20 days to first TC practice

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jazzcat22, Jul 5, 2014.

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    18 days to until the players report to camp, 20 for the first practice. IIRC the first practice is on the 24th.
    Actually this off season, so far, seems it's going by decently.

    It will still be a long almost 3 weeks. But probably only 2 weeks or so, we will start to see more news on a regular basis.

    Of course there will be the Orton watch. How much will Romo participate in camp when it first starts. Who will go on PUP, Spencer, Whaley?

    Will Melton be ready to go, will Johnson stay healthy to have a full camp.
    Should be some very interesting position battles, not only for starting, but also for depth. I think this will be one of the more interesting as well as exciting camps we had for a long time.

    I think if all goes well, and stay healthy of course, even with all the young players, it could be one of the more talented rosters we had in a long time. Now with the schedule will that translate into more wins, remains to be seen. But I think if they can get to 9-7, that is still enough to win the NFC East. As I don't think any of the other teams improved any more than we did.

    We definitely did not take a step back, even with all the new players on the DL. LB's situation to me is more of the unknown now than the DL. I'm ok for now with the DB situation, as if the front 7 improves, the secondary will too.

    The Offense has the capability to be a high power weapon, that can score like the Saints do. I'm calling that one now.
    Just need to keep myself busy for the next few weeks or so, and then all eyes and ears on TC.
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  2. CATCH17

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    Hopefully at least half the roster makes it to the season without injury.
  3. Ashwynn

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    For real? SWEET!.

    As an Astro fan, my baseball seasons over already, I'm ready for football.

    Lets get ready to RUMBLE!
  4. Bungarian

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    I am ready for some football.

    I just renewed my Yahoo fantasy football league today.
  5. BigStar

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    Pretty uneventful off season for the team. Good in that outside of Orton no rifts, no off field incidents for announcers to bring up whenever they want to show to push ratings, etc. Bad in that the cap left the DL in poor shape (though it was expected). Cap looks good for 15 so this year is the get in and win one. Hate JG but love the Boys more. Ready for some real football.
  6. Fredd

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    I figure I will just drink a lot of adult beverages to pass the time for the start of camp....annnnndddddd, go
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  7. Section444

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    Cannot wait! Football is finally upon us.
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  8. scooper

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    Get ready for a big season for our boys!!!
  9. Chris in Arizona

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    I was going to go to TC in August. In fact, my goal was to do 5 camps in a week, Cowboys, USC, UCLA, the Cardinals, and ASU. Now with my latest promotion I'll be doing one football camp, all month long. The last time I missed one in Oxnard they didn't come back for a few years. I hope that isn't the case this time.
  10. jazzcat22

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    Should have turned down the promotion...:D
  11. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    hopefully that half will be the starters that make it
  12. KDM256

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    Going to take some getting used too not seeing 94 out there but I am ready to see this Defense and see who will step up to the plate this year.

    In Rod We Trust

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