2007 Draft Needs

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by sago1, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Dude, we are SO going to a 5 TE, 0 RB base formation in 2007!

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    Pound Bledsoe up the gut all day long!!!!!!!!
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    Depending on what we see this year in terms of progress from either backup QB, and the OL & WRS, they would be areas I would want us to focus on early in the draft. I have a feeling Bledsoe will be with us for another couple years, so if that is the case, then I would say take which is the best either WR or OL on the board at the time when we pick.
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    Time for my off topic discussion regarding Madden.

    After the first season with the Cowboys (I always trade Ellis for a 1st...I'm a cheeser; what can I say?)

    I have two 1st rounders to play with.

    If there is a high rated CB; I take him. Always. Always, always, always. I then move Henry to FS.

    The other pick generally goes to OL; possibly a WR.

    But then, for that season (and the subsequent ones), I keep using the 3-4 as my base defense, and I control a LB. If the offense switches to a 3 WR set (unless its 3rd and Long), I stay in the 3-4; take control of Henry, and guard the 3rd WR with Henry.

    Hence; I like corners. A lot.

    And if its 3rd and Long, I will bring in the nickle; instead of sticking with the 3-4. Then Reeves lines up as the nickle; Henry as the centerfielding FS; Roy comes up the LOS....
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    First of all, good thread to start and like you say not the same old stuff especially with nothing going on.

    Second, very well written with the explanations.

    Now, my humble opinion on those needs.


    NT - While I think that Ferguson will still be around in 2007, I see Stanley and Johnson becoming the main stays. If a quality player should drop to the third or fourth round then I might be tempted to draft a NT in those rounds, otherwise I don't see the need, at least not yet.

    DE - Good young rotation and will even get better. I don't Ellis will be here even in 2006 much less 2007. Hope I am wrong but I see either a trade or release in training camp. Don't see a need in the draft but then it wouldn't surprise me if someone fell into the second day that we take a chance on them.

    LB - Not a need anywhere in the starting 4 but depth will be addressed as always. Burnett either proves he can do it or he probably won't be on the 2007 roster.

    CB - Not necessary a priority but definitely take one on the first day, probably someone that would take Glenn's place and then eventually Henry in a couple of years.

    S - My opinion of this may change depending on the negotiations with Roy on a new contract, otherwise we seem to be set for a few years here especially if Watkins pans out.


    OT - I definitely see a second round choice on a LT for the future or we will see one in free agency. I do think Petitti will be our RT for the next ten years. Columbo and Fabini as backups will definitely help.

    OG - Really think this is set for the next 5 years at least. Rivera and Kosier with Peterman, Proctor, probably Whitney and McQuistan somewhere in there will be very good over that time.

    OC - I do believe Johnson can become the guy but I am not sure that the backup this year will be Gurode. I think Tarullo has a chance and might pust Gurode out. But to the draft, it wouldn't surprise me to see one taken next year in the draft although second day probably.

    TE - No need (I hope) for the next 10 years.

    WR - Yes there is Owens and Glenn and believe they will be there for a few years (3) but could see one first day to start grooming.

    RB - We shouldn't need one but if someone like Peterson should be available when we pick next year, I wouldn't mind it. Seems like in the NFL today you never have enough good RBs.

    QB - The best for last. I have always advocated drafting one high and if I could I would sell out next year for Quinn but it won't happen and I expect we should be drafting in the thirties next couple of years anyway. Personally, I still see our future QB as being on another roster at the moment but I do think that he will either be on our roster come September of 2006 or the first day of free agency in 2007. What it will cost, not sure but it will be someone that Parcells and Jones feels is right and that could step him right now if Bledsoe went down. And I believe that his name is not Romo or Henson.

    I do think Parcells and Jones have built the team to be successful for a great number of years. Now that doesn't always translate into a Super Bowl each year but I do think it will be a long time before we are NOT in the playoffs.
  7. big dog cowboy

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    CB, OL, QB, WR in any order.
  8. MONT17

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    the Cowboys will draft what they know... Front 7 and TEs!!! I think Witten is gone and the same goes with Bradie James!

    I would like to see Drew Stanton!!
  9. ghst187

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    1) OL, OT specifically
    2) QB for the future
    3) WR for the future
    4) CB to replace Glenn

    5) RB could rise or fall depending on JJ's endurance and performance this year, Adrian Peterson sure will be a gamebreaker and is likely to declare next offseason. If JJ can't finish the season, I think its time to move on.

    Reference wish list below:
  10. Star Struck

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    You got it! Throw a future starting QB in there and we have our draft covered!
  11. NextGenBoys

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    I dont agree. Bledsie, Glenn, and Parcells will be gone, but I expect T.O. to sign an extension... There won't be any problems and the man has modeled his training regimine from the greatest- Jerry Rice. T.O. has alot of football left in him, and I expect him to close his career with the Cowboys.
  12. ConcreteBoy

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    Nice call on TE as a draft need there

    We are set at QB for years with Bledsoe. Romo/Henson battle for backup again.
  13. ghst187

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    The '07 draft is loaded with skill position stars at the very top
    I think in order:
    1) QB of the future, I'm pretty sold on Quinn and yes I realize it would take a blockbuster trade to get him but I think it would be worth it if we're convinced that Romo or Henson won't be a starter
    2) WR of the future, TO and TG are both over 30. Crayton is young but will forever be best suited to the #3 with some occasional #2 at best. I think one of our UDFA's from this year will stick and contribute at some point although probably not #1. Calvin Johnson is a freak who will be a star IMO.
    3) OL, ton of "if's" this year. IF AJ solidifies center and IF Petitti/Colombo settle in as starting RT and IF Flo returns 100% and IF Kosier is as good as the coaching staff thinks, we'll still need a future RG since Rivera is ancient and Peterman has been a bust so far. A first day T would be nice too since Fabini probably doesn't have much left and I don't think anyone feels comfortable with our current T roster of...Old Fabini, post-injury Flo, and unproven Petitti/Colombo...not very inspiring.
    4) CB, need a replacement as the #3, possibly #4 if Reeves continues to progress. A Glenn is getting really old for a CB. These days, you really need at least 3 solid CBs and a decent 4th.
    On the fringe.....
    RB, if JJ fails to finish yet another season...it might be time to start looking. I love MBIII but I don't think he's an answer to be an every down guy and you still need another solid guy to rotate, probably a bigger back....Adrian Peterson is one of the best big backs I've ever seen in college.
    I realize that Quinn, Calvin Johnson, or Adrian Peterson would require blockbuster deals but sometimes you have to pay for quality. And we have a few vets with trade value....so who knows..?

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