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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by proline, Sep 6, 2006.

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    Based on our current roster, and assuming that Watkins can actually play, that one or two of our young receivers really shine, I would speculate that our 2007 draft priorities might now be exactly what many fans have been clamoring about.

    #1 - Offensive Line. Even if Kosier, Proctor, Adams, McQuistan, Colombo, Fabini, Johnson, and Gurode have good years, Rivera is up there in years and we should be looking for a guard early in the draft. 1st round is probably too high, but definitely by 2nd round.

    #2 - QB. I don't know what Bill has on his mind for a 3rd string QB, but why not pick an upper-round talent here?

    #3 - NT. Probably need more depth here. Not sure how easy it is to draft a guy to play the 3-4 NT position since so few colleges play 3-4, though.

    #4 - CB. A. Glenn is older, and we need some fresh meat to push the youngsters.

    #5 - RB. ?????? Depends on how Julius does this year.

    We look to be set now at most of the 3-4 defensive positions. I think Elam will be a good player for us, and Keith Davis could play the SS position if he had to.

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    Ive been looking as much as I can into DTs that are currently in college. Sadly, it doesnt appear there are any high profile players that are suited to the 3-4. Now there might be some late round project kind of guys but thats it. All that being said, Ill have to wait until this season is at least half over before I start making a draft wish list, I have no idea what we may or may not need. Hell, Bledsoe could get hurt, forcing Romo into action. If he were to struggle (not saying I think he will) then QB would be very high on the list....like number 1. Lets see how things go this season before making draft wish lists
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    I didn't really see anyone noteworthy either at NT. I've heard one person mention Alan Branch on another board, but he might be a bit too tall for Parcells at 6'6

    as far as needs go,
    OL( maybe tackle or maybe guard)
    WR A young guy could definitely do us some good, never know how long Glenn can play.
    QB maybe we get one first day as insurance to Romo, and maybe we wait til 2nd day or not at all.
    RB could be a first rd need imo if a stud RB is available and JJ misses a lot of time this year
    Basically i'd like to see us address the offense early and often.
  4. Rampage

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    damn people this season hasn't even started yet
  5. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Lets see what we got and how these players do before looking to replace them. Off-season is long enough no need to get started on this now. Enjoy the season.
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    I'm hoping for Eric Stienbach here. He should become available. Remember, the bengals began the off season with all 5 of their o-lineman in the last year of their deals and have re-signed LT Levi Jones, RT Willie anderson, and their RG Bobby Williams. With that much money invested in their o-line, Stienbach probably won't be back. Even if we do sign him, I wouldn't be opposed to taking a center in round 2 (third times the charm :) )

    Tony Romo is the future QB, so I doubt we spend a first day pick on a QB.

    I don't know who the top DTs are going to be, but if any of them are around 6-1 or 6-2 and 315+, I would definately take them

    I do think we should draft a CB, but Aaron Glenn has a few years left, imo and Jaque Reeves will be a good #3 CB imo.

    I doubt we have a shot at Peterson or the kid from cal, so I doubt we take a RB in round 1 even if JJ falters.
  7. NorthTexan95

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    We NEED to draft a quarterback in the first round next year. Then we'll be able to continue the "quarterback of the future" a year from now. :)
  8. theogt

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    As it stands right now, my guess is:

    Round 1: RB
    Round 2: CB
    Round 3: G
    Round 4: NT
    Round 5,6,7: BPA

    That said, it's silly predicting this right now.
  9. ravidubey

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    Wide Receiver.
  10. ccb04

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    Regarding OG and DT.....

    If he hits the open market ... I hope we sign OG Eric Steinbach. He's only 25 y/o and was a pro bowl alternate last year. He can also play tackle and center. Last I heard negotiations were not going well w/ the Bengals ... they gave Levi Jones alot of money ... and Lewis wants to re-sign Willie Anderson. The Bengals have also said the feel that Andrews could play LG.

    Given the lack of prototypical NT's coming out ... we may be better off signing someone.

    We should attempt to address those two positions in FA, IMO.

    After that, it could be RB (if needed), CB, QB if they're really interested in someone, ect.
  11. the kid 05

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    how do we know we are not going to send 4 of our 5 linemen to the probowl? who says fergie doesn't surpass our expectations?
  12. MichaelWinicki

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    I'm thinking best available Olineman in round 1 OR...

    Maybe a WR OR...

    Maybe a RB-if JJ and MBIII don't show us much this year.

    I think a project NT in any round 3-5.
  13. MichaelWinicki

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    The trouble is Ferguson is getting a little old and unlike a 4-3 this entire defense hinges on the NT being able to hold his position. We're very vulnerable at this point.
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Tell me who we sign in free agency and I'll tell you what positions we need to draft.
  15. Clove

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    If we had a chance to get WR Calvin Johnson from GT, I would roll over and die.

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