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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Dough Boy, Feb 27, 2005.

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    I searched the forum and didn’t see it posted. This kid is a pure athlete. Again, I have watched him play both football and basketball. I always knew he was a playmaker, but I didn’t know he had that kind of speed. Well I should have. Check out this video. http://oinkville.tripod.com/jones70.wmv

    He not only has track speed, but football speed. Look how he runs away from the DB.

    And he can jump. Imagine him going for a jump ball in the end zone.


    One of my buddies sent this over and I had to share. I want to draft this kid in the 3rd.
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    The boy's got some wheels on him. BTW, we don't have a 3rd this year.
  3. Dough Boy

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    I know. I'm hoping we pull off a trade, to garner one. I don't think he will be there in the 4th. JMO. Did you notice that the DB, #38 had the angle and he ran away from him. The one thing he does well, is run the ball. He is the SEC alltime rushing leader for a QB. If and I say if he can catch the ball, he already knows how to run after the catch. This guy is match-up nightmare. He is bigger than any corner, saftey or backer. He is as fast as most corners. Plus he can jump. If he can catch, how good can he be.
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    :bow: :crossed: :eek: ...I mean, we already have Crayton and Danzler, I don't want a team of hybrid utility guys....but.....HOLY GOD.

    If we don't get him, there is a team somewhere that will make him a very good TE/H-Back type player.
  5. Dough Boy

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    My senitments exactly. He is such a unique player. The size. The speed. Plus - he is not a work-out junkie. He is a very good football player. He is not a good QB, but he is a very good football player. He can run. He remnds me of Joe Jurevicius (sp). 6"5', 230lbs. I think Jones goes 6"6', 237lbs.
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    Does any remeber Drew Bennett from the Titans. He played QB at UCLA. I think he switched to WR his JR year. I recall him saying that his time at QB helped him better understand the role of WR. I hope Jones does as well. Bennett had a heck of a season last year.
  7. Tass

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    If he has decent hands I'd definitely draft him. Excellent speed and can jump, too? If he can catch he's in the NFL for sure.
  8. Dough Boy

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    I don't want anyone to think that I'm reaching, but Matt Jones does have ties to the Cowboy Staff

    David Lee
    Quarterbacks/Offensive Quality Control

    Part of his bio at DC.com

    For the last two years, Lee has served as the quarterbacks coach at the University of Arkansas, helping the Razorbacks to the 2002 Southeastern Conference Western Division title. This past season his work with Matt Jones saw the Arkansas quarterback throw for 1,413 yards and 16 touchdowns, the third highest season total in Arkansas history. Jones also set a school record for rushing yards by a quarterback with 600.

    I'm sure Lee will be able to give the staff the behind the scene look at Jones.
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    As I said in the other thread, I'm personally acquainted with Matt and saw almost all of his football and basketball games for the Hogs. The fact that Lee was his coach will probably increase the likelihood that we would not draft him. He's a great guy with good character who is an amazing athlete. He singlehandedly won several games for the Hogs. The coaches would never talk him down, but the fact of the matter is that he is a bit of an enigma. They never knew if it all mattered as much to him as it did to the coaches and fans. He's very aloof. A little over a year ago, he told me personally that he didn't know if he wanted to play in the NFL.

    If he could go in at his natural position, then I think he could have a good and possibly great NFL career. But I would think that to learn a new position in the NFL would take a person with that extra dedication and discipline. Those qualities, my friends, are qualities that no one who knows him will say characterizes Matt Jones.
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    I remember that run. I remember looking up that Ole Miss db's 40 time according to coachscout and it was a 4.4 something I believe. Not all that scientific, but I thought Jones may have 4.4 speed then. Kinda hard to judge his speed with those long strides.

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