News: 2011 (and 2012) Salary Cap Breakdown ... $17,149,501 under (Post #147)

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    Since we don't play this week, I figured that it would be a good time to post a salary cap update, with a complete player-by-player breakdown. We're currently $18,653,520.52 under the cap. Remember that whatever cap room we have left at the end of this season can be pushed forward into 2012. We might need some of that $18.65 million to sign a few players to replace guys who get hurt and go on Injured Reserve, but unless we use cap room to extend the contracts of players who are due to become free agents after the season, we could end up pushing $17 million to $18 million into next year. (See my next post in this thread for a breakdown of our 2012 cap situation.)

    Here are the 2011 cap numbers for every player counting against our cap --

    [B]53-MAN ROSTER[/B]
    Terence Newman			$10,000,000
    Tony Romo			$6,410,499
    DeMarcus Ware			$5,986,693
    Jason Witten			$5,032,000
    Jay Ratliff			$4,916,042
    Bradie James			$4,000,000
    Jon  Kitna			$3,200,000
    Doug Free			$2,760,000
    Keith  Brooking			$2,700,000
    Abram Elam			$2,500,000
    Gerald Sensabaugh		$2,500,000
    Tyron Smith			$2,272,018
    Miles Austin			$2,256,000
    Mat McBriar			$2,185,621
    Anthony Spencer			$1,931,000
    Dez Bryant			$1,752,500
    Felix Jones			$1,738,250
    Kyle Kosier			$1,600,000
    Mike Jenkins			$1,540,500
    Marcus Spears			$1,450,000
    Jason Hatcher			$1,300,000
    Orlando Scandrick		$1,246,250
    Alan Ball			$1,200,000
    Kenyon Coleman			$1,155,000
    Derrick Dockery			$1,100,000
    Martellus Bennett		$951,668
    L.P. Ladouceur			$845,000
    Sean Lee			$750,000
    Tashard Choice			$709,750
    Stephen McGee			$658,000
    Victor Butler			$649,635
    David Buehler			$562,125
    DeMarco Murray			$540,625
    Kevin Ogletree			$529,000
    Tony Fiammetta			$494,117.65 
    Frank Walker			$494,117.65 
    David Arkin			$488,400
    John Phillips			$469,562
    Laurent Robinson		$463,235.29 
    Sean Lissemore			$462,150
    Josh Price-Brent		$461,887
    Barry Church			$454,000
    Phil Costa			$454,000
    Danny McCray			$451,666
    Clifton Geathers		$450,000
    Jesse Holley			$450,000
    Jeremy Parnell			$450,000
    Dwayne Harris			$402,515
    Bill Nagy			$386,475
    Kevin Kowalski			$376,666
    Dan Bailey			$375,833
    Alex Albright			$375,500
    Phillip Tanner			$375,500
    [/B]Kai Forbath			$276,847.06 
    Raymond Radway			$258,000
    Bruce Carter			$882,654
    [/B]Mario Butler			$96,900
    Rob Callaway			$96,900
    Shaun Chapas			$96,900
    Andre Holmes			$96,900
    Orie Lemon			$96,900
    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah		$96,900
    Teddy Williams			$96,900
    Martin Rucker			$91,200
    [B]DEAD MONEY (includes dead money from previous contracts of current players who were cut and re-signed)			
    [/B]Roy Williams			$4,375,000
    Leonard  Davis			$3,416,666
    Marion  Barber			$2,000,000
    Andre Gurode			$1,666,666
    Marc Colombo			$1,350,000
    Igor Olshansky			$1,300,000
    Montrae Holland			$500,000
    Brandon Williams		$116,000
    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah		$112,630
    Jason Pociask (inj. settlement)	$64,235
    Laurent Robinson		$61,764.71 
    Bryan McCann			$52,941.18 
    Josh Thomas			$48,200
    Martin Rucker			$35,294.12 
    Tony Fiammetta			$30,882.35 
    Billy Blackard (inj. settlement) $30,353
    Titus Ryan			$30,352.47 
    Sam Young			$27,625
    Shaun Chapas			$14,213
    Andrew Sendejo			$6,825
    Travis Bright			$6,000
    Isaiah Greenhouse		$5,700
    Ross Weaver			$5,000
    Chris Gronkowski		$3,333
    Jose Acuna			$2,166
    Lyle Leong			$2,000
    Mario Butler			$1,666
    Chris Randle			$1,666
    Orie Lemon			$1,000
    Pepa Letuli			$1,000
    Zack Eskridge			$833
    Corey Adams			$666
    (Total dead money		$15,270,677.83) 
    [B]Total cap spent			[/B]$104,721,479.48 
    [B]Adjusted salary cap[/B]		$123,375,000
    [B]Cap room[/B]			$18,653,520.52
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    Looking ahead, we currently have 40 players signed for 2012 and have $120,098,705 committed to the 2012 cap. That includes $25,648,428 in dead money.

