2008 NFL Combine: What did I learn?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dcfanatic, Feb 26, 2008.

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    2008 NFL Combine: What did I learn?

    After reading and watching just about all the coverage I could stomach I have now decided on some players I really hope the Cowboys are looking at in the first round.


    Tennessee State CB Dominique Rodger's-Cromartie. He ran a 4.33 today and looked All-World in the rest of his drills. Right now he is in the top 3 CB's in the draft, he may be the top CB on draft day before it's all over with. At 6'2 182lbs he isn't the biggest body at CB, but he could add some bulk to his frame, plus he has long arms. He has been my pet cat from about a month ago when I saw him do great things at the Senior Bowl. It's no secret the Cowboys need a CB so I hope some way somehow he falls to them at #22. Go get DRC Jerry!

    Troy CB Leodis McKelvin. He ran a 4.38 today and is probably the highest rated CB heading into the draft right now. He just looks the part and the only negative I have heard about him is that he has iffy ball skills, but from what I have read that did not show up today. At 5'11 190lbs he should be big enough to play man to man and bump with the bigger WR's without it being a complete mismatch. He fits into the plans for what the Cowboys would want opposite Terence Newman because he's not afraid to challenge a WR off the ball at the line of scrimmage. The big kicker is that he is a great punt returner as well.

    Kansas CB Aqib Talib. After running a 4.47 today I was very happy because he wasn't too fast and he wasn't too slow. At 6'2 202lbs he has great size and if he can improve on his footwork a little bit he can be an elite CB in the NFL. The knock on him is that he was burned a few times last season. I say find me a CB who doesn't get burned every now and again. His 13 career INT's and 43 pass breakups at Kansas tell me he knows what he is doing on the football field. If he is there at #22 and the two above are gone then Jerry needs to pull the trigger.

    Running Backs.

    East Carolina RB Chris Johnson. He tore up the combine with a 4.24 in the 40 and for some reason he is not even listed as a first round pick on most draft boards. Should a fast 40 time elevate a guy into the first round? No, but putting up 2,982 yards with 32 touchdowns on 624 rushing attempts, 125 receptions for 1,296 yards and 10 touchdowns, 6,993 all-purpose yards while in college should do the trick in my opinion. Maybe being 5'11 and 195lbs has some people worried. I say just think Maurice Jones-Drew and all that fear should go away rather quickly. If he is there when the Cowboys pick at #28 I say just take him and worry about the criticism later because if they try and wait until late in the second round he will be long gone.

    Arkansas RB Felix Jones. He has been in D-Mac's shadow for a long time now, but he proved that he's a viable first round candidate with a solid 4.47 in the 40 on Sunday. His 6' 200lb frame should mean he is big enough to hold up in pass protection. The Cowboys need a change of pace RB to team up with Marion Barber and Jones should be a good fit in that role if the Cowboys choose him. There is a slim chance he may be available late it the second round when the Cowboys pick, but why take the chance. If he is there at #28 the Cowboys should just draft him and be happy about it.

    Wide Receivers.

    Florida WR Andre Caldwell. He ran a blazing 4.37 in the 40 which should propel him into the first round on most draft boards across the country. When I watch him I am reminded of a young, but bigger Terry Glenn because of his quickness and speed. At 6'1 200lbs he is just about the average for NFL wideouts. The reason I like him for the Cowboys is that he can create a 'Wes Welker Advantage' for Tony Romo if the Cowboys draft him. He would be the first WR I would go after at #28 if he were still available.

    Texas WR Limas Sweed. He ran faster than expected with a 4.46 at the combine. The wrist injury should not be a concern from what is being said so he could be the long term replacement for Terrell Owens and could help the Cowboys immediately. He put up numbers at Texas with over 1900 yards receiving and 20 TD receptions so he obviously produces when you put him on the field. If Caldwell isn't there and Jerry wants a WR I take Sweed, if he's still there, and he gets to play pro football in Texas.

    Let me say this right now. There are other players who of course rate higher than these guys, but I am making my picks based on the idea that those guys (McFadden, Rashard Mendenhall, Jonathan Stewart, Jake Long, Chris Long) will be long gone before the #22 pick comes up. We will have to see if Jerry goes haywire and makes a blockbuster trade. Until then we can only try and decide who will be available and who fits into the #22 and #28 spots for the Cowboys.
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    Nice list, I would be happy with any of those guys except Talib.
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    Is Aqib Talib a younger version of Henry and I am very impressed with the smooth speed of Chris Johnson. I would love Cromartie or McKelvin at 22.
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    Gimmie DRC @ #22, Andre Caldwell @ #28, and RB Chris Johnson in the 2nd round
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    I would not mind Devin Thomas Wr from Michigan St. in the 2nd. He had fast forty and did very well in the other drills. I would be happy with any of those guys that you mentioned. I was not that interested in Talib due to his speed but he has changed my mind after this combine.
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    TALIB: 4.47 is not good for a CB in this day and age. Just look at the speeds of the WRs in this draft? At least a dozen have a step on him right now. Agree that he would be a replacement for Henry but I think he is too slow.
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    Asante Samuel ran a 4.49 at the combine and he doesn't seem to have any trouble with the speed in the NFL. A tenth of a second can easily be accounted for if one CB is more fluid and reacts quicker than another.
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    I would cut flips, but I doubt Cromartie drops past 10, let alone to 22.
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    I can't believe someone wrote this. There are corners in the league who are are very good and they ran in the 4.5s on their pro days. A 4.47 is more than enough speed especially for a guy 6-2 and over 200 pounds.
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    :hammer: :hammer:
    1st Cromartie/Talib
    2nd Johnson/Jones
    3rd Caldwell

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