2006 NFL Draft Top 25

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    Top 25 NFL Draft Prospects
    1. Matt Leinart, QB Southern California

    2. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia

    3. Reggie Bush*, RB USC

    4. A.J. Hawk, LB Ohio State

    5. Mario Williams*, DE North Carolina State

    6. Laurence Maroney* RB Minnesota

    7. Jimmy Williams, CB Virginia Tech

    8. Chad Greenway, LB Iowa

    9. Mathias Kiwanuka, DE Boston College

    10. DeMeco Ryans, LB Alabama

    11. Ahmad Brooks*, LB Virginia

    12. DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis

    13. Marcedes Lewis, TE UCLA

    14. Omar Jacobs*, QB Bowling Green

    15. Santonio Holmes*, WR Ohio State

    16. Vince Young*, QB Texas

    17. Bernard Pollard*, S Purdue

    18. A.J. Nicholson, LB Florida State

    19. Jason Allen, CB/S Tennessee

    20. Eric Winston, OT Miami (FL)

    21. Gabe Watson, DT Michigan

    22. Tye Hill, CB Clemson

    23. Ray Edwards*, DE Purdue

    24. Rodrique Wright, DT Texas

    25. Haloti Ngata*, DT Oregon

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    Are Matt Leinart and some OT really better than Reggie Bush?

    Rebuilding teams should take Matt Lienart (Jets, Texans, Titans?). Teams desperate for an OT (Texans) should go after D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Where does that leave Reggie Bush? As it is, the worst teams in football are set with some talent with the exception of the Packers. They should go after Reggie Bush in my opinion. Ahman Green has dissappointed, and they that potential big play caliber player that Bush could be. They are going to be doing some serious rebuild in the next decade. What other team has no talent on offense or defense?

    Houston needs to go back three years, and start over. Get experienced O-linemen before you ruin a young QB. Ooops. Too late.

    The worst teams in football? Texans (Should have stuck with "Houston Oilers"), Packers (every empire falls), Vikings (Randy Moss was a problem, huh?), 49ers (they are a fine organization, they'll recover in 5 years), Cleveland (still recovering from paying Tim Couch), Saints (thanks to refs), Ravens (Offense? What offense? We don't need no steenkin offense!), Jets (too many injuries). Which one of these will/should lose to get Leinart?
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    I think the Texans should take Bush, if he is really as good as most people thinks he is.

    They need a big playmaker on the offense. Domanick Davis is good, but Bush is supposed to be a gamebreaker.

    I know this is going to anger most Cowboy fans, but I think Carr is much like Aikman, in that he is not capable of carrying an offense to great heights. He needs that gamebreaking running back to be most effective.

    If that is the case, then a great running back could bring out the best in Carr, like Smith in his prime was able to do for Aikman.
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    I like seeing DeAngelo ranked so high. I wish we could get him but we already have plenty of rb talent.
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    I agree the Texans had better start fixing their OL....needs to be first in their things to do.

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    Ferguson is supposed to be one of the most talented LTs the NFL has seen in some time. He's a little lite but everything else is there. I believe Bush is a very good RB but without blocking, your not going to be succesful in the NFL. To me, you build that first.
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    Good point. Tom Coughlin drafted a LT, Tony Bosselli, with his first pick for the expansion Jaguars. That team became winners in two years.

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