in and

    Atlanta is 1-3
    Green Bay is 1-2
    San Francisco is 2-2
    New York is 0-4
    Philly is 1-3
    Washington is 1-3
    Minny is 1-3
    Houston, Cincy, Baltimore are also 2-2

    Just some perspective
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    I'd feel a little better if we weren't staring 2-3 in the face on Sunday.

    I feel like the Iraqi army when we lit up the skies during shock and awe.
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    LOL... You know now that you mention it, listening to a Jerry Jones press conference is a lot like listening to baghdad bob.


    The cowboys will be just fine!!!
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    So was campo , lol ! JG is an improved campo ?
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    I feel like we are getting better everyday stacking one good win with one bad loss.
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