2008 MB3's last year? and 08 Draft ideas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by kowboyMarlon, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Its my understanding that MB3 wants 5yrs 25million. Thats too much money to spend on a RB. As Parcels said on ESPN its an expendable position. I say we put the highest RFA tender of 2.35million on him, and simply let him play on a 1 year deal in 2008. Because he will be playing for a monster deal, he will be in premium condition. Instead of paying 5 million per season. we pay 2 Million per season on a 1st round Back with pick 22

    1a. Jonathon Stewart- 5'11 235 RB 4.4 Oregon
    He should be available @22 after Chicago takes the local kid Mendenhall @14, also the Texans opt to address RB via FA by signing Michael Turner so they pass on JStew. His contract should be in the 5 year 10 Million range.

    1b. Tracy Porter- 5'11 185 CB 4.35 Indiana
    Other CB's are available @31, but his change of direction ability is elite. I have seen the coaches tape of Porter, his tackling is suspect, but he is glued to receivers. Because he is a smaller & quicker CB he is perfectly suited to play in the slot as a nickle as a rookie then Challange Anthony Henry as the #2 Corner in year 2. Also, Porter is reguarded as the 2nd best Punt return prospect behind Desean Jackson of Cal. So he has added value as crayton is only servicable in this area.

    2nd RD. DJ Hall- 6'2 190 WR 4.45 Alabama
    Hall is a complete WR. He has size,valid speed and has produced vs elite competion in the SEC, His numbers were a little down from his JR season when he had 62 REC for 1056 yds 8TD's. He clearly has all the ability to develope into a solid #2 WR. He will compete with Hurd for the #3 WR spot as a rookie, then compete with Crayton as the #2 WR in year 2. Donnie Avery is another possibility in RD 2 because of his Violent speed and return ability, But Hall was a 4 year starter in the SEC and is capable of being a catylist in the post T.O era as a featured WR. Where as Avery seems to simply be an undersized slot type guy with bigtime return ability. Note: Should Adarius Bowman or Limas Sweed slid this far they may be better values, however late round 2 they should both be gone.

    3rd RD. Carl Nicks 6'5 330 OL 5.2 Nebraska
    Nicks is adeveloping talent. He plays LT for the Huskers but will probably slid inside to guard or play RT. In any event, The only reason he is not considered a 1st Round pick is because he has only played 2 years of major college ball after leaving JC and he didn't start as a junior. Thus comming into this year he had no hype and wasn't even listed as a draft possibility. However he was dominant and will beat out Joe Berger as the swing Guard as a rookie in 2008 and then beat out Kosier in 2009 or replace Colombo if James Marteen dosen't develope into a solid starter.

    4th RD. Eric Ainge 6'6 230 QB 5.0 Tennessee
    Ainge is good value here and allow's the cowboys to save $$$ by releasing Brad Johnson while getting younger with a player who has all of the ability to develope into a starting NFL QB someday

    5th RD Ben Moffitt 6'2 245 ILB 4.7 South Florida
    Moffitt is a stud at MLB. He is projected as a 5-6 round pick. He will be the #4 ILB behind Kevin Burnett and Bobby Carpenter. I predict the Cowboys will release Akin Ayodele, who is is decent but not worth the 3.5 million cap number in 2008. Burnett and Carpenter will fight for the other ILB spot opposit Bradie James. The loser will be the #3 ILB next year. Spencer Larsen LB of Arizona is a possibillity here as well if he is avilable in the 5th round.

    6th RD Curtis Gatewood 6'2 245 OLB 4.65 Vanderbilt
    Gatewood is an explosive edge rusher who seems perfectly suited for the Cowboys 3-4 Scheme. The Giants have shown everyone that you cannot have too many pass rushers. Gatewood offers more explosiveness off the edge than does Justin Rogers as the #4 OLB and should be able to win that training camp battle. Note: Andy Studebaker will be a priority undrafted FA from Wheaton College. Studebaker missed 5 games as a senior at his D-III school. But he had 25 sacks in 05-06. He is soo intriguing because he ran 4.48! last spring at 6'3 255 and should makethe transition to a stand up edge rusher fairly smooth because of his speed and quickness. But because of the level of competition and Injury he probably won't get drafted, but Iwould like to see him in camp and maybe a practice squad guy.

