News: 2012 Salary Cap Update Post #107 - (08/21/2012) -- $5,137,214 under

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by AdamJT13, Mar 16, 2012.

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    I have a question. Seems we'll have about 5M after signing the rooks. What can we do with that money and how much do we and most teams leave in reserve for emergencies down the road?
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    Anything we have left after final cuts and forming a practice squad could give us room to sign or trade for a veteran or extend one of our player's contracts (although an extension could save more cap room this year, too). Most teams try to keep a million or two in reserve in case of injuries during the season. At the end of the season, any cap room that's left can be carried over into 2013.
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    Most definitely! I say amen, amen and amen to your post. I don't know any other source where we fans can receive the kind of information he provides.
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    Adam - What would the dead money be for 2013 if the Cowboys cut Ratliff this off-season? What would it be in 2014 if they parted with him then?

    I'm concerned about his durability and wonder what the new contract's affect on our cap would be if he can't play anymore.
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    Just saw this on the Twitter:

    John Clayton ‏@ClaytonESPN

    Tuesday at 4 p.m. is a big day for cap economics. It's the last day a team can borrow $1.5M of cap room from future years.

    ...that is in...oh, half an hour from this post.
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    We'll have to wait on Adam for exact numbers, but I'll hazard a guess going by what I've read.

    Rat's second extension last September was reportedly for another 5 years with $18 million guaranteed, with $10 million of it coming as an up front signing bonus (prorates at 2.0M each yr).

    The question is the remaining $8 million in guaranteed money.

    I'm guessing it was Rat's base salaries in '11 ($1.625M), '12 ($1.5M) and most of '13 ($5.0M). Those reported base salaries add up to $8.125 million.

    So cutting Ratliff in 2013 would mean close to $7 million in dead money even if using the June 2nd designation.

    That's almost equal to his reported cap number that year, so there wouldn't be any point in such a move.

    2014 looks doable (if necessary).

    Dallas could take the remaining bonus money hit all at once ($4M), which would be $1.5 million less than Rat's base salary that year ($5.5M), or spread it out over two years and save $3.5M in '14 and $5.0M in '15 (also remember that another contract would replace Rat's, so the total savings wouldn't be quite as much as I'm showing).
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    Can we get an update on the current cap and the dead money on the books?

    Pretty please?


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