2008 Draft Contigency Plan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hostile, Jun 13, 2007.

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    Okay, so I know most of us are salivating over the thought of getting Darren McFadden with Cleveland's pick. So assuming that pick is still a top 10 pick but McFadden is not plausible for one reason or another, who are your next 3 hopefuls on the shopping list.

    Mine are...

    1. Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona, 6'0", 185...in this case it is not a homer pick because I live here. I think this guy is the best CB prospect in the draft, the best ever from UA (yep, even over Chris McAllister), and a perfect bookend for Terence Newman. He's blazing fast, recovers really quick, and is a ball hawk. Pac 10 teams simply will not challenge him.

    2. Calais Campbell, DE, Miami, 6'8", 282...wait until you get a look at this kid. Reminds me a bit of Too Tall, but isn't as thick. Is faster than Too Tall. Has a great swim move and a good rip. If Chris Canty, Jason Hatcher, and Marcus Spears don't make big leaps forward this year he may be #1 instead of #2.

    3. Jake Long, OT, Michigan, 6'7", 313...before he committed to go back to Michigan, I was kind of hoping he'd be our pick. I really like Doug Free and James Marten and can see them as potential bookend OTs for years. This guy is a no doubt about it to me. I couldn't turn that down. OL is never sexy, but it is vital to winning. This guy will take his job seriously and personal.
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    I personally would like us to trade back enough to pick up a 2nd and then hopefully still be in the top 10 and grab either the top OT, CB(if we dont get Oliver) WR or NT. Whatever fits BPA. 2 1st and 2 2nd would be nice.
  3. AbeBeta

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    Having these picks is not going to be about moving back. Jerry spoke at length about getting a package to get up for an impact player. Two first can do that for you.
  4. Hailmary

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    I've been on the Jake Long bandwagon ever since the Cleveland trade was announced.

    We have some solid players on the Oline, but no superstar. Here's a kid that could anchor our line for the next ten years.
  5. kTXe

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    I will be salivating over all of the top CBs and WRs come draft time next year. I think those are easily our two biggest positions of need, looking at the roster right now. Early Doucet, Mario Manningham, and Cason are all names I could be clamoring for.
  6. tomson75

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    Off of the top of my head:

    A. Cason
    J. Long
    D. Jackson
    J. Laurinaitis
    S. Slaton

    I'd love to see us get a WR and a CB in the first, but Long is entirely too badarse to not like, and Laurinaitis would immediately solve ANY question at MLB for us. Assuming we can't grab McFadden, and JJ doesn't have a big year, I'd like a top RB as well.

    What do you Texans think of Frank Okam (sp?)?
  7. hendog

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    Desean Jackson from Cal. I know he's only 170 lbs. but he may just beat Deion's 40 time at the combine. IMO this team needs some serious speed and he's the fastest around.
  8. cowboyjoe

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    Well, with us drafting 2 offensive tackles this year, it wont be jake long or another OT or OG in first round, period. Remember what Jerry said, he wants or was thinking about packaging draft picks to get an impact player.

    That is what this team is really missing to my mind, an impact player. Best thing for us, if the cleveland pick is a top 5 pick, hopefully a top 3 pick so we dont have to use our other # 1 pick to get a top impact player by trading or packaging 2 # 1 picks to get one impact player.

    If we dont get McFadden, we could go after that Staton rb, if not him, i say it will be a impact WR.

    I dont see them going after a cb in the first round, maybe they take a chance on oliver in the supplemental draft, or draft a cb in 2nd or 3rd round.

    Best scenario though is McFadden, especially with Jerry Jones home state, and team he played for Arkansas. So, I see Jerry Jones packaging picks to get McFadden if he indeed comes out for NFL draft next year.

    So, thinking that, instead of Jerry Jones packaging 2 # 1 picks to move up to get McFadden, best thing for us is to have Clevelands pick a top 3 - 5 pick. That way maybe have to give up only a # 2 pick or so.

    Now, I see this happening too, Julius Jones will have a break out year this year, either we resign him to a one year deal and trade him, or he gets a big contract from another team. So, we might get a # 2 pick for him for compensation pick.

    Then, Flozell will be gone next year too, so Left Offensive tackes are in high demand, so he probably will sign a pretty decent contract with another team, remember we signed Leonard Davis for high contract. Granted, Flozell probably has only about 3-4 years left, but that probably will be enough to get a # 3 pick in compensation for him.

    Dallas is real close I think to being a Super Bowl team, so I dont see Jerry Jones spending hardly any more big money on free agents next year. So, that should give us a # 2 and # 3 pick or a # 3 and # 4 pick compensation pick for Julius Jones and Flozell. Granted you cant trade compensation picks, but you knowing if you get those picks in next years draft, you can package your # 's 3 and # 4 pick in a package to move up with our other number 1 pick to get another impact player.

