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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Beerfish, Feb 7, 2007.

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    Greetings, I’m a Jets fan (booo! hisss!) but I’ve put together a 2007 NFL mock draft creator spreadsheet and thought the fans of other NFL teams might find a use for it so I’m posting this here. It’s just a little tool that should be of use to those who have not tried to create mock drafts before and can be useful even to the seasoned draft guru. To those that are Excel savvy feel free to make any changes or improvements you wish to the sheet. If I have posted this in the incorrect forum my apologies and I trust the moderators will move it to the proper place.


    Over 300 players (Name, Position, Height, Weight, College) ranked by averaging various player rankings on the net.

    Ability to view by specific player position.

    Team statistical rankings from this past year (Passing, running, against the pass, against the run)

    List of players who will be attending the NFL combine.

    Draft Point Value Chart (For estimating value of specific draft positions for trades.)

    Easy to use, just put the number where you think a player will be picked next to his name on the Player Data page and it fills in his position on your mock draft page.

    Ability to filter the mock draft page to only include the picks for the team you cheer for.

    To download the excel file just click on the link, then click on 'Download File', you will then have to type in a short code they provide on the site and then click on 'Get' and the file will be on it's way. The name of the file is Generic2007NFLMockDraftCreator.xls


    If by any chance the link doesn’t work properly just send me a pm and I’ll be happy to email the spreadsheet to anyone that wants it.

    (The draft order on the mock draft sheet is subject to change because the coin flip between Tampa and Cleveland has not taken place and a few trades for conditional draft picks have not been officially determined as of yet.)
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    No hatred for the Jets around here.:welcome:

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    Welcome to the board Beerfish. Congratulations on a great season for the Jets.
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    Thanks for the spreadsheet, I hope we have a better draft than the Jets, lol. Just playing the Jets are headed in the right direction.
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    You're probably long gone, but I would like to thank you for this spreadsheet. I use many myself and this only adds to my arsenal.

    I used to do a similar ranking system for some of my sheets, but found that it would really push a player up or down much higher than they normally would.

    For instance, say you poll 10 sites' top 50. Player X shows up around #15 on most but then on one shows up as 48th for whatever reason. Now player Y is ranked in the 52s or so, but on one he shows up as 17th. The sheet takes the average ranking, or the number of times they are ranked into the sum of the ranks they show. The first guy's average takes him to 18.3 but the second guy shows a ranking of 17 because they were only ranked once in the top 50.

    Another anomoly is the fact that many sites rank their top 50 or 100 differently than they would positional rankings. A linebacker may show up higher on the top 50 based upon their athleticism but lower on a positional ranking because they were outperformed.

    Overall nice job.
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    Yes I agree the about the rankings. It is more or less just to get a general area for the players to fall within to make it easier to find them near the top of further down the list. Things will get shaken up after the combine as well I would think as each year someone from furhter down goes lights out and rockets up the boards.

    What is the concensus among Cowboy fans about your new coach? I've always got the impression that Phillips was great coordinator material but not so good as the head man.

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