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    Looking at the 1st 4 rounds of te 2004 draft, a season later, and looking positively in how it fits into the 2005 draft...

    2004 Draft:
    Round 1: Trade out
    Round 2: Julius Jones RB
    Round 2: Jacob Rogers OT
    Round 3: Stephen Peterman G

    We've found a good runner and added pieces to the offensive line. The offeinsive line and the RB position are vital pieces to a foundation of the offense. We don't know much on Rogers or Peterman unfortunaly, but I'm optimistic one could start as early as next season and one can be solid depth.

    2005 Draft:
    Round 1: _________
    Round 1: _________
    Round 2: _________
    Round 3: Drew Henson QB
    Round 4: _________

    We've taken a somewhat lower risk stab at a physically gifted QB who's now had one season in the system. Have firepower to fill other key positions in round 1 and 2. Should concentrate on playmakers at the defensive front 7 and at the better WRs.

    Maybe it's of the idea to put much more pieces of the team on the field before Henson gets a legimate opportunity starting. I think between this draft and free agency we could easily get good attempts at filling a decent amount of those pieces. Enough so that Henson, or another young qb, should be given opportunity to start and working with the starters early in the training camps.

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