2006 cowboys mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboys&Caps, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. Cowboys&Caps

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    Our top needs this off season are...OT, OG, FS, WR,

    Round 1 - - Marcus McNiel OT Auburn 6'9" 335 lb
    Mountain of a man, to start at right tackle. Rob Pettiti now gets to groom to replace Flozell on the left side

    Round 2 - - Sinorice Moss WR Miami 5'8" 185 lb
    The fastest player in the draft gets to come in and become part of a suddenly young recieving corp. Oh yea the cowboys just want a Moss

    Round 3 - - Charles Spencer OG Pittsburg 6'5" 330 lb
    See a trend? Big linemen, Parcells wants to push people around Mcneil, and Spencer can do that. Plus there is still something between Spencer and Pettiti(the future right side)

    Round 4 - - Chris Harrell FS Penn State 6'2" 210 lb
    Fast FS with the skills to make it in the pros. just hope he is available.

    Round 5 - - John Torp P Colorado
    Top punter in college will be a constant in Dallas for many years. Again this may be a stretch hopefully he will be here

    6&7 will be some slobs i hope Oline

    Oh yea i think we will put forth a great effort to sign corey chavous from minnesota.

    let me hear what you think
  2. dalsyk

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    I don't believe we have a 4th round pick. We traded that to Philadelphia for the right to draft Canty.
  3. Cowboys&Caps

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    ok your right
  4. Billy Bullocks

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    And why would we go after a Punter, McBriar is a good one.
  5. Future

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    i was thinking no reason for a punter as well...

    and instead of tackle in the first round i think we go guard...we need some insurance for rivera and pettiti will be much better next year as an RT

    or we could go center...assuming we dont sign lecharles bentley
  6. Hailmary

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    Do punters get drafted? Kickers yes, punters...I can't remember the last one who was taken before the last round. Besides, I'm happy w/ McBriar.

    Is Chavous a FA after this season?
  7. Reed

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    anthony smith is a nice fs we can get late in the draft
  8. SilverStarCowboy

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    Well we don't have a 4th....there are some very decent Safties that should be available for the first round pick.
  9. Roysman31

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    chiefs took there punter in the 3rd round dustin colquit
  10. Qwickdraw

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    I like your mock alot.
    (except the Petitti grooming to take over for Flozell part :eek: )
    Dont know if it will be able to work out that way but hey...

    Cant believe we are already talking draft. This season has flown by.
  11. FRDRCK

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    i would like moss but i also really want dwayne slay from texas tech
  12. thewivil

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    I'm not totally familiar with Moss, but the guy is a midget! I'd much rather have a speedster with a little more height than that.
  13. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Marcus Mcneill probably won't be there, but if he is, snatch him up QUICK. I like WR Martin Nance 6'5 210/ 4.3 40 catches everything according to the scouting reports.

    I like your guard pick, but I think we need to think ILB and OLB in this draft at some point. Probably someone like Elvis Dumervill DE, with size and outstanding pass rushing ability. Scouts seem to think that he should convert to an OLB in a 3/4 (6'0 256)
  14. MichaelWinicki

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  15. CrazyCowboy

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    Round 1 - - Marcus McNiel OT Auburn 6'9" 335 lb
    Mountain of a man, to start at right tackle. Rob Pettiti now gets to groom to replace Flozell on the left side

    The best OT in the draft is what CrazyCowboy is hoping for!
  16. Kaika

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    Are any of the above going high in the first round in your opnion?
    I don't think that the draft is very strong this year, after the first 5 . I wouldn't be opposed to trading down to get more of what we need.
    I could be wrong ,cause you guys are the Guru's.
  17. lkelly

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    I can't imagine drafting a Pittsburgh offensive lineman this coming spring. Did you see the turnstile group that played this year? Palko was lucky to have survived the season without suffering a massive head injury. When teams like Ohio and Rutgers are getting a lot of pressure on your QB, your line isn't destined for major NFL success.
  18. trueblue1687

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    Hate to tell you guys this, but don't be shocked if McBriar is conspicuously missing from the Cowboys next year. For sure he can boom punts sometimes, but he is so freakin inconsistent that he will at the very least drawa HEAVY camp competition. Dream on about Petite at L tackle. His feet are WAY to slow for pro ball on the left side-why do you think nobody else grabbed him? He, too, will draw intense competition in camp but probably will still remain-but maybe not as a starter...but maybe as one, who knows. It won't be on the left side tho.
  19. Fred Smith

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    McBriar has done fairly well - I don't see us drafting a punter. I hope we change our philosophy on kickers, though, and go into FA for a reliable Kicker. I like the rest of your picks - we definitely need to get the best OT on the board in the first round, followed by (in no particular order), a G, a WR, a FS, and a LB. If Beriault can stay healthy next year, he will be a definite plus to the S position and special teams.
  20. Sarge

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    He won't fall out of the second round.

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