    7. Marcus Dixon 6'4 300 DE 4.9 Hampton
    He is a Very intriguing player here... Please read his story below. Note that he signed with Vandy and had a 3.96 GPA before you pass judgement!

    recognized by Who’s Whom Among American High School Students… graduated with a 3.96 GPA… member of the National Honor Society.

    [FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif][SIZE=-2]Son of Ken and Teri Jones. Dixon spent 15 months in prison after being convicted of aggravated child molestation, a felony, and statutory rape, a misdemeanor. He was accused of assaulting a 15-year-old classmate in a trailer behind Pepperell High School in February 2003, when he was 18. A jury acquitted Dixon of rape, but he was sentenced to 10 years in prison on the molestation charge. Some called the case an injustice because Dixon is black and the girl is white, although prosecutors denied that race played a role. On May 3, the Georgia Supreme Court overturned the felony conviction and its 10-year sentence, and a lower court ruled that Dixon already had fulfilled his sentence for statutory rape. Dixon had a scholarship to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, before his arrest. Vanderbilt rescinded its offer.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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    Well it certainly has all the positions I want filled...the more I look it over the more I like it...hopefully it will pan out similiar... though I must say Tracy Porter wasn't even on my radar...all the rest I have heard about, read about or have seen play
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    I saw that report on Dixon......ESPN covered it, I believe. I have no problem with us looking at him. I mean how many guys in their early to mid 20s are tappin that HS booty. There are tons, and so many onlookers turn the other way, even though that is statutory rape....IMO an 18 yo and a 15 yo is not a bad thing. They are both in HS. It is like a 21 yo and an 18 yo.....it is only 3 years difference. I firmly believe that the race card played a huge role in the verdict. Also, from what I understand, either the gal or her friends lied to cover up the truth that the sex was consentual. Dixon is a big, bad man with a lot to prove on the football field.....If we grabbed him in the 7th, IMO, it would be the absolute steal of the draft.........
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    I think we go CB with our first pick and RB with our second. Our first pick will most likely be Aqib Talib if he didn't shoot up to him after his performance in the bowl game. Then at RB we go Chris Johnson. This year MB3 is a RFA and next year he will be URFA so 2009 we don't have to worry about an extension If we decide to extended. I think Jerry is going to put the highest tag on him and try to pick up some picks this year if not we will re sign him during the season next year. We will pick up some for D-Line in the 2nd and 4th round the 3rd would be an O-lineman doubt we go QB 1st day.
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    You pay 15-20 TD All Pro RB's when you have them.

    Odds are stacked against you getting that in the draft. We will pay MB3
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    1 - CB Cason or Talib
    1 - WR Bowman or Sweed
    2 - RB Charles or Johnson
    3 - FB Schmitt
    4 - C Legursky or Lichtensteiger
    5 - ILB Ben Moffitt
    6 - OLB Brandon Miller
    7 - DL Dixon

    and if he is a UDFA....RB Alridge from Houston
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    Does that mean Dixon is a registered sex offender???
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    yes he is.....for the rest of his life he will be a registered sex offender.....whether he was innocent or not....and for the record, i believe he is innocent...from what I understand, the girl has spoken on his behalf and said he was innocent (and i believe her, cause admitting the truth was not in her best interest, especially in the region she lives in).......it was definitely about race.

    if you are a HS senior and your gf is a HS freshman and yall have sex....you can be convicted of statutory rape. Then you will have to be a registered sex offender the rest of your life.....even if this is the girl you end up being married to and spending the rest of your life with. Not only that, you cannot be around children.....even though, you are not a sex offender or pedophile....you merely had a HS gf who was a few years younger than you.

