1st Rd players you would not take b/c you can find a player as good (or close) later

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DFWJC, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. DFWJC

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    Most drafts are deep in at least one position. Sometimes that means that players as good as the big name 1st rounders can be found in later rounds.

    Do you have a player that will be taken in the 1st round who may not be as good a value that a player that is jut as good (or very close) but who will be taken a round or two later?

    One of mine is:

    Mark Ingram

    I know several on this board love him--and I like him too--but I would not spend a mid 1st rounder on Ingram.

    There are just way too many RBs this year that I think will be as good, close to as good, or even better than him...and many of these will go 1-3 rounds later.
    One example could be Mikel Leshoure of Illinois. He's very good and can be had at least one round later.
  2. supercowboy8

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    I wouldn't take any 3-4 DE in the first. They aren't game changers and rarely make big plays. I can find a 3-4 DE in the 2nd-5th round that can do almost just a good a job. Not a big enough gap difference to warrent a 3-4 DE in the top 15-18 picks.
  3. ThreeandOut

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    I wouldn't take Prince in the 1st if I could get Harris in the 2nd.
  4. UnoDallas

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    DE no quetion if you take Watt at even 25 - thats a wasted pick IMO

    the only DE I take in the top 25 is C Jordan
  5. DFWJC

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    I'm am in with this.

    Tyron Smith + Brandon Harris
    Prince + Ben Ijalana...for example.

    Though both would not be bad combos, I suppose.
  6. ABQcowboyJR

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    Prince, T.Smith and all of the safeties.
  7. tm1119

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    Prince, Tyron Smith, and Robert Quinn. I hope we avoid all of them at #9.
  8. realtick

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    I like Mark Ingram too, but I agree, I think you can get an equally good back such as LeShoure later. In fact, I'm not sure Ingram is the first RB taken.

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