2006 Cowboys Playbook

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    Wonder how much of that was leftover from Payton or if it was Sparano/Haley.
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    Wow... that is some really cool stuff. 452 pages. Really makes you realize just how much these rookies (and system newcomers) need to know in a relatively short time. Kudos to those who can pick up this stuff quickly!!
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    That's really sweet, especially the schedules that are in there.
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    Someone forward page 204 to Red...
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    1st...thanks for posting, great stuff.
    Seriously...11 minutes for stretching? Then no more for the rest of practice...no wonder.o_O
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    They don't learn the entire playbook. They learn chunks of it. Then the coaches see what plays actually work well during practice and they may come to the game with about 30-60 possible plays they will run. If the team picks it up well, then they make move onto learning more plays.

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    Well, that seems a lot less daunting then, and makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying :)
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    just piggy backing, besides not needing to know the whole thing it really isn't that hard to pick up. Step 1. learn the terminology. step 2. learn the concept. if you know those two things you can at the very least BS your way through a play that you haven't seen before.

    example, you are reading a book and you don't know a word, but it has a prefix and a suffix you recognize and based on the sentence before and following the word you have a pretty good idea of it's meaning, you look it up and you were pretty close. I'm willing to bet that has happened to all of us and it's because we understand the concept and the terminology of our own language.

    The hard part is reading the defense the same way 10 other guys are and actually being effective in your assignment.
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