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2005 Draft day comments from the Cowboyszone

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bigdog24, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Bigdog24

    Bigdog24 Well-Known Member

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    Some interesting comments by members, some right on target, and some players just never made it, some members wanted to draft players never seen the field in 2005, all in all it was intersting going back a reading the comments, But the Cowboys had a hughe production with the players from the 2005 draft......alot comment reflected that, along with faith in the Bill's and Jerry's drafting.....
    On Drafting M Barber III04-24-2005,

    I love this pick...Barber will be one of the elite backup running backs in football and perfect insurance against an injury to our starter. Unlike Sproles, he can easily handle the full-time load if needed.

    Mr. (not Jerry) - Jones

    my uncle is a big gopher fan and during my grandfather's funeral week I got to see a fair bit of tape this guy. The kid can play, I'd say very good value for the pick

    Jerry Jones: Proud owner of two NFL teams

    On Drafting Ware with #11


    Someone email Jerry or call him... MIKE WILLIAMS... Please don't make it another, "he's the player who we passed Mike Williams for

    Shotgun Dave:


    Bring it!!!

    oh no - Ware?
    Well he's a 3-4 guy

    Goose had him at #12. He's went right where he was supposed to.
    Best pure edge pass rusher in the draft.



    He's the best pass rusher this draft - according to BP obviously!

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