2009 Mock Draft, Version 1.0

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. Hostile

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    I am not going to project any trades even though I doubt we keep all 11 Draft picks.

    2nd. Phil Loadholt, OT, Oklahoma, 6'8", 350. A total eclipse of the sun. It amazes me that he is projected in the 2nd round, but I will capitalize on that for now. Part of an amazing O-line. I'd like to get his linemate Duke Robinson at LG more than almost any other player in this Draft, but he is going round 1.

    3rd from Cleveland. Sean Smith, SS, Utah, 6'3", 214. Can play CB or S. Had 5 picks in 2008 and returned 1 for a score. Broke up 8 passes. Big, physical and comes to play every down.

    4th from Detroit. Daniel Holtzclaw, ILB, Eastern Michigan, 6'1", 245. A tackling machine. 4 year starter. Natural leader.

    4th. Anthony Parker, OG, Tennessee, 6'3", 305. 39 career starts in the SEC. 2nd team all SEC. Improves depth and could develop.

    5th. Ron Brace, NT, Boston College, 6'3", 330.
    Collpases the LOS. 7.5 TFL and 2.5 sacks. Ratliff is going to stay at NT after earning Pro Bowl honors. This is a solid backup with future potential.

    5th from Tennessee. Kevin Barnes, CB, Maryland, 6'1", 188. Would be higher if not for a shoulder injury. Could provide solid depth. Much better locker room character than Pacman.

    Compensatory 5th. Rhett Bomar, QB, Sam Houston State, 6'2", 218. It is time to develop some QB depth. A good 3rd string QB who could develop for the future. Talent is not a question. Accepted money from a booster and got expelled. No boosters in the NFL.

    6th from Miami. Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech. 6'6", 298.
    Used to open holes for Choice. We need depth across the OL.

    Compensatory 6th. Pat White, WR/KR, West Virginia, 6'2", 189.
    A low risk gamble in the 6th round. Undeniable speed and elusiveness. Will replace one of the WRs. A project, but with possible big dividends.

    7th from Detroit. Dallas Reynolds, C, BYU, 6'5", 328.
    Depth across OL is needed badly. Don't even try to argue with me about his name. Fits this team.

    7th. Brandon Underwood, FS, Cincinnati, 6'1", 190. Too many injuries at S in 2008. Gotta be more prepared. Had 3 INTs and a score plus 6 pass breakups. Finds the ball.

    By all means feel free to cuss it and discuss it.
  2. Chris in Arizona

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    Not bad. One of the btter mocks I've seen for us.

    I like the Big Phil, Sean Smith, Ron Brace, and Holtzclaw picks especially.

    Pat White, another converted QB?.. Oh nooooo.

    Besides, I can't really support any draft that doesn't have us miraculously trading up and acquiring this guy (look down)
  3. Dcowboy84

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    it looks good to me. granted i don't know a lot about some of the guys you have in there, but you covered all the needs we have.

    the only change i would make is that i would like to get another DE/LB pass rusher b/c Ellis won't be around much longer and we don't have much depth at that spot.
  4. Goldenrichards83

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    Great draft. Love the oline picks. I personally think Flozell is done and we can definately add some youth to this group. I doubt that Brace will last that long, he is a guy I am hoping we take a shot at.
  5. DaBoys4Life

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    Really nice mock HoS. It address all of our issue's. I think you missed on of the compensation picks.
  6. Hostile

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    Brace and Holtzclaw are my favorite picks in that list. I like both a lot.

    Sean Smith might be the 2nd round pick if someone like Loadholt is gone. Then I'd be looking OT at that spot.
  7. Hostile

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    Adam think we will only have 2. That we won't get one for Nate Jones.

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

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    I like . Love the Pat White pick . He's going to be a heck of a ?? for somebody . I think the 4th or 5th is the perfect time to take a QB , but I'm afraid Bomar will be long gone . He's a heck of a player , and after the combine and workouts , I'm afraid he'll go as high as early 2nd round .
  9. Bob Sacamano

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    I like it
    although the 4th seems a bit high for Holtzclaw
  10. Bigdog

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    Love this draft especially Smith from Utah and Brace. I am high on Brace but I do not think he will last until the 5th round. In fact I will be pretty surprise if he does and it would be a steal. i think he goes in the 3rd round. A very solid draft. If it happens like this I would be extremely happy.
  11. Oh_Canada

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    Like this alot though like BigDog I don't see Brace going that late, but we'll have to see. I really like your thinking on the Barnes pick....he could end up being a steal.
  12. Sasquatch

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    Looking at your draft would give one the impression that you think something's wrong with our OL. :)
  13. Hostile

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    Too many things to count.
  14. BigBoy63

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    Great Mock
  15. SanTexCowboy

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    Loadholt had a lot of problems with Orakpo when Oklahoma played Texas. IMO he has problems with speedy DE's, but may be a great one in the NFL though.
  16. Rush 2112

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    Loadholt, Brace, Pat White 3 of my favorites.

