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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jamesdojr, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. jamesdojr

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    I came up with this mock draft based off of where 2 different magazines projected these guys to go....

    Question 1 - is it good?
    Question 2 - is it realistic?

    1. Dominique Cromartie
    1. Malcolm Kelly
    2. Chris Johnson
    3. Frank Okam
    4. Jordy Nelson
    5. Heath Benedict
    6. Colt Brennan
  2. batman36

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    Yes, I like it, but Cromartie is probably gone by 22. I think better players would be available over Okam at that position.
  3. ThatsmyQB

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    It's great for us, unfortunately it's completely unrealistic!

    Probably gone in the top 10!

    Gone in the top 20, will not be there at #22 and certainly not at #28

    I think he's an early round 2 pick!

    The only pick that's normal, should be around with this pick!

    Should be long gone by this pick!
    I see him late 2nd early 3rd, but NO WAY late 4th!

    He's more of a 3rd or 4th rounder!

    No arm strength, will be here though!
  4. Bizwah

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    It would depend on who else would be available.

    Johnson is a nice-looking player, but there's no way I'd take him in front of Ray Rice, Jamal Charles, or Matt Forte'

    I know many have fallen in love with DRC's forty times and measurables. But, I think we'll see him slip as the draft comes nearer. He quickly flew up to the top of the CB rankings right after the combine, but he's starting to slip back down....Mayock has him as the fourth best CB right now.

    Teams want as close to a sure thing as possible at the top of round one. The level of competition DRC has faced will certainly make some wary of drafting him.

    I like the Kelly pick.

    If there's a choice between Red Bryant and Frank Okam, I think I might be more inclined to take Bryant.

    Plus....I would rather see us take two CBs than two WRs. I think we're in decent shape with WR. We need to start grooming a replacement for TO, but I think we have some depth there.
  5. sago1

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    Frankly I think you too much of a homer if you believe we've got real depth behind TO. Love Witten as a quality complement to TO but w/o TO it easy to take Witten out of the game; besides he occasionally has to help block for Romo. So we left with Crayton whose a good #3 but lacks speed; Hurd is another Crayton; Austin has speed but lacks consistence in catching passes; good grief he barely made the team last year cause he dropped so many passes in TC/preseason games. Maybe Stanbach comes up big but do we count on him to carry the load if TO goes down? Also, sorry but I wouldn't count on Terry Glenn making that much of a contribution. Since it takes most of the season for a rookie WR to make a contribution, it's time to get one now so our WR coach can develop him as quickly as possible.
  6. ThatsmyQB

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    Well he DID SAY that if we take a W.R. early, no need to take another one cause we'd have good depth!
    I mean for instance, if we take a guy like Malcolm Kelly in round 1, we'd then have T.O. as the #1 guy, Malcolm Kelly should wi nthe #2 spot, Crayton is a good #3 W.R., and Hurd is a GREAT #4 W.R., and at the #5 spot we got Austin and Stanback to battle it out, so you see, we do have good depth if we take a W.r. early, he's saying he'd rather take two C.b.'s before two W.R.'s early in the draft cause if we get a #1 W>R., our depth actually does look very good and that's NOT being a homer, that's simply a fact!
  7. ThatsmyQB

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    Well he actually shot up draft boards PRIOR to his incredible Combine show he put on from his drill work to his 40 time, people had him rated as a 3rd rounder prior to the senior bowl ONLY because of his level of competition, but ince scouts saw him the whole week of the senior bowl and in the senior bowl taking on and dominating the top W.R.'s in this draft, he shot up boards cause he PROVED he can handle the big boys and the top level W.R.'s and thus the level of competition doubts he faced were all erased.
    Take that and add in his 40 time and how much better he looked in the drills during the combine than the other top C.B.'s and I'm pretty sure he's gone by pick 10, definately pick 15!
    I hope he falls though, personally I'm praying Malcolm Kelly falls to us!
  8. Bizwah

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    How so?

