2009 NFL Combine: 40 Observations

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    2009 NFL Combine: 40 Observations
    by Michael Abromowitz
    NFL Draft Director

    With the 2009 NFL Combine completed, I have some quick observations.

    1. Aaron Curry is a top 3 NFL draft pick.

    2. It is a 2 man race for top offensive tackle between Eugene Monroe and Jason Smith.

    3. Brian Orakpo looks to go in the draft before Everette Brown. Everette Brown measured under 6-2 and Orakpo showed not only his strength, but incredible speed.

    4. Darrius Heyward-Bey, Percy Harvin, Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt, and Brian Robiskie all helped their stock. All should be gone by mid 2nd round.

    5. Jarron Gilbert will be a 2nd rounder.

    6. Clay Matthews will be a late first rounder, early 2nd.

    7. Watching Rey Maualuga do the broad jump was painful. He looks like a completely different player on the field.

    8. Jamon Meredith could go at the end of the 1st round.

    9. Cedric Peerman went from late draft pick to possibly 4th rounder.

    10. Were the DBs that slow, or was there something wrong with the clocks?

    11. USC kicker bench pressed 25 repetitions, more than Eugene Monroe and the same as Aaron Curry. That seriously is messed up.

    12. Scouts used to think Travis Beckum was too small. Not only is he now over 240, but he also benched press the most repetitions among tight ends.

    13. Connor Barwin COULD actually squeak into round 1.

    14. Jared Cook right now has a greater chance of going in round 1 than Brandon Pettigrew. Marcedes Lewis was the last tight end to go in round 1, who ran a 4.8 plus 40. First round tight ends are usually speed demons.

    15. Michael Johnson did nothing to impress me.

    16. Pat White may actually be an NFL quarterback. I was more impressed with his accuracy than Mark Sanchez. The best part about White - if he fails at quarterback he still can play another position.

    17. OT Xavier Fulton could be a superstar. Watch out.

    18. James Casey is my SAFEST pick in the draft, besides Alex Mack.

    19. Last year, Tim Hightower was the Richmond prospect that made an impact. This year it could be defensive end Lawrence Sidbury Jr.

    20. Matthew Stafford is still my #1.

    21. Andre Smith will fall, I just don't know how far yet. Offensive tackles with his talent are in demand, some team will take the risk.

    22. Michael Crabtree - do not run the 40. He can only hurt himself.

    23. Malcolm Jenkins could fall, but I can't see past New Orleans. Jenkins was helped that none of the top corners really blew up the 40. I am still hesitant to believe those 40 times.

    30. Not surprise about James Laurinaitis' poor 40. He will fall in the 2nd half of round 1, so some lucky team is excited to see his slow time.

    31. It reminds me how funny it is that some teams secretly wants certain players to do bad. For example, if the Atlanta Falcons love Brandon Pettigrew, they couldn't be happier with his Combine.

    32. I was disappointed in Brian Cushing. I thought he would have dominated the Combine.

    33. Our very own blogger, Roy Miller was 2nd among all Combine participants in the Bench Press, so congrats to him.

    34. I was waiting for the NFL Network to show the Wonderlic exam live, never happened. I can imagine Mike Mayock saying, "look how Aaron Curry holds that pencil and shades in the circle. That is pure natural talent that not too many guys have. He moves his pencil in nice, crisp routes, not wasting any of the precious 12 minutes."

    35. James Casey, Alex Mack, and Brian Robiskie are my predictions for highest on the Combine. I hope Mack took it (didn't participate in any of the workouts).

    36. I saw one DB run a 4.83. Don't think he is getting drafted.

    37. Shocked by Knowshon Moreno's 40 time. Don't think it will affect has stock as I still expect him to go late 1st round.

    38. Chris Wells' stock stayed the same as well: mid to late 1st round.

    39. Tiquan Underwood was a big winner. He went from probably 5th rounder to 2nd-3rd rounder.

    40. For the most part, the top safeties' stock stayed the same: still 2nd round. David Bruton from Notre Dame, was one safety that did improve his. Should be late 2nd-early 3rd round.
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    Jarron Gilbert will be amazing!!!! If we can get him with out 2nd pick it would be awesome.
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    :laugh2: Mayock definitely was slobbering all over himself when it came to talking about Curry

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