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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sago1, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Yes I know it's a year away but what else is there to talk about right now. I'm tired of Roths... injury reports, TO & Ellis threads, etc.

    So based only on perceptions, here's potential needs which must be addressed on first day of 07 draft:

    1. Defense:
    a. NT - Ferguson's 32 (11/28/74) hopefully upgrades his performance a little this year but need a replacement waiting in the wings. Behind him are 2nd yr UDFA Johnson & 1st yr (6th round pick) Stanley & both will get plenty of playing time (particularly Johnson who familiar with 3-4 scheme and has bulked up in offseason) since Parcells likes rotate his DL. This position should be addressed on first day unless Johnson or Stanley show enough this year to be Ferguson's legit successor.
    b. LB - don't see this as a need in 07 unless there serious injury.
    c. S - don't see this as a need unless Davis/Pile/Coleman/Watkins or maybe Reeves are inadequate.
    d. CB - #3 A.Glenn (34) in last year of 2 yr deal. #4 Reeves looks good enough to take some plays away from Glenn & could replace him (if he doesn't start at FS) permanently after 06 season but don't know if #5 Jones has a future with us so we might use a first day pick at this position.
    2. Offense:
    Where do we start???
    a. OL - Adams is 31 and turns 32 in last year of his contract (end of 07) season. No successor on team although Fabini (8/25/74) at this point is the backup. Don't believe Pettiti can play LT in NFL but hopefully shows enogh to beat out healthy Fabini(?) to start at RT. All depends on whether Colombo can be a legit quality OT backup or even miraculously recovered enough to play to his 02 draft potential at either LT or RT. Rookie 7th round pick McQuistan (sp?) probably goes to PS but might be able contribute in 07 if he follows Pettiti offseason example. At this point, drafting OT in 07 looks like a first day (if not a first round) pick unless Colombo picks it up this year.
    b. OG - Unless Gurode starts at C, he won' be around in 07 cause we signed him to 1 yr deal. Starts at this point are Kosier & Riveria (4/26/72) with Peterman & maybe Proctor as backups. We'll know more during TC & preseason games, but can't say I'm confident about this position either this year & cetainly not next year. Good performances by both Peterman & Proctor could resolve this problem this year particularly if at least 1 shows ability to become starter. Otherwise we probably sign OG in FA.
    c - How effective will Johnson be this year? If not, definite first day or FA pickup.
    d - TE - Don't see a need in 07 on first day.
    e - RB - If JJ stills healthy/puts up real good numbers & Barber and/or Thompson also look good, then we OK. If JJ doesn't still healthy & neither Barber or Thompson show elite RB status, we'll use first round pick on RB in 07.
    f - WR - We are set this year with TO & Glenn along with Crayton. Whether we use first day pick on WR will depend on Copper, Hurd, Austin, Rector, Merrit & Skyler Green performances this year.
    g - QB - Depending on Romo (maybe Henson?) performance this year and/or a FA QB who suddenly becomes available, we might use first day pick on a good QB, particularly if one falls to us that we like.

    So being wishy/washy and w/o benefit of TC/preseason games, I'm saying we will go as follows:

    1. RB/OL
    2. OL/RB/WR
    3. CB/NT

    BTW: I'm hopeful things calm down and Ellis comes to TC and decides he can accept how Cowboy plan to play him--at least this year. Plus he also smart enough to know he might not get a big FA contract by time TC rolls around unless there other teams with enough cap space still available. If not, hopefully we get a 3rd rounder for him but I'm concerned who else besides Ware can produce the sacks for us to make up for loss of Ellis (8 sacks) and Glover's (3). Maybe Canty & Spears can get 4 each but even if the addition of Hatcher means the 3 rack up 11 in total, that just gets us to where we were last year --39-- which was among the lowest in NFL in 05 but better then our 33 in 04.

    Feel free to rip my ideas w/o offending me at all. Shoot, I'll probably change my mind at least a dozen times by season opener.
  2. Portland Fanatic

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    1) QB
    2) OG
    3) FS (not convinced we have this covered yet)
    4) WR
  3. Vintage

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    I dunno.

    I always have had a thing for CB's. So if a stud is available when we pick, I would find it hard pressed to say "no."

    In reality, we should probably concentrate on OL.

    Look at WR too.
  4. JawsJaws

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    1) QB for the future
    2) OL
    3) RB
    4) WR
  5. Yeagermeister

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    All offense and no te's unless we get stupid and let Witten get away
  6. dmq

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    Where have you heard that Johnson has bulked up?
  7. AbeBeta

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    Bill said in his opening PC -- "yeah we took a TE -- we'll take another one next year too if we like him"

    No way Witten gets away though
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    Yes way too early. We don't know what the needs will be. And there is much to talk about.

    1) TO :rolleyes:
    2) QB's, backup, Henson here or not :rolleyes:
    3) JJ vs. MB at RB :rolleyes:
    4) BP retiring :rolleyes:
    5) JJ signed TO without BP approval :rolleyes:
    6) signing Ty Law :eek:
    7) bring back QUINCY :eek: :eek:

    Oh, those have been like :horse: and discussed to death.

    OK, OL OL OL if our OL does not go well this year. Draft 7 OL's. Then we got to hit on one of them. :D
  9. Yeagermeister

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    Yeah I remember him saying that but with Witten, Fasano (if he lives up to his hype) and Hannum I just don't see where that is a priority. I didn't think it was this year either.
  10. aceware94

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    QB should be top priority in next years draft, followed by a WR in the 2nd rnd. Sit the QB behind Bledsoe in 07 and come 08 start him. By 08 Bledsoe, TO, T.Glenn are all gone as with BP.
  11. Vintage

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    I defended Parcells when he drafted Fasano bec. we were moving to the 2 TE offense and needed Fasano.

    If he drafts ANOTHER first day TE next year, there won't be any defending of him by me.

    If he wants to take one in the late second day; fine.

    But NOT another first day TE.

    (assuming we keep Witten)
  12. burmafrd

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    By the way, Johnson bulking up has been described by Eatman, Mickey, BP, JJ and others.
  13. AbeBeta

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    I think this offense is going to carry 4, maybe 5 TEs though. I see 4 dressing for every game -- so if there is a guy out there who can block, play some ST, and catch a little, it strikes me as a good pick. I'd hate to see a day 1 pick -- but once we hit round 4-ish then need gives way to BPA.
  14. burmafrd

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    Does the OT and OL generally look strong in next years draft?
  15. Yeagermeister

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    I have no problem with that as long as we've taken care of bigger needs first
  16. AsthmaField

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    Nors tried to tell us, Yeag.
  17. Duane

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    1. Right Tackle
    2. Right Guard
    3. Center
    4. Left Guard
    5. Left Tackle
  18. Yeagermeister

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    Who? :p:
  19. Yeagermeister

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    I might swap right RG and RT depending on how Pettiti looks but that's pretty accurate :D
  20. Vintage

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