    We don't know what the 2012 cap will be yet, but our $120,098,705 cap commitment is less than this year's $120.375 million unadjusted cap. If we carry over the entire $18.65 million of 2011 cap room that we have right now and use the $1.5 million adjustment allowed by the CBA, we would be more than $20 million under the 2012 cap, even if it's not any higher than the current cap. (Any additional cap room that we use this year would reduce what we can push forward, of course.)

    Also, our current 2012 cap commitments include charges for several players who either might get cut, will have their contract void or have a contract that can be easily restructured to save even more cap room. For example, if we cut Terence Newman, we would save either $4.016 million or $6.016 million of cap room, depending on whether he's a June 2 designation. If Jon Kitna's contract voids, as expected, it will open up another $2.7 million in cap room. Keith Brooking's contract voiding would open up $2.2 million more. Or we could get about $9 million more in cap room by restructuring the contracts of guys such as Doug Free (about $4 million) and Orlando Scandrick (about $5 million). There are other ways to get even more cap room if we need it.

    So, even though we have more than $25.6 million in dead money for 2012, we should have plenty of cap room to work with in the offseason.

    Here is the breakdown for 2012 --

    DeMarcus Ware			$10,301,693 
    Tony Romo			$8,060,503 
    Doug Free			$8,060,000 
    Terence Newman			$8,016,000
    Orlando Scandrick		$7,700,000 
    Jason Witten			$5,500,000 
    Jay Ratliff			$5,291,042 
    Jon  Kitna			$3,700,000 
    Dez Bryant			$3,660,500 
    Keith  Brooking			$3,000,000 
    Tyron Smith			$2,840,022 
    Miles Austin			$2,721,000 
    Marcus Spears			$2,700,000 
    Kenyon Coleman			$2,345,000 
    Jason Hatcher			$2,100,000 
    Kyle Kosier			$1,950,000 
    Felix Jones			$1,884,500 
    Mike Jenkins			$1,672,000 
    Bruce Carter			$1,103,318 
    L.P. Ladouceur			$950,000 
    Sean Lee			$790,000 
    Stephen McGee			$698,000 
    Victor Butler			$689,635 
    DeMarco Murray			$675,781 
    David Buehler			$602,125 
    David Arkin			$598,400 
    John Phillips			$584,564 
    Dwayne Harris			$502,515 
    Sean Lissemore			$502,150 
    Josh Price-Brent		$501,887 
    Barry Church			$494,000 
    Phil Costa			$494,000 
    Danny McCray			$491,668 
    Bill Nagy			$476,475 
    Kevin Kowalski			$466,666 
    Dan Bailey			$465,833 
    Alex Albright			$465,500 
    Phillip Tanner			$465,500 
    Kai Forbath			$465,000 
    Raymond Radway			$465,000 
    [B]DEAD MONEY			[/B]
    Roy Williams			$8,750,000 
    Leonard  Davis			$4,166,670 
    Marc Colombo			$4,050,000 
    Marion  Barber			$4,000,000 
    Igor Olshansky			$2,400,000 
    Andre Gurode			$1,666,670 
    Akwasi Owusu-Ansah		$225,262 
    Josh Thomas			$144,600 
    Brandon Williams		$116,000 
    Sam Young			$55,250 
    Shaun Chapas			$42,639 
    Travis Bright			$6,000 
    Jose Acuna			$4,334 
    Lyle Leong			$4,000 
    Mario Butler			$3,334 
    Chris Gronkowski		$3,334 
    Chris Randle			$3,334 
    Orie Lemon			$2,000 
    Pepa Letuli			$2,000 
    Zack Eskridge			$1,667 
    Corey Adams			$1,334 
    (Total 2012 dead money)		$25,648,428 
    [B]Total 2012 cap commitment[/B]	$120,098,705
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    Cool, so gloom and doom for next season cap hell most likely wont manifest. Thanks for the update.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Jerry Jones should be punched in the face 13,125,000 times! :bang2: :bang2: :bang2:
  5. RCowboyFan

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    Gee thanks, we needed to know that Jerry is key to all that ails Cowboys. We don't hear that often.
  6. Eskimo

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    True, but the reason it won't manifest is because we took great pains this year to get rid of overpaid, unproductive players and not fill the void with vets. Instead we went cheap at FS, SS, C, OG, CB and DE instead of signing highly paid vets as many of this board wanted us to do.

