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2006 Uniform Combos

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by StevenOtero, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. StevenOtero

    StevenOtero Well-Known Member

    6,690 Messages
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    Buffalo Bills (4 different combinations [throwbacks NOT included])
    • White/White/Red/Black (P4-@DET)
    • Dark Navy Blue/Dark Navy Blue/Red/Black ()
    • Classic Royal Blue/White/Blue/Black* (P3-CLE)
    • Dark Navy Blue/White/Red/Black (P1-@CAR P2-CIN 2-@MIA)
    • White/Dark Navy Blue/Red/Black (1-@NE)
    *-Throwback Combination

    Miami Dolphins (18 different combinations)
    • Aqua/White/Aqua/White (P1-JAX P2-@TB P4-STL)
    • White/Aqua/White/White ()
    • White/White/Aqua/White (P3-@CAR 1-@PIT 2-BUF)
    • Coral/White/Coral/White* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    New England Patriots (9 different Combinations)
    • Nautical Blue/New Century Silver/Nautical Blue/White (P2-ARZ P3-WSH 1-BUF)
    • White/Nautical Blue/White/White (P1-@ATL P4-@NYG 2-@NYJ)
    • New Century Silver/Nautical Blue/White/White* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    New York Jets (8 different combinations)
    • White/White/White/Black (P1-@TB 1-@TEN)
    • Hunter Green/White/Hunter Green/Black (P2-@WSH P3-NYG P4-PHI 2-NE)
    • White/Hunter Green/White/Black ()
    • Hunter Green/Hunter Green/White/Black ()
    • White/White/Hunter Green/Black ()
    • White Hunter Green/Hunter Green/Black ()
    • Hunter Green/Hunter Green/Hunter Green/Black ()
    • Hunter Green/White/White/Black ()

    AFC North

    Baltimore Ravens (6 different combinations)
    • Purple/White/Black/White (P1-NYG P2-PHI P4-@WSH 1-@TB)
    • Black/Black/Black/White* ()
    • White/White/Black/White (P3-@MIN 2-OAK)
    *-Alternate Combination

    Cincinnati Bengals (12 different combinations)
    • Black/Black/Orange/Black (P3-GB)
    • Black/White/Black/Black (P1-WSH 1-@KC)
    • Black/Black/Black/Black ()
    • Black/White/Orange/Black ()
    • White/White/Black/Black (P2-@BUF)
    • White/Black/Orange/Black ()
    • White/Black/Black/Black (P4-@IND)
    • White/White/Orange/Black (2-CLE)
    • Orange/White/Orange/Black* ()
    • Orange/Black/Black/Black* ()
    • Orange/White/Black/Black* ()
    • Orange/Black/Orange/Black* ()
    *-Alternate Combinations

    Cleveland Browns (4 different combinations)
    • White/White/White/White (P2-DET)
    • Brown/White/Brown/White (P1-@PHI 2-@CIN)
    • White/White/Brown/White (P3-@BUF P4-CHI 1-NO)

    Pittsburgh Steelers (2 different combinations)
    • Black/Gold/Black/White (P2-MIN P3-@PHI P4-CAR 1-MIA)
    • White/Gold/Black/White (P1-@ARZ 2-@JAX)

    AFC South

    Houston Texans (9 different combinations)
    • Deep Steel Blue/Liberty White/Deep Steel Blue/White ()
    • Liberty White/Deep Steel Blue/Battle Red/White (P1-KC P2-@STL P3-@DEN P4-TB 2-@IND)
    • Liberty White/Liberty White/Deep Steel Blue/White (1-PHI)
    • Battle Red/Liberty White/Battle Red/White* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    Indianapolis Colts (4 different combinations)
    • White/White/Royal Blue (Striped)/Black (P1-@STL 1-@NYG)
    • Royal Blue/White/Royal Blue (Solid)/Black (P2-SEA P3-@NO P4-CIN 2-HOU)

