2012 Nfl Mock Draft

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    Just bored and thought I'd take a stab at what I thought each team would do if the 2012 Draft were upon us.

    1 ) Washington Redskins select Quarterback Andrew Luck out of Stanford.
    2 ) Carolina Panthers select Wide Receiver Alshon Jeffery out of South Carolina.
    3 ) Cincinnati Bengals select Left Tackle Matt Kalil out of Southern California.
    4 ) Miami Dolphins select Quarterback Matt Barkley out of Southern California.
    5 ) Tennessee Titans select Defensive End Quinton Coples out of North Carolina.
    6 ) Seattle Seahawks select Cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick out of Alabama.
    7 ) Buffalo Bills select Quarterback Landry Jones out of Oklahoma.
    8 ) Arizona Cardinals select Left Tackle Jonathan Martin out of Stanford.
    9 ) Minnesota Vikings select Defensive Tackle Jerel Worthy out of Michigan State.
    10 ) Denver Broncos select Defensive Tackle Marcus Forston out of Miami (FL).
    11 ) Jacksonville Jaguars select Cornerback Stephon Gilmore out of South Carolina.
    12 ) Oakland Raiders select Outside Linebacker Donte Paige-Moss out of North Carolina.
    13 ) San Francisco 49ers select Defensive End Devin Taylor out of South Carolina.
    14 ) Cleveland Browns select Inside Linebacker Vontaze Burflict out of Arizona State.
    15 ) Chicago Bears select Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon out of Oklahoma State.
    16 ) Detroit Lions select Cornerback Jayron Hosley out of Virginia Tech.
    17 ) Houston Texans select Cornerback Alfonzo Dennard out of Nebraska.
    18 ) St. Louis Rams select Running Back Trent Richardson out of Alabama.
    19 ) New York Giants select Left Tackle Reilly Reiff out of Iowa.
    20 ) Kansas City Chiefs select Outside Linebacker Brandon Jenkins out of Florida State.
    21 ) Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Inside Linebacker Luke Kuechly out of Boston College.
    22 ) San Diego Chargers select Inside Linebacker Manti Te'o out of Notre Dame.
    23 ) Dallas Cowboys select Cornerback Cliff Harris out of Oregon.
    24 ) New York Jets select Right Tackle Mike Adams out of Ohio State.
    25 ) Philadelphia Eagles select Cornerback Chase Minniefield out of Virginia.
    26 ) Baltimore Ravens select Right Guard David DeCastro out of Stanford.
    27 ) Cleveland Browns (via ATL) select Right Guard Kelechi Osemele out of Iowa State.
    28 ) Indianapolis Colts select Center Michael Brewster out of Ohio State.
    29 ) New England Patriots (via NO) select Wide Receiver Jeff Fuller out of Texas A&M.
    30 ) Pittsburgh Steelers select Nose Tackle Alameda Ta'amu out of Washington.
    31 ) New England Patriots select Defensive End Jared Crick out of Nebraska.
    32 ) Green Bay Packers select Outside Linebacker Courtney Upshaw out of Alabama.

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    lets hope the Skids don't pick first

    I an thinking Cinn

    I really don't like Cliff Harris

    he had a checkered past already

    Center Michael Brewster out of Ohio State is my pick unless Nagy or Arkin step up


    Inside Linebacker Manti Te'o out of Notre Dame
    Cornerback Chase Minniefield out of Virginia
    Nose Tackle Alameda Ta'amu out of Washington
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    Ugh, I'd be really bummed if the Redskins ended up with Luck.
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    me too, I hope Buffalo goes 0-16
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    I think the teams are in the running are

    Carolina - Cin - Redskins - Tenn - Buf

    but who knows

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