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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Dec 28, 2006.

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    wow, i didn't even notice that DT Terdell Sands was a UFA....I wouldnt mind signing him also...he would be a solid backup for Ferguson and is a mountain of a man.

    so my updated list

    QB - Tim Rattay
    OG - Eric Steinbach
    DT - Terdell Sands
    OLB - Adalius Thomas
    ILB - E.J. Henderson

    too bad we don't have the jack, cause Dwight Freeney is a UFA...he would be sweet opposite Ware, but he is way too expensive for my taste.
  2. YoungBuck

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    Eric Steinbach is a good pickup, but I think Derrick Dockery may be more likely. He's from the Dallas area and may want to come back home like Akin did this past offseason. Just as good of a player.
  3. LatinMind

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    please dont beleive the hype on mccauley. im from fresno, and the hype got to his head this yr, and he got ate up all yr. he wasnt even the best CB on the team this yr.

    why would dallas need another RB in the mold of berber in bush?
  4. Biggems

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    Bush is freakin huge and faster than barber.....bush is more like a bettis or jacobs
  5. dre1614

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    I want to draft a smart, accurate, poised, turnover free QB in this draft.

    a couple come to mind

    Trent Edwards, JaMarcus Russell(if he comes out), Brandon Cox (If he comes out),

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