    Jacksonville Jaguars (6 different combinations)
    • Teal/White/Black/Black (P2-CAR P3-TB 2-PIT)
    • White/White/Black/Black (P1-@MIA P4-@ATL 1-DAL)
    • White/Black/Black/Black ()
    • Teal/Black/Black/Black ()
    • Black/Black/Black/Black* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    Tennessee Titans (6 different combinations)
    • Titans Blue/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/White* (P3-ATL)
    • White/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/White (P2-@DEN P4-@GB 2-@SD)
    • Navy Blue/White/Navy Blue/White (P1-NO 1-NYJ)
    *-Alternate Combination

    AFC West

    Denver Broncos (6 different combinations)
    • Broncos Navy Blue/White (Orange Stripe)/Broncos Navy Blue/White (P2-TEN P3-HOU 2-KC)
    • White/White (Blue Stripe)/Broncos Navy Blue/White (P1-@DET P4-@ARZ 1-@STL)
    • Broncos Navy Blue/Broncos Navy Blue/Broncos Navy Blue/White ()
    • Orange Crush/White (Orange Stripe)/Broncos Navy Blue/White
    • Orange Crush/Broncos Navy Blue/Broncos Navy Blue/White
    • Orange Crush/White (Blue Stripe)/Broncos Navy Blue/White

    Kansas City Chiefs (4 different combinations)
    • Red/White/Red/White (P1-@HOU P3-STL P4-NO)
    • White/Red/White/White (P2-@NYG 2-@DEN)
    • White/White/White/White (1-CIN)

    Oakland Raiders (2 different combinations)
    • White/Silver/Black/White (P1-@MIN P4-@SEA)
    • Black/Silver/Black/White (P0-PHI P2-SF P3-DET 1-SD 2-@BAL)

    San Diego Chargers (4 different combinations [throwbacks not included])
    • Navy Blue/White/Navy Blue/White (P1-GB P3-SEA 2-TEN)
    • Classic Collegiate Blue/White/Classic Collegiate Blue/White* ()
    • White/Navy Blue/Navy Blue/White (P2-@CHI P4-@SF 1-@OAK)
    *-Throwback Combination

    NFC East

    Dallas Cowboys (4 different combinations)
    • White/Silver Green/Navy Blue/White (P1-@SEA P3-SF P4-MIN 2-WSH)
    • Navy Blue/Silver/Navy Blue/White (1-@JAX)
    • Classic Navy Blue/White/Navy Blue/White* (P2-@NO)
    *-Throwback Combination

    New York Giants (6 different combinations)
    • Dark Blue/Gray/Dark Blue/Black (P2-KC P4-NE 1-IND 2-@PHI)
    • White/Gray/Red/Black (P1-@BAL P3-@NYJ)
    • Red/Gray/Red/Gray* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    Philadelphia Eagles (6 different combinations)
    • White/White/Black/Black (P0-OAK P1-CLE P2-@BAL P4-@NYJ)
    • White/Midnight Green/Black/Black (P3-PIT 2-NYG)
    • Midnight Green/White/Black/Black (1-@HOU)
    • Black/White/Black/Black* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    Washington Redskins (5 different combinations)
    • Burgundy/White/Burgundy/Black (2-@DAL)
    • White/Burgundy/White/Black ()
    • White/White/Burgundy/White (P1-@CIN P2-NYJ P3-@NE P4-BAL)
    • White/White/Burgundy/Black (1-MIN)

    NFC North

    Chicago Bears (6 different combinations)
    • Dark Navy Blue/White/Dark Navy Blue/Black (P2-SD P3-ARZ P4-@CLE)
    • White/Dark Navy Blue/White/Black (P1-@SF 1-@GB 2-DET)
    • Orange/White/Dark Navy Blue/Black* ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    Detroit Lions (6 different combinations)
    • Black/Silver/Black/Black* (1-SEA )
    • Honolulu Blue/Silver/Honolulu Blue/Black (P1-DEN P2-@CLE P4-BUF 2-@CHI)
    • White/Silver/Honolulu Blue/Black (P3-@OAK)
    *-Alternate Combination

