2005 NFL Draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by garyv, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. garyv

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    In your opinion who could the Cowboys select with their first
    three picks that could help this Football Team the most?

  2. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    my wish list would be A. Rolle and D. Johnson. i think a lot of it depends on Free Agency. A wr like m williams would be really nice as well.

    i think in the 2nd round a FS could be an option if a guy like darnell bing from usc declares or if t. davis from georgia slides a little bit.
  3. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

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    1. Rolle
    1. James
    2. DT
  4. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    i'm drawing a mind blank.
  5. VirusX

    VirusX Well-Known Member

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    We need to draft for the future and draft impact players not ST players.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    I would imagine that would be Erasmus James DT Wisconsin.

    Cool first name...Erasmus.

    Name of the boat in Shogun Book/Movie :D
  7. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    duh...i forgot about him.
  8. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

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    Yeah...Erasmus DE Wisconsin. ;)

    He looks real good. The only problem with him was that he missed all of last season because of a leg injury. He appears fully recovered.

    A LDE is you biggest need...No cornerback can cover for 14.1 seconds.
  9. Kevlee06

    Kevlee06 New Member

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    1a. Mike Williams - elite playmaker
    1b. Antrelle Rolle - shutdown corner (just ask Larry Fitzgerald)
    2. DE/DT

    My selections depend on a couple of free agent signings. I'm hoping for John Abraham and Julian Peterson (I know he's hurt, but an incentive laden contract might turn out to be a HUGE signing).
  10. ghettogandhi

    ghettogandhi Active Member

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    Rolle / jackson and derrick johnson/ or tackle from florida in the first round and I ll take the best safety or lineman in the second and third
  11. Woods

    Woods Well-Known Member

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    Either a DE and CB, or
    a DE or DT.

    I think we can pick up a decent WR with our 2nd. Let's remember that we're probably going to have a HIGH 2nd rounder.
  12. calicowboy54

    calicowboy54 Active Member

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    i would like to take:

    1a) CB Antrel Rolle-Miami (Fl)
    1b) DE Mathias Kiwanuka Boston College
    2) BPA
  13. 4lifecowboy

    4lifecowboy Well-Known Member

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    1a) M. Williams WR
    1b) R. Wright DT
    2) Nichelson S
  14. InmanRoshi

    InmanRoshi Zone Scribe

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    I hope the Cowboys take the BPA, but Dan Cody is a player I really like ... he plays as a standup pass rushing LB, and he also plays with his hand down for Stoops. Parcells has said before that he thinks its a very hard adjustment for a a guy who is used to dropping his hand down as a defensive end in college to move to linebacker, and those that do are usually very bright. He gives the Cowboys versatility as an outside pass rusher, whatever package they decide to use. He'll have double digit sacks for back to back years (9 so far this year with 2 games left, 10 last year), and he reportedly runs in the 4.6 range at 6'4" 273.

    And he has a lot of energy and attitude .. something this team desperately needs.

    The trouble is I think he's really shooting up draft boards, but I still see him as a mid-late 1st.
  15. gjdeftmv

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    i think until the free agents are all in place its hard to tell which way we will go with the draft but this is how it might look for now with our needs and i really think that our CBs can get the job done, with a better pass rush they could be great

    1A: Mathias Kiwanuka DE or Mike Williams Wr
    1B: Haloti Ngata DT or Ahmad Brooks LB
    2A: Shazor, Butler, Bing, or Bullucks S

    Kiwanuka is thin but a speed rusher is what we need more than a run stopping DE,
    Williams is not an immediate need but how can you pass on this guy? also be good to have someone that Henson can count on for years to come
    Ngata is a beast at 345lbs yet a good athlete
    Brooks amazing athlete with unlimited potential
    Shazor, Butler, Bing, or Bullucks someone here that can cover so Roy can move back to FS and wreak havock again

    Justin Tuck DE is another one that might be around for a round or two, is ND's all-time career sack leader
  16. Rack Bauer

    Rack Bauer Federal Agent

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    Our LDE is fine. That's Greg Ellis. We need an explosive RDE.

    My picks would be:

    1a) Derrick Johnson
    1b) Kiwanaku ... whatever his name is. The DE from BC.
    2) Mike Williams (yes there's a chane he drops the far. He would of dropped last draft and now he will be entering the draft without having played football in a year).
  17. AJM1613

    AJM1613 New Member

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    Yeah that's what I meant. Sorry. :eek:
  18. Bobo

    Bobo New Member

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    I've been impressed with him from what I've seen. I'd say he's as good as Pollack. I haven't seen the dude from BC. I've seen Tuck, looks like a pretty good speed rusher, but not 1st round. Now if Cody could actually drop the 2nd, that would be nice....ya never know ;)
  19. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    If that were to happen Rack, I'd put you in my will.

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