    Finally, I see Greg Ellis being traded next year, because he will have a break out year, this year in Wade Phillips defense. So, someone like Denver (they always go after our defensive linemen, or a team that needs a pass rusher only, will trade for Greg Ellis,

    I see us packaging Greg Ellis in a deal with some of our picks to get a really good player too.
  9. VACowboy

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    Slaton or Long.
  10. HardHittingRoy31

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    No disrespect but going with another OT doesn't make sense after drafting Free and Marten, who the Cowboys are high on. Same goes for DE, unless Canty or Spears bomb, which I doubt under the new D scheme.

    I would agree with Cason with one pick and the other pick should be Sweed from Texas or Early Doucet, LSU.
  11. iceberg

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    if we're talking "pure" contengency - then here's my "post-mcfadden blues" picks.

    1. this depends on romo but brohm. if romo doesn't pan out, don't play games with this opportunity.

    2. limas sweed. early on i never would have put him this high and he still may be a trade down if we have to from the 1st pick or hell, maybe our 2nd 1st rounder. not sure at all about this guy but i'll be watching him all year to see how he does. i don't recall him too fluid after the catch but i admit i've not seen a lot of him.

    3. i can be talked into your cason pick.

    4. jake long? i can't do it. if desean has a good year we need a top flight WR, badly. if not sweed then let's see how the WRs look and see if we can shift around for the top WR prospect.

    i think we did well addressing our OL last year but i think we need *sexy* this time around. i'm also hoping our 2 picks pan out and this isn't a big need anymore. i suppose if it is i won't cry if we go OL w/long.
  12. The30YardSlant

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    Steve Slaton scares me. Pure speed backs rarely do well in the NFL, because unlike college where they can just outrun everyone to the endzone, the NFL has DE's and OLB's that run sub-4.5 40s. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last player who relied almost entirely on their speed that did really well as a RB in the NFL.

    Limas Sweed is another guy who I really would prefer to not draft. He is very long and has great hands, but he makes DeWayne Jarrett look like Bob Hayes and often relies strictly on his size to create seperation, something he can get away with in college because the refs do not call PI nearly as tightly as they do in the NFL. We have seen how this skill set translates, poorly I might add, to the NFL on numerous occasions, the most recent being the case of Mike Williams out of USC.

    So if we are unable to get McFadden, guys I would love to see wearing a star include DeSean Jackson out of Cal, Jake Long out of Michigan, and Glenn Dorsey out of LSU. Justin King out of Penn State wouldnt be a bad pick either
  13. Hostile

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    Other players I considered included Brian Brohm, Kenny Phillips, Mario Manningham, Glenn Dorsey, and Sam Baker.
  14. sbark

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    I remember Jimmy Johnson, in the year he made a trade up for the Rocket Ismail, who went to Canada.......

    he ended up taking Russ Maryland #1........saying he had no problems takeing a 11 year sure bet def. tackle............

    he was correct...........Maryland was a force on the field and in the locker room

    If Jerry and Wade cant hit the home run next year.......hope they bat for average, rather than try to run a squeeze play with a high risk pik
  15. Roughneck

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    Oh how I would love to disagree with you but I can't. I have watched Limas in every single college game he has ever played and the fact that so many people are projecting him to go so high in the 2008 draft is absolutely mind-boggling. Yes he had a good season last year and yes he has the size you look for in a Franchise WR but the combination of his other attributes (average speed, poor leaping ability, etc.) should make him a second round pick at best.
  16. dallasfan

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    I agree it makes little sense, but Dallas was high on Jacob Rogers and Stephen Peterman at some point as well. Hopefully we get a long look at both during pre-season.
  17. Big Dakota

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    WEll it's just MHO but i think JJ is as good as gone, so that makes RB the most important position to fill. Then WR. We will see what our crying needs are after the season, but i'm sure DT and DB will be right up there. WE can always keep Flo if we had to. If we don't get McFadden...

    1.Steve Slaton, RB, West Virginia
    2.DeSean Jackson, WR, California
    3.Jake Long, OT, Michigan

    The only reaon i take Long over Brohm is i think Tony is th man and will get a long term deal in a matter of weeks.
  18. Roughneck

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    Then we better go get a DE through FA because I swear to dear God if we use another first round pick on a DE/Front 7 Player I'm gonna drive up to Valley Ranch and do some serious damage.
  19. Big Dakota

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    I've heard of this stud, but haven't seen him play. They say he's a team leader and vastly undervalued. He might be available next year. His name is Greg Ellis.
  20. Goldenrichards83

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    I think Jones holds alot in what we will do this season. If he blows up for 1400 yards are better we resign him and go after Fergs replacement in Glenn Dorsey. We are a young playmaking DT away from becoming a dominating defense. If Jones has an average year, I would love for Ray Rice to be the pick. The kid has the build of a great runningback. Another impact on what we do in the draft is if Miles Austin, Sam Hurd and Isaih Stanback turn into decent recievers. If not Adarius bowman would be the 2nd pick I would take in the 1st.

    So may picks would be
    1st Dorsey, Rice or Cason
    1st Bowman, Okam, Carr

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