    This was good management by FO to make the best of a bad situation with all those bad contracts and underperforming vets. It gives me more confidence in our FO going forward.

    I do hope we don't find ourselves in this situation in the future. We just can't give out big deals to our vets for outperformance on their previous deal. We have to pay based on future expected performance which should take into account the expected decline in players north of 30.
  7. jobberone

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    Williams dead money chaps my butt.
  8. Hostile

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    Why? None of us are on the hook for it.
  9. elcocinero

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    So when all the dead money comes off the cap, we really should be sitting pretty. And with the new cap floor requirements, Jerry should be making it rain around Valley Ranch.
  10. Eskimo

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    No, but it is a constraint on our spending next year. There may be a high-priced player that we would like to add to our roster to solve a roster deficiency.

    There are many aspects of the RW11 situation that make me mad and the money part of it is actually the least of it. The biggest thing is that he was going to be a FA the next year and the chances the Lions were going to franchise him for his declining production was small. Then we paid a high price which included a first and third round pick in 2009. I really think not spending that pick on an OL cost us dearly when it was clear in 2008 that the line was starting to fall apart. Lastly, he ended up costing us Crayton who I think was a very valuable WR for us on third downs.

    Now I hope Jerry has learned his lesson on getting burned twice on these WR deals (Galloway and RW11). The only players who we should pay such a premium for are QBs, elite pass rushers and HOF quality players at other positions.
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    Just as important as how much room the Cowboys have next year is how we are in relation to other teams. There are many teams, like the Bucs for example who will have massive amounts of cap room. We are talking about $40M to $50M and more.

    So if there are say 20 teams who have more cap space than we do, and say 6 or 7 teams with huge amounts of cap space (say more than double what the Cowboys have), signing free agents will still be very difficult.

    It's more than just cap space. It's also the amount of cap space in relation to other teams that's key.
  12. AdamJT13

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    That's not exactly true. Having twice as much cap room might help some teams sign *more* high-priced free agents than us, but it shouldn't help them outbid us for any particular guys that we're targeting. Especially if we have $15 million or $20 million of cap room to spend. Players' contracts are based on other players' contracts, not the cap room that teams have to spend.
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    So, basically, there's enough room to do whatever we need to do, and no reason to lament the fact that we don't have even more room. That works for me. I'd just as soon see the team target one or two players in an offseason and then shop for bargains to improve the roster. Then build through the draft. I'm glad to see that we likely won't end up losing players that we want to keep, though.
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    Adam, thank you VERY much for the salary cap update.

    There are more than a few members (including me) that really look forward to your Salary Cap updates.

    You are VERY much appreciated!!

  15. Frozen700

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    Unless we draft a CB....Newman will have to re do his contract
  16. Hostile

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    I don't see how this can be claimed when the 2nd sentence in the 2nd paragraph of the 2nd post says this...

    I am not directing this at you. I find it really ironic that everyone who was screaming about how much cap room we had and weren't using by letting all of these amazing players sign with Philly and everywhere else but here called me a blind homer for defending our lack of huge Free Agency moves, but they couldn't see how by not doing it creates cap room for next year. They never learned anything from the Redskins yearly model of cut and spend as they handed the Eagles the Super Bowl on a fictional silver platter. Yeah our Front Office doesn't know anything about managing a football organization. It's true, they told us so over and over and over.

    The funniest thing is, they will look at what I wrote above, might possibly be insulted by it, and will learn next to nothing about the game. Next year, there will be more of the same. I guarantee it right now.
  17. adbutcher

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    So I am confused, does this means that Jerry and Co know what they are doing?:confused:
  18. Hostile

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    No, they don't. I read it here on this site.
  19. adbutcher

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    I didn't know that fossils could speak. Get with it old man, this is the dawn of the knee jerkers, bellyachers, and the disgruntle malcontents. Get with the program.
  20. Yeagermeister

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    And if it's on the net it must be true :laugh1:

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