2006 cowboys mock draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboys&Caps, Dec 26, 2005.

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    Pettiti will surely have much better footwork in two or three years, enough so that he will be able to play on the left side. Im talking about like 09 when Flozell leaves or retires.

    And im thinking Gurode might finally be the guy to step in and replace Rivera on the right side.

    im hoping for this line in 3-4 years....
    RT - Pettiti
    RG - Spencer (rookie from pitt)
    C - Lecharles Bentley/ Al Johnson
    LG - Andre Gurode
    LT - McNeil (rookie from Auburn)
  2. Tricky-22

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    I would rather have Hank Baskett from UNM. He is going to be a star in the NFL. And we could probably get him relatively late in the draft, maybe with a 3rd.
  3. VACowboy

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    Linebackers, linebackers, linebackers.
  4. Natedawg44

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    I like the McNeil pick alot.
    Moss I'm not as sure about. I think you can get someone like Skylar Green a little later on and he seems to have the same skill set if you are looking for a smurf/special teams WR type.
    If we are picking WR I would love to have Travis Wilson in round 3. He was hampered by an injury and woeful QB play and is going to go later than he should. Mark Clayton, Mark Bradley and Brandon Jones all have had impact plays this year but last year Travis Wilson had more TD's than all of them and he has that size you love at 6'3" 220.
  5. Hiero

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    I think that is a pretty good draft.
    McNeill is my favorite player in this years draft( that we actually have a chance at). Moss is another one of the guys I would love to have. I am hoping he would fall to the 3rd. If Hank Baskett is there in the 2nd i'd rather get him. havent seen spencer play, but we definitely need a big guard. Punter is not a issue, make that pick a kicker lol.

  6. jbsg02

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    He is a solid player, won't be Ed Reed, but worth a mid to late round
  7. Cowboys&Caps

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    definatly not in the first round

    we have way too many good young linebackers, and way too many old decrepid offensive linemen to take a linebacker in the first maybe a LB in the second
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    I bow down before you :bow:
  9. BlueStarDude

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    No, we have two: Ware and James. Burnett's knees can't be counted on. Shanle and Fowler are backup material, as is Fujita who will be a free agent IIRC.

    We should draft one LB in the first or second round (Bobby Carpenter would be my choice) and another LB in a later round.
  10. burmafrd

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    We go for at least one LB - Al will be coming back- but with BUrnett on a knee that has to make BP think about getting another one. Ratlief will be back- we are in pretty good shape on the line. Glover and Ellis will stay for one more year I think-more about making a run for the SB then anything else.
  11. ghst187

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    OL: LeCharles Bentley is the key to shoring up our OL and getting JJ 1300 yards. AJ has been the weakest link all season.
    I really hope Gurode has mentally figured it out at OG because he was devastating where the 10 million dollar man Rivera wasn't. Anyway, I think we draft a big G. We're going to need depth and to groom LA's replacement. Not sure how Peterman is doing. Flo is back and will be fine. I don't think we go after a replacement for Pettiti. I think he will be okay for us. I think we look in later rounds for another gem, maybe 2nd or 3rd at earliest. Look for Davin Joseph to slip, he's a G playing T right now. He'll have to play G in the NFL. Guards slip come draft day. There aren't any C's in the draft that impress me.

    LB: Big need position. We have to have big playmakers at LB for our D to work right. I think Carpenter rates out very high on our draft board. LB's usually slide on draft day also. Hawk could even still be on the board, who knows? Not sure who will be available in FA but I think we need two LBs this offseason and at least one will be drafted. I will be interested to see if and how Kalen Thorton comes back. I thought he was really impressive in preseason, really gets after the QB. Haven't heard anything since he went IR but he could be a gem lurking on our roster that is yet to flourish. I think we probably also consider a guy like Dumervil. We know he can get after the QB, probably has the ability to play some LB and make the transition like Ware has. I think he will be closely watched at the combine and workouts. BP will look for the same abilities that he saw in Ware. Honestly, I love Ellis and Glover but I'm not sure how they have a spot on next year's team. Maybe one, but I doubt both. I think we'll draft a LB on day one and maybe that guy is a DE/LB in Ware's mold.

    FS: Not sure who will be available in FA but this draft is LOADED with FS's. There will be starting FS's found in every round I think. I like Landry the most but there are a ton....Slay, Jason Allen, Jimmy Williams (will probably try to play CB for the $$$), guy from NM, ...and on and on...
    I think Davis needs to go back and stay on ST's. Either we draft a FS or we sign one in FA.

    WR: I think its Santonio Holmes in the first round or we don't draft a WR in the first. I'm starting to fear that we will sign TO. SH would give us a young TG that can return kicks. Holmes is a little like Mark Clayton from OU/Baltimore. Not big, but really fast, runs good routes, and catches everything. The fact that he can return kicks is tempting too. It gives him a place on the team while understudying (or awaiting an injury) TG. After SH, I think there are some decent guys in the later rounds but overall a fairly weak WR draft. 2007 should be the WR draft.

    RB: I know we don't need one, but DeAngelo Williams is the real deal.
    Maroney is going pro and he's the real deal also. Guy should be a VERY good pro and will probably not go all that high in the draft, maybe late first?

    QB: I think we stand pat for one more season. I think BP won't want to worry DB drafting someone to eventually replace him. I think DB thinks he has about 5 more years left and I think he has 2-3. If that's the case, we can afford to wait one more season and see what we have in Henson and Romo. 2007 offseason will be critical though to have a replacement grooming and that draft will also have the best college QB I've seen in years...(see sig below)

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