    Yes there are a lot of horrible sexual predators out there. There are so many roaming around who are not listed and who are getting off scot free. It isn't like he was 25 and she was 15. I have seen so many times when HS gals are dating guys in their mid 20s. For some reason, these gals don't see how sick and twisted this is.....that is flippin disgusting. However, I do not feel that a HS senior having sex with a HS freshman is nasty or disgusting. It may not be morally sound or correct, but it definitely should not be against the law.............if both are consenting.
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    I'm not sure if thats how the rape laws are. I don't think you have to register as a sex offender for statutory rape. But i;m not sure.
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    What do Edgerin James and Travis Henry have in Common?
    Their respective teams opted not to shell out huge bucks for that position.

    In the last 5 years, their have been 14 RB's taken in the 1st round, 11 have panned out. Thats nearly a 80% success rate at that position.

    14 RB’s drafted in 1st round in last 5 drafts

    1.Peterson A+
    2.Lynch A

    1.Bush B+
    2.Maroney B
    3.Williams B
    4.Addai A+

    1.Brown A
    2 Benson D
    3. Cadalac C

    1. Jackson A
    2. Perry F
    3. K. Jones B

    1. McGahee A+
    2. L. Johnson A+

    The key is having as many quality players possible that you actually drafted as opposed to signing them as free agents. Thats because plyers still playing under their original rookie contract a) usually don't have huge signing bonus' b) The pay vs the production delivered is ususlly slanted heavily towards the teams benifit ie... Ratliff, Canty, Barber, Julius Jones, Crayton, Hatcher, Hurd, Bowen, Austin, Spears, Carpenter, Burnett, and obviously Ware... look these are 13 Key contibutors who are mainstays in our program. They make up roughly 25% of of the roster, yet they made less than $10 Million this season as a combined group. Thats less than 10% of the Salary Cap! talk about bank for your Buck! this is how you build an orginazation! By drafted young fresh explosive players and not overspending for veteran FA's
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    how do you give Bush a B+.......he is no better than a C or C-.........he has been very subpar considering he was the #2 pick in the draft. Also, Kevin Jones would be a C as well. He cannot stay on the field and when he does play, he is mediocre at best.
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    161 receptions 14 touchdowns in his 1st 28 games as a pro... Thats how!
    You kinda make my point...yes they did over pay for bush because the position is not that valuable to spend 25 million in signing bonus but his production is valid. what if they had drafted bush in the 1st round but didn't give him all of that money. Your arguement is not about his production, your point is that they over paid; and I completely concure. But you can't rate him as a c player when only one other player in NFL history caught more passes and scored more TD's in his 1st 28 games.
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    If he is, he is not registered in Texas or Virginia.
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    MB3 isn't an All Pro RB though.
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    18 and 15 are not like 21 and 18. 21 and 18 are both adults, I didn't see the report and it very well could've been a race issue, but I actually believe an 18 year old having sex with a 15 year old deserves to be punished, but not the 10 years he was originally sentenced to.
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    Not only is MB3 not all-pro he only finnished 8th in the NFC in rushing yards.
    I think Barber is a nice RB but just as Michael Turner and the Chargers had to find out the hard way last year, I just don't think the Market is as hot for MB3 as he and his agent would like to hope. I think i would resign him if the deal was 4 years 14 million or less, which is the same contract that Chester Taylor got in Minnesota, also simular to the deal crayton got. Portis had nearly 1300 yards and 11 TD's and was the featured player on the skins offense plus he had 47 recepions as well. MB3 is the 4th weapon on our offense behind Romo, TO, and Whitten. He wins with grit and effort, which is a great atribute and i think he along with Leonard Davis gives us a nasty attitude on offense which I like. But lets not deceive ourselves into believing that MB3 is an elite talent. Lets not let Stephen Jackson get away twice! we can fix history by drafting Stewart at 22!

    pro bowl is not the same as ALL-PRO. Notice pro-bowl is lower case, ALL-PRO IS in BOLD CAPS.....HUGE DIFFERENCE... ALL PRO ADRIANE PETERSON & Tomlinson...barber and willie parker are pro bowl please don't get it twisted!

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