Featured 1st Quarter Review - 4 Games Down, 12 Left. How do you feel?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Proximo, Sep 30, 2013.

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    This perspective right here is what a lot of our fans are lacking. The majority of the teams in this league have obvious flaws. Dallas should benefit from a weak division and if the defense improves in this new scheme as the year goes on we could be in a very nice place by week 17.
  2. Staubacher

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    I'm happy we are in first by a game. I'm happy with Romo. Happy with Murray, Dez, and Witten overall. Happy the Oline is much better. Happy with our special teams play overall.

    Not happy with our pass defense. Not happy with the injuries again on defense and Austin. Not happy with all the dropped passes. Not happy with the pathetic YAC when balls are caught. Not happy with not using Dunbar more. Not happy with T Williams.

    I had us going 11-5 but that was based on a 4-1 start. I'm downgrading to 9 or 10 wins which thankfully should take the division.

    I'm excited about the rest of the season. I watch with hope and anticipation and adjust if things don't go well. I love the Cowboys and watching football so I enjoy it without folding my arms in a negative state. Go Boys!
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  3. Proximo

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    Very well stated. I agree with all of this, and the only things I would add is that I'm happy with the increase in takeaways by this defense and the play of the D line considering we've dealt with a lot of injuries on that front.
  4. Eddie

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    Campo worked with garbage. He also had some of the top D's in the league during his tenure. Give him a sound QB, and he would have won a few more games. Give this team Campo's D, and we're headed in the right direction.
  5. Hook'em#11

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    Feel fine. I haven't felt any promise of a Dallas team succeeding in years. Still love em. But, another year, and they won't be going anywhere. I will still raise the flag every Sunday/Monday, sit with the booze and fixin's , cheer em on, like clockwork, I will then yell at the tv , why? I have no clue. Set my watch to the exact time once again Ware disappears from a game and then set my alarm clock to 5am, which is about how many snaps this lame impatient OC moron waits until abandons the run game. etc..

    Yep, feeling fine.

    Feel better when the FO and roster is FINALLY abolished and a fresh new start proceeds.
  6. Zimmy Lives

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    I feel like a potato wedge about to be dipped in the fryer.

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