2 players eligible for supplemental draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Qbert, Jul 6, 2017.

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    Did these guys enter the draft on a bet?

    Neither one will be drafted; not sure either will get a camp invite. One guy had 12 whole tackles last year at a Junior College ( I coach junior college football and I might have accidentally had 12 tackles on the sideline last year) and the other guy played at a low level D2.
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    I'd like to take this moment to declare that I, also, am declaring myself eligible for the supplemental NFL draft. Come and get me, somebody.
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    The 6-foot-4, 290-pound Bingham divided his amateur career between Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and GMC, and he collected 12 tackles and three sacks at the latter institution in six games in 2015. Bingham didn’t play last season because he had exhausted his junior college eligibility and, according to GMC head coach Bert Williams, didn’t have the grades to transfer to a four-year school (via Chase Goodbread of NFL.com).

    if you can get him for nothing then do it
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    He couldn't be any dumber than the Einsteins we already have on the roster.
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    Let's get Tavares Bingham

    Played 6 games had 3 sacks @6'4 290 lbs

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    I don't think they have any other options.
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    He couldn't even get into Evergreen?
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    Jason.You have a job already!
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