    Green Bay Packers (2 different combinations)
    • White/Gold/Dark Green/White (P1-@SD P3-@CIN)
    • Dark Green/Gold/Dark Green/White (P2-ATL P4-TEN 1-CHI 2-NO)

    Minnesota Vikings (4 different combinations)
    • Purple/White/Purple/Black (P1-OAK P3-BAL P4-@DAL 1-@WSH 2-CAR)
    • White/White/Purple/Black ()
    • White/Purple/Purple/Black (P2-@PIT)
    • Purple/Purple/Purple/Black ()

    NFC South

    Atlanta Falcons (12 different combinations)
    • Red/White (Red Stripe)/Red/Black (P1-NE P4-JAX 1-@CAR)
    • White/White (Black Stripe)/Black/Black (P2-@GB P3-@TEN)
    • White/Black/Black/Black ()
    • Red/Black/Black/Black ()
    • Black/Black/Black/Black* (2-TB)
    *-Alternate Combination

    Carolina Panthers (6 different combinations)
    • White/White/Panthers Blue/Black (P1-BUF P2-@JAX P4-@PIT 1-ATL 2-@MIN)
    • Panthers Blue/Silver/Black/Black* (P3-MIA)
    • Black/Silver/Black/Black ()
    *-Alternate Combination

    New Orleans Saints (2 differnet combinations)
    • Black/Old Gold/Black/Black (1-@CLE)
    • White/Old Gold/Black/Black (P1-@TEN P2-DAL P3-IND P4-@KC 2-@GB)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4 different combinations)
    • Red/Pewter/Black/Black (P1-NYJ P3-@JAX P4-@HOU)
    • White/Pewter/Black/Black (P2-MIA 2-@ATL)
    • White/White/Black/Black (1-BAL)

    NFC West

    Arizona Cardinals (4 different combinations)
    • White/Cardinal Red/Cardinal Red/Black ()
    • White/White/Cardinal Red/Black (P2-@NE P3-@CHI 2-@SEA)
    • Cardinal Red/White/Cardinal Red/Black (P1-PIT P4-DEN 1-SF)

    St. Louis Rams (6 different combinations)
    • White/New Century Gold/Millennium Blue/White (P4-@MIA 2-@SF)
    • Millennium Blue/New Century Gold/Millennium Blue/White (P1-IND P2-HOU 1-DEN)
    • Millennium Blue/Millennium Blue/Millennium Blue/White ()
    • White/White/Millennium Blue/White (P3-@KC)

    Seattle Seahawks (4 different combinations)
    • White/White/Seahawk Navy Blue/Black (P2-@IND P3-@SD 1-@DET)
    • Pacific Blue/White/Seahawk Navy Blue/Black ()
    • Pacific Blue/Pacific Blue/Seahawk Navy Blue/Black (P1-DAL P4-OAK 2-ARZ)

    San Francisco 49ers (2 different combinations [throwback NOT included])
    • White/49ers Gold/49ers Cardinal Red/White (P2-@OAK 1-@ARZ)
    • 49ers Cardinal Red/49ers Gold/49ers Cardinal Red/White (P1-CHI P3-@DAL P4-SD 2-STL)
    • Classic 49ers Scarlet/Classic 49ers Beige/Classic 49ers Scarlet/White* ()
    *-Throwback Combination
  2. SupermanXx

    SupermanXx Benched

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    BLEU3ASY Member

    761 Messages
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    wow looks like some teams never dust their other uniforms off
  4. Chocolate Lab

    Chocolate Lab Run-loving Dino

    33,928 Messages
    2,894 Likes Received
    So we're wearing the throwbacks at N.O.? Does that mean we'll be wearing the white version for the first time? I'd like to see that...
  5. davidyee

    davidyee Maple Leaf

    3,794 Messages
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    ...aren't the Bengals getting carried away here with all the combos?
  6. Rampage

    Rampage Benched

    24,117 Messages
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    :lmao2: who cares

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