    Do you expect all 5 of our WRs to be TOs? We have more depth at WR than most teams. Crayton is never going to be a number one type of WR, but he's a very capable number two.....and a very good number three.

    Austin, Stanbach, and Hurd are all developmental types. You have to be patient with them. They're exactly what you want in developmental WRs. They have potential and they contribute on STs.

    What we lack is a true number two to develop into a number one guy. This is why I'm in favor of drafting a WR in round one or two. I don't think we need to draft more than one WR this year. It's more important for us to draft more than one CB.

    Here's what I see:
    Owens number one....No-brainer. He's still one of the best in the NFL.

    Rookie at number two...This is one of our biggest needs. Right now, there's no one ready to take the mantle when TO either retires or starts to diminish. You're right in stating that it takes a WR time to develop. That's why I think it's important to draft one NOW.

    Crayton at number three....Very good third WR. Crayton has proven valuable in several roles. He's not a lead WR....we found that out the hard way.

    Stanback, Hurd, Austin at number four.....I don't know why everyone is so down on these guys. The word "bust" is bandied about too much on this forum. Everyone expects instant stardom from even the PS guys. I guess that comes from living in our "microwave" society.

    For sake of arguement, let's say we do draft another WR later in the draft. What exactly do they bring to the table that Austin, Hurd, or Stanback don't? All we'll get is another developmental WR to START OVER with.

    Austin has already proven that he's a good returner....why would we replace him? Yes, many will point to the Washington game where he had a big drop. But he's still developing. Hurd made some big catches this year, and some nice ST stops. Stanback is a guy the coaches are very high on......Ireland loved this guy.

    It took Jake Reed several years to develop a good set of hands. Jerry Rice was also on the verge of being labled a bust because of poor hands (which he developed later).

    I wouldn't object to taking two WRs.....because I'm always in favor of improving the team if possible....but we have a bigger need at CB. That has to be filled.
  9. TheCount

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    This would be a miracle draft, I'd literally run through the streets naked if we pulled this one off.

    I don't think it's realistic, but I can dream. Cromartie is probably the 3rd or 4th CB off the board, unless a team is absolutely in love with him. Kelly most likely won't last till the 28th pick, and Chris Johnson may not be there for our natural 2nd round pick.

    Okam will probably be there in the 3rd, and I like him, Jordy will probably be gone by the end of the 3rd or early 4th at the latest. Benedict is Hostiles boy, and I take his word for the kids potential, I have no idea where he'd go.

    Colt may be there in the 6th, although I think a team might snatch him up and put him on the bench for a few years. I wouldn't mind if it was us at that point.

    Again, if our draft went this way, I'd be crying tears of joy.
  10. Bizwah

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    The Senior Bowl didn't prove he could hang with the big boys IMO. Who were the big boy WRs there? Jackson? Kelley? Sweed (he was there but didnt' play)? Doucet (didn't play)? None of the top WRs really played.

    Again, it's already started with him. Scouts aren't souring on him by any means, but they're cooling down some. In the past, that's what happens to a lot of small school prospects. Teams get a little nervous about taking guys like him too early.

    I like DRC too, but if I were in the top ten, I'd really think twice about drafting him that early.

    Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing us take Kelly at 22....then Cason at 28. The more I see of Cason, the more I like him. He anticipates so well.
  11. TheCount

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    Even that scouts that loved him don't think he's the best CB in this draft. It's the fans that are hyping him more than anything, I've heard scouts say yes he's been spectacular in the offseason but teams have to wonder why he wasn't dominant at school since he was passed on and scored on.
  12. This is Our Year

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    If this turns out to be our draft we will have been the CLEAR winners of the draft. Man I like it but I doubt it will happen.
  13. DFWJC

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    Decent draft that is not very realistic at all. Getting either DRC or Kelly in Round 1 is optimistic...getting both would be a shock. Even CJ may be gone by the end of Rd 2.
  14. HoosierCowboy

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    That would be an A+ draft--Okam is the only one that is unrealistic, he'll be gone
  15. ThatsmyQB

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