2005-2006 Dallas Defense Teaser

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by VirusX, May 2, 2006.

  1. peplaw06

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    Yeah I don't think it matters if they're not in Cowboys unis, at least not yet. But any clips you can find of Carp, Watkins, Hatcher (probably tough to find there), Stanley and Parham would fit great.
  2. Tass

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    Wow...Fowler bulled thru his blocker and blew the returner up on the kickoff play. That was awesome!

    And RW just really manhandles people, doesn't he?
  3. the_h0wey

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    I thoroughly enjoyed it thanks man
  4. DezBRomo9

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    Very nice vid.

    Definitely a teaser, I want more!!!!!:beer1:
  5. Crown Royal

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    Aaron Glenn and Ware make our weakside better than it has been since I can remember.

    And the play with 3 guys barrelling down on McNabb - I love that one, because 2 years ago that happened and McNabb just ran around for about 10 seconds. Props!
  6. VirusX

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    BTW if anyone has any good high res video of this past years team and can share it please contact me. Thanks! :D
  7. Calicowboy

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    Great job Virus! Looking good so far.

    ...and Hos that could have been reeeall ugly. Im surprised Roy didnt clock him anyways
  8. boydhopkins

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    Beautiful...absolutely beautiful
  9. the kid 05

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    Virus love the teaser, the thing i love the most is you gave credit to Tek and thebes

    great job
  10. diehard2294

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    thought the same thing,he took his eye off the ball when he saw RW dialing in for the kill.

    good job on the vid

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