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    Okay freinds, romans and countrymen. Now we know a little more about ourselves for this year, lets take a look at the whole shootin match.

    QB - With Quincy out, a shock to everyone, Vinny T is the starter. Since everyone seems to be stuck on 28 tds and 27 ints lets work with it cause Quincy was even worse. Remember in '03 Vin man was 7 tds to 2 int's. I know he is 41 but he is still a leader, he knows the offense, hes working on the chemistry part and he can still throw with the best of him. Of course a 41 year old is more brittle than a 23 year old. But how many 23 year olds are in the shape Vinny is? Vinny has fresh legs and he has not done 16+ in a while so that should give us the window we need to get Drew ready. I told you Drew was the man. Duke knows football and the smart money is always on my player picks. I would say over the last 10 years my average is in the upper eighties. Not many D'SPP with that stat. I like Romo, but just like Bill, some times he just makes me want to spit. He certainly has it. A qb with no chance doesn't win in the last second of a game with a snap fake. If you'd rather be lucky than good, Romo is your guy.

    RB - JJ is all that and a bag of chips as well. Again.. I called it. Called Lee also. Even though some decided I was smoking that wacky stuff. There was alot of uproar when our team chose to pick up an extra first round pick in the draft next year and trade down to get him. Everyone liked the pick but JJ over Stephen Jackson? Looks like once again we got that one right also. Jackson has wow'd me twice. JJ wows me everytime he touches the ball. The true difference between good and great. Barring injuries, drugs and a boat full of hookers, JJ can be the replacement for Emmitt Smith. FINALLY! Eddie is a two way street most feel he can, or he can't. Jury is out in my humble opine but that is why Rashard Lee is so important to this team. The guy has quickness and speed for being 235 pounds. Eddie much younger but a little shorter. My main dilima is Fullback. That one is just to close to call, if the money is on, my pick is Jamar Martin. Just to talented a blocker and he can catch. Averaging a suprising number per reception. If he does it on special teams then we have our fullback.

    WR - What a difference a year makes. Joey is out Key is in. A bit fewer throws down the field, but more completions. Moving the chains gets you points. Antonio seems to have matured and has caught almost everything, showing body control like Alvin Harper once had. Terry Glenn has also caught almost everything making this trio of receivers potentially one of the best in the league. If Randall Williams comes on Monday night, he could be the Joey we lost with about 5 extra inches in height, even more speed, and another 30 pounds. Factor in universal player Patrick Crayton, and you have the makings of something special.

    TE - Campbell looks good, Whitten looks great and Sean Ryan can block and catch also. Makes this tandem of tight ends another strength of the team and again could possibly be one of the leagues best set of tight ends. I look for Whitten to make the probowl this year. Bill's history of tight ends is legendary with Bavaro and Coates. No different this time either. I am betting our other tight end lands on the Practice squad and we sit on him this year.

    OL - LARRY IS BACK! Woe be it to all the knavesayers who predicted he was washed up or too slow to come back. You know who you are! Your writings here only document your doubts and misgivings. Fess up. Sometimes its good to be right and at times its a blessing to be wrong, right? Flozell is in top season form already and has somewhere developed an Erik Williams nasty streak that makes me love this guy. Walters is probably the biggest suprise to me this season. This is one I did not call. He is smart, has skills, but got bigger, became better conditioned and stronger this off season so much so, that I am predicting he will be our starting center. Al has looked good coming off his injury but Walters has been phenominal. Gurode has looked like he did in his freshman year again and that is excellent now we are seeing the master at work. Who else could have turned a potential bust into a bomb! Dave certainly could not, in fact he nearly ruined him. The big question mark is at right tackle. I really wish Tucker would get it. All he needs is just one good game to put all the stuff he has been doing and learning into play and have that one good game. If he did, Rodgers might never start for us. Rodgers on the other hand also needs to get it and put it all togther on the field. Speaks well of him since they are both in the same boat with different tenures in the league. Rodgers has good strength but Tucker has more power. Rodgers has more technique but Tucker is more a brawler. I just wish one of them would grab that opportunity with both hands and make it happen. My money is on Rodgers. I prefer Tucker... but Rodgers is smarter and that is what makes a Bill type of player...his intelligence. You won't see many rocks on this team.

