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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by AdamJT13, Feb 28, 2009.

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    LOL nice. :starspin
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    assuming we were to keep everybody, what would the cap look like next year(if there is one) with the dead money off and the player salaries increasing, (before we sign anybody to new contracts/extensions ect.)if you know the details of contracts if not thats cool

    just wondering what kinda room we might be working with next year for FA and re-signings
  3. AdamJT13

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    Update (8/7/09) -- After signing the last of our draftees (Robert Brewster) and releasing Jerome Carter, we're now $14,269,284 under the cap.

    We could get a little more cap room if/when we reach injury settlements with Travis Wilson and Michael Turkovich. Right now, their split salaries are counting against our cap ($245,000 and $210,000, respectively). Depending on what they settle for, we could end up more than $14.5 million under the cap.
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    QUick question..I know TO's salary cap hit is 9 mil this year but when he comes off the books next year do we have 21 mil in cap then?
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    I'm pretty sure that's a no for the time being at least. Jerry has a bunch of contracts set up to take the hit for that possible uncapped year. If there is a new cba and a cap then he will redo those deals to create more cap room.
  6. AdamJT13

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    Update (9/12/09) -- Going into the season, we're $11,593,899 under the cap. Remember that we need enough cap room to cover any incentives that might be earned this season, because 2010 is uncapped, so all incentives hit this year's cap immediately when earned (and LTBE incentives go off the cap as soon as they can't be earned). In my next update, I'll post a list of our incentive amounts.
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    SO 2010 is uncapped for sure?
  8. AdamJT13

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    No, but it is right now, so the incentives have to be treated that way.
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    did ware get his contract yet, i cannot remember
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    No, but his agent was in town for talks a couple of days ago.

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    Will you be providing a list of each player's respective 2009 Cap Charge Number (Active, Injured Reserve, Practice Squad, & Dead Money)?

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    So... If... a would a.....

    The NFL and the Players association sign a deal after the season that clears a lot of CAP room for the next season - Yes.

    And the CAP would be reset to a different number - perhaps a bit lower.
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    Now it would be easy to say, "They will get a new CBA in place so these questions are a moot point.". BUT...

    1) How much do you think the possibilty of an uncapped year in 2010 and a possible lockout in 2011 has on the contract negotiations with Ware?

    2) If a player is franchised after this season, would it still be the average of the top 5 players or would the possibility of an uncapped year affect that?

    3) If there is an uncapped year and the end of the CBA as we know it, how would contracts for FA be structured following this season?
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    Adam, can you re-post who is still on the cap (dead money) and how much they count?

    Thanks in advance.
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    its the first post of the first page
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    Who is Jay Ottovegio and what did he ever do to count for almost 700 dollars in dead money.

    Jerry's paying a lot of money for players not around. TO, Ellis, Roy, Henry are still getting money.
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    what is the cap ramification if hamlin is released?
  18. SLATEmosphere

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    If he's released after this season we will save 1.5 mil in cap. And Jerry will save 5.5 million in real money that he would be paying him if he was on the roster.

    Summary. That ***** is gone after this year. I simply cannot wait.
  19. DrCowboy67

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    What's left now that Ware is wrapped up? Enough to extend Austin and Sensenbaugh?
  20. TheRat

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    Ware's cap hit in 2010 is around 11 mil.

    If we are going to extend Sensenbaugh Austin we are going to have to let Spears go and probably rework Roy's contract. Next year Roy has a 9.5 mil option bonus and a 3.5 mil salary. But this depends on whether there will be an uncapped season.

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