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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dbair1967, Apr 21, 2005.

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    There really isnt a whole lot we could do that could make me hate this draft for us...really dont see it being a disappointing weekend...

    the only things that I would make me hate this draft:

    1) drafting Matt Jones in the 1st or 2nd rd...just a wasted pick for at least a couple of seasons IMO, and we've wasted too many picks over the years...IMO Jones will never amount to anything anyway

    2) using a 1st rd pick on any OL...this is a no brainer...we won 3 super bowls with no OL chosen above the mid 2nd rd (one, Allen) and coached up the other guys...New England has done virtually the same thing...we need good OL's, but you can find and develop those in the middle rounds...it isnt beyond the realm of possibility to find a rookie capable of starting RT in the 3rd or 4th round

    3) using a pick earlier than the 6th or 7th round on a QB...

    4) drafting Clarett on the first day

    things I wont like, but wont throw anything at the TV if it happens:

    1) drafting Clarett in the late 6th or 7th rd...I hate him, he's a vastly overrated player and a team cancer ...would be a wasted pick IMO because I'd be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that he doesnt even make the team...but it wont ruin my weekend

    2) drafting a DB in the 1st rd...I know we need a starting FS, but Thomas Davis isnt a FS...Brandon Pool might be a decent FS candidate, but IMO probably isnt worth a 1st rd pick (especially the 20th)...we dont really need a CB either after investing so much into Terrance Newman and Anthony Henry

    3) drafting a TE on the 1st day...I dont see this happening anyway, but wouldnt like it if it did...if we did take a TE on day one, to me it'd be an indicator that they arnt as confident Dan Campbell will be the same as pre-injury as they've let on all offseason...

    4) drafting DE Erasmus James...not someone I want because I think he's riskier than some of the other DE/pass rushers in the draft, but I wont go ballistic either

    now for the things I'd love to see:

    1) my absolute ideal 1st rd would be to see us somehow land a combination of Spears/Pollack, Spears/Merriman or Spears/Ware

    2) would love to see Michigan DB Marlin Jackson slip to us at 42

    3) would love to see us land Mike Williams at 11, but know it wont happen

    4) would love to see us recoup the 3rd by moving down a few spots either from 11 or 20, though doing so might impair our ability to land the paid at #1 above

    and now for the surprise that really wouldnt surprise me:

    1) out there kinda thought, but if we land any duo listed in #1 above, wont be surprised if LaRoi Glover is traded for a late 1st rd pick or combination of picks...maybe to the defense starved Colts...reason being is that Spears would easily start at one DE along with Ellis in a the 3-4, the other pick combines with Bradie James at OLB...Glover has real trade value and isnt an ideal fit for the 3-4...no since in making him a part time player when we might could land a premium pick/s for him

    not saying it'll happen and might not even be considered, but it wouldnt surprise me either

  2. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    I agree with this except for #2. I wouldn't mind trading down the first spot a little and getting Barron or Brown with the later pick. I would really like to have a solid line for a change.
  3. Woods

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    I pretty much agree with you.

    I don't think (hope) BP/JJ will screw this up this year. For one thing, we're picking high, and we've got 3 picks in the top 42 as we currently stand. And that's a great position to be in.

    As long as we don't draft for need, and just let the draft come to us, we're fine.

    Also, I really like the stuff Ireland says - specifically, don't draft for need. Just take the best player on the Board!
  4. Yeagermeister

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    If we trade down and pick an extra 2nd rounder and Matt Jones is there I'd have no problem with us taking him as long as we have addressed de and fs first.
  5. hipfake08

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    Same here - if they drop a few slots in the 1st round to say....
    Let someone jump up to get a certain QB....... ;)

    And we get an extra second or third round pick.
    It will be worth it.
  6. Jarv

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    Perfect senerio for me...

    Would love to see us land Mike Williams at 11.

    Trade out of #20 5 or 6 slots to pick up another 2nd...

    #26 Pick up Spears or another Big DE.

    The other aqquired 2nd get a pass rush LB...

    Michigan DB Marlin Jackson slip to us at 42...
  7. Everlastingxxx

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    We trade down about 3 or 4 spots with the 11th pick. Then draft Spears. With the 25th we draft another DE. With the second we get a WR. third we get a FS. LB in the 4th.

    Glover could very well be traded if Spears is drafted.
  8. jsond

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    pretty much agree with almost everything you posted. Especially about Matt Jones who I simply cannot understand the hype about him. I don't pretend to be an expert on any players in the draft. But living in SEC land I have watched plenty of him and think he has bust written all over him.

    I just am hopeful we can trade down w/ one of the 1st rounders and pickup that lost 3rd round pick or maybe better considering which pick is traded and how far down we go.

    Sure hope the mods have this board prepared for what should be a record # of members online at one time on saturday.
  9. Gaede

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    Agree with most of these points

    Don't want M. Jones, tired of drafting O-linemen high, Clarett's not worth a first day pick, no more TE's please
  10. blindzebra

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    Then you should look at my Dallas mock, EL3 X.:D
  11. ghst187

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    I'll be happy as long as we follow these general guidelines:

    If MW or DJ is there at 11 we have to take them,

    Players I don't want: Williamson, Roth, Matt Jones, Barron, Barnes, Henry, Crowder...

    Players I will take and not complain about: MW, DJ, Spears, Merriman, Clayton, Ware (after 11 but not at), Tuck (in second), Blackstock, J Brown, Burnett, Nugent, Goddard, Sproles, Patterson, Shaun Cody, Hawthorne (second), Marlin Jackson, Pollack (at 20 or later), Clarett (after the 4th only), Baas, Poole (second round), Bullocks, Darren Howard for a late first OR our second rounder, Houston,
  12. Rack Bauer

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    I'm literally sick to my stomack right now cuz of the nerves. I've been playing semi-pro football this year (we're 7-0, Woohoo!) and I haven't been this nervous for any of our games all year. I just want it to happen and be overwith. Can't stand the anticipation anymore.
  13. Dayton Cowboy

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    how'd we get the 25th from the skins?

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