    DL - Wiley looks kind of confused at this point, I have seen some good things but lots more I did not like. So now he is back to his normal side and I believe things will improve. The biggest signing this season for the defense was Wiley but the most critical was definitely Chad Eaton. Glover is a three guy. Stewart is a three guy. Leo Carson is a young but talented one guy who can even create some pressure from his spot. But he is young and not quite ready. We really needed that (forgive me) Ted Washington, Gilbert Brown guy. For years I have said this and it now looks like we have one. Weighing in at 327 pounds is Chad Eaton. Bill wants him at 315, and if he can show up Monday by just doing what a one type of guy does. We could be a number one defense again. We need a guy who comes in with a blue collar attitude. Someone who understands the role of a one spot defensive tackle. The type of guy who gets his hands dirty. The type of guy who packs a lunch and an all day sucker. Plugs the middle, takes on the double team allowing the three tackle, or ends to sack the QB or disrupt stuff. Chad Eaton could be that guy. If he is healthy....the word is that he is, and can still play....the word is that he can... we have found our missing link. If we don't have any long runs up the middle on us this coming Monday night while he is in, then we have found him. This does not speak ill of Jermaine Brooks or Shaun Smith, Jermaine is a three guy and Shaun may be a one position guy but he needs one more year to determine if he is a player or not. If Bill keeps him on the Practice squad then he is. If not then we wasted a spot last year on him.

    LB - Dat rules. Bradie James is still young but he hits like a freight train, and has lead the team in tackles every preseason game. Dexter is still good, but Bradie is better. Give it some time, by midseason, Bradie starts full time, Coakley plays the nickel. Al Singleton has done nothing to unimpress or impress. Shanle looks like a player and I called O'Neal last year. Hopefully both make the team. Since Steele has not played alot I am betting he gets cut.

    S - Stop feeding Tony Dixon and maybe he will go away. What a bust! The guy just doesn't get it. I figure he has one game left to get it or I would rather start someone else. Anyone over him. He has been living off Mr Jones way too freaking long to play like he has. Reminds me of a guy named Hambrick. Play well and you get the keys to the kingdom handed to you. Play bad and don't let the door hit you on the way to Night Manager at the Burger King. One of Jerrys worse decisions. Keith Adams reminds me of Derek Ross playing safety. A street player with a much better attitude. Of course Roy Williams is the man. I sure hope Darren Woodson comes back in a hurry. Our rookie safetys need to show up Monday night so if nothing else we can get rid of Tony Dixon.

    CB - Pete Hunter looks the best of any of the DB's not named Terrance, although Bruce Thornton has made an impression with the coaching staff. Donald Mitchell is our nickel corner and we sure need him to step it up. Jamell Powell got burned but he did show an ability to shake off a play and that is an important attribute to have at cornerback. Even Deion got beat every once in a while. Terrance Newman gets beat every once in a while also. I just hope it all goes well for our rookies.

    P - Goodbye Toby.....Get the heck out of here. Hello Matt Mc Briar. An additional 20 yards in the punting department sets up our defense for getting more opportunities to shut down an offense, or create a turnover. Much needed improvement.

    K - With Opie Cundiff was getting soft and cocky it is nice to see that Matt (the coaches told me to kick the ball out of bounds) Bryant has made it an interesting battle. Too close to call but I like Bryant over Cundiff.
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    Great post other than two points:

    1. I remember quite a few people predicting Carter would be fazed out this preseason, including myself. I don't think anyone expected it so soon though.

    2. Martin is not a good receiver. In fact, he doesn't do anything well other than blocking. Parcells said last week that he had to do other things. It's awful late in camp to be hearing that. Martin is gone IMO. Anderson goes back to FB with Sean Ryan gettting some lead blocking opportunities as the third TE.
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    Might have been a great post, but I have to be honest.....I stopped reading after the second "I told ya so"...and the reference to yourself in the third person.
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    What did he just say? :eek:
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    DCP did too!

    And generally when I see the phrase "I called it" in a post, I "back out of it"!!

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    You ruined your thread with your big head case.

    The Duke knows football stuff just stinks....

    You should read Wulfman's posts and learn from it.
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    Rw31, who has been right countless times, is disapointed in you duke....
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    Dear Friends,

    "If you can not deal with the truth how will you Know the path" The "I called its" is only to solidify what most already know. I know what I am talking about and I can prove it.

    Secondly if you let a bit of back patting stop you from reading some of the best pontification of our Dallas Cowboys then by all means.

    Thirdly, Romans referring to Warriors. One Cowboy Nation under Bill!

    Is it too much for ya? The main thing I wish to establish is that even if I am somewhat boa****l, or self serving, I am here to write on my opine of our beloved team. You certainly do not have to read what I write, but you can trust I am telling you the truth. IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A FIVE LETTER WORD?

    Its a free country but..you might miss something. Which you may want to do,
    or you may not. Either way.......I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE TRUE BLUE 4 LIFE!
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    You left out "and truely sophomoric".
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    You called what, that JJ could be good against second ant third stringers? In the first half against the raiders starters, he ran for two or three yards and nearly lost a fumble. In the second half he looked pretty good. Time will tell.
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    I dont know why, but I'm getting this hitler vibe from you
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    I think he just has high blood sugar (I hope thats all thats wrong with him)

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