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#201 - 6th Round - Atlanta, Deandra Cobb, RB, MICHIGAN ST

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Falcons select...Deandra Cobb
    RB | (5'9", 196, 4.48) | MICHIGAN STATE
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    Strengths: Explosive return specialist with some upside as a third down type of back on offense. He has good speed and shows a second gear when he hits daylight. Is quick and athletic. He doesn't waste a lot of motion and he has very good initial quickness. He has decent elusiveness in space. Is a tough runner for his size and will break some arm tackles. Has reliable hands as a return man and receiver.

    Weaknesses: Is undersized and has limited upside at RB, as a result. Not overly powerful and won't push the pile as a runner. Is a below average inside runner. Lacks patience and typically winds up bouncing inside runs outside. Lacks experience as a receiver. Doesn't show a great feel in that facet of the game. Is undersized and will get overmatched frequently in pass pro.

    Overall: Cobb switched back and forth between running back and cornerback his first two seasons in 2001 and 2002. Cobb finished the 2003 season ranked 11th nationally with an average of 27.3 yards per kickoff return and he returned three kicks for touchdowns. He averaged 24.1 yards per kickoff return and returned one kick for a touchdown in 2004. Cobb also carried the ball 96 times for 728 yards and four touchdowns last year. Cobb doesn't return punts but he may have a future in the NFL as a kickoff return specialist that provides adequate depth at running back. While he is undersized as a running back, Cobb has adequate size as a kick returner and he has enough explosiveness to develop into a kickoff return specialist and situational third-down back in the NFL. That potential versatility and explosiveness make Cobb worth taking a chance on somewhere in the final three rounds.

    * Player biographies are provided by Scouts Inc.

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