    Zack Follett (if he can play ILB) is another. Plays 3-4 OLB at CAL.

    2) Traded for 3 and 4 (ala James Marten trade down)

    3a) Traded for 3 and 4 ( ala Jason Hatcher trade down)

    3b) Pat White WR

    3c) Zack Follett ILB

    4a) Ron Brace NT

    4b) Alex Boone OT

    4c) Joe Burnett CB/PR

    4d) Eric Wood OC

    5a) Phillip Hunt OLB

    5b) Worrell Williams ILB

    6a) Mitch King DT

    Who knows in 7

    If we can't pull those trades off........

    Find a way to get Loadholt, White, Follett, and Brace & I am happy.

    I think Pat White could go as high as 2 if he works out well at WR.
  17. Biggems

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    Loadholt is a goliath of a man. However, he is similar to Flozell in that he gets owned by speed rushers. Orakpo made him look like a statue in the RRR. Look for Florida to exploit him tonight. I do think, he would make a better RT than a LT. If we got him, so be it, but he isn't my favorite. I can't think of another Tackle I would take in the 2nd round, since you have the 4-5 first rounders, Loadholt in the 2nd, and then everyone else drops off into the 4-7 rounds. If he is there, I want DE/OLB Conner Barwin from Cincinnati.

    I like the Sean Smith pick....kudos on this one. He is my sleeper pick at safety, since the only draft site I have seen him on is WalterFootball.com

    I definitely like the Holtzclaw pick....I would be stoked if we got him to play next to James.

    I don't know much about Anthony Parker, but I do know that Tennessee has had some pretty lean years as of late. I am not impressed with anyone from TU. I would rather go after Dockery, Fanaika, Vasquez, or the kid from BYU.

    I like Ron Brace. He would be an excellent pick in the 5th round. I think he could go as early as the beginning of the 4th round. If we were to get him in the 5th, I would be stoked.

    I know nothing of Kevin Barnes. I cannot comment on whether or not I like him. However, there are 2 CBs who I have at the top of my list that I would love for the Cowboys to draft. Joe Burnett from UCF is an interception machine. He is a definite ballhawk, something our secondary needs. Mark Parson of Ohio is a technician. He is about fundamentals and precision. He is definitely a student of the game. If we could somehow snag both, I would be super pumped about our secondary with Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Burnett, and Parson.

    Bomar is a very good QB. Maybe that incident at OU has humbled him. Although I feel he was a bonehead for accepting the stuff and should have known it was shady, I do not completely blame him. These boosters and such need to keep their hands off the players and stop risking NCAA violations. He had a solid career at SHSU. Still, since Colt has decided to stay at UT, the QB I want in this draft is Mike Reilly of Central Washington. He has been consistently in the mid-60s with his completion percentage. He has improved his yardage every year. He has an excellent TD-INT ratio. He can run with the ball, is elusive in the pocket, and can take some punishment and come back for more. Plus, he can probably be had in the 6th or 7th round.......well not if he blows up at the combine.

    Andrew Gardner is small. But, if we did actually hire Shanahan, he would be the perfect size for the zone blocking scheme. I forget his name, but there is a tackle out of Dixie State, who has some nice size and runs a sub 5 forty. He is slated to be a 7th rounder or UDFA. I would take a flyer on him if we had a comp pick in the 7th.

    Not sure what to think about Pat White. He is one fast dude for sure. He can also play QB. If we desperately needed a 3rd QB, he could be it, without having to do the emergency QB nonsense. If we are drafting him at WR.....I would prefer that kid from Penn State....Deon Butler, or UTs Quan Cosby (great slot option and KR).

    Dallas Reynolds is a great pick. He can play all 5 OL positions. I love his versatility. Plus, going to BYU, I will assume he has some brains.

    I know nothing of Brandon Underwood. I do know Cincy has a very nice defense. I do like Darcel McBath of TT late in the draft. He is a ballhawking centerfielder of a safety, and can hit pretty well too.
  18. Hostile

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    Are you talking about Ryan Delrosal?
  19. Biggems

    Biggems White and Nerdy

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    Thats him....
  20. Bob Sacamano

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    I prefer Cornelius Lewis of Tennessee State

    Florida State transfer, didn't